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   Perna Studios - 2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Perna Studios Deviant page.

Pack: 4 base + 1 clear card + 1 sketch card.
Base + Clear sets: 1:5 packs if collation were perfect.

No.   Theme                Artist

Base Cards (4:pack)

  1   (Fairy Tale Magic)   Soni Alcorn-Hender
  2   (Voodoo Magic)       Veronica O'Connell
  3   (Chaos Magic)        Amy Clark
  4   (White Magic)        Richard Cox
  5   (Shaman Magic)       Rhiannon Owens
  6   (Fairy Tale Magic)   Juri H. Chinchilla
  7   (Black Magic)        Danielle Gransaull
  8   (White Magic)        Hanie Mohd
  9   (Chaos Magic)        Tony Perna
 10   (Black Magic)        Samantha Johnson
 11   (Voodoo Magic)       Patrick Larcada
 12   (White Magic)        Cynthis Narcisi
 13   (Black Magic)        Sean Pence
 14   (White Magic)        Amber Shelton
 15   (Fantasy Magic)      Craig Yeung
 16   (Chaos Magic)        Keith O'Malley
 17   (White Magic)        Elaine Perna
 18   (Voodoo Magic)       Lynne Anderson
 19   (Black Magic)        Bard!
 20   (Fantasy Magic)      Ingrid Hardy

Frosted Clear Chase Cards (1:pack)

 --   Black                Tony Perna
 --   Chaos                Tony Perna
 --   Fantasy              Tony Perna
 --   Shaman               Tony Perna
 --   White                Tony Perna

Limited Clear Card (50 made)

 --                        Craig Yeung

Lenticular Chase Card (50 made)

 L1   (Chaos Magic)        Meghan Hetrick

Redemption Cards (25 made)

 --   (5 promos, 5 preview cards, 6 frosted clear)

Artist Sketch Cards (1:pack)

      Amber Shelton
      Amy Clark
      Amy Pronovost
      Anthony Tan
      Chris Uminga
      Craig Yeung
      Cynthia Narcisi
      Danielle (Soloud) Gransaull
      Elaine Perna
      Eric McConnell
      Francois Chartier
      Gabe Hernandez
      Hanie Mohd
      Ingrid Hardy
      Irma "Aimo" Ahmed
      Jason Sobol
      JD Seeber
      John Monserrat
      Kate "Red" Bradley
      Katie Cook
    x Keith O'Malley
      Lak Lim
      Lynne Anderson
      Lynne Anderson & Kat Laurange
      Matt & Mick Glebe
      Matthew J. Fletcher
      Mel Uran
      Nestor Celario Jr.
      Patrick Larcada
      Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
    x Rhiannon Owens
      Richard Cox
      Saiful Remy Mokhtar
      Sam Agro
      Samantha Johnson
      Sanna Umamento
      Sara Richard
    x Sean Pence
      Stacey Kardash
      Stefanie Battalene
      Ted Dastick Jr.
      Tony Perna
      Veronica O'Connell

Incentive Sketch Cards (20 packs of first 500)

      Meghan Hetrick
      Soni Alcorn-Hender

PREVIEW SET (500 made)

 S1   (Black Magic)        Juri H. Chinchilla
 S2   (Voodoo Magic)       Nestor Celario Jr.
 S3   (Fantasy Magic)      Kat Laurange
 S4   (Chaos Magic)        Mel Uran
 S5   (White Magic)        Hanie Mohd

Spot Foil Promo (1:10 packs)

 P5   Trev Murphy

Artist Sketch Cards (25 inserted; 1:20 packs)

      Craig Yeung
      Cynthia Narcisi
      Eric McConnell
      Francois Chartier
      Hanie Mohd
      Ingrid Hardy
      Irma Ahmed (Aimo)
      Jason Sobol
      Kat Laurange
      Meghan Hetrick
      Remy Mokhtar
      Sam Agro
      Samantha Johnson
      Sara Richard
      Stacey Kardash


 P1   Meghan Hetrick [Fan Expo Canada]
 P2   Lynne Anderson [Ohio Comic Con]
 P3   Sara Richard [Philly Non-Sports Card Show]
 P4   Rhiannon Owens [Facebook]
 P5   Trev Murphy [Preview Pack exclusive]

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