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Spice Girls Photo Cards Series 1
Magic Box Int. - 1997

Notes:  This one is tough, because the 4" x 6" photo cards show neither numbers
nor titles.  The 'photo album' has thumbnail images for each card, though, together
with numbers ... and most boxes also had this photographic checklist included.
Judy Hall (many thanks!) has made a great sacrifice describing the images that 
correspond to the numbers, with the help of a large magnifying glass.  Please feel 
free to link to this page in your want lists and extra lists -- It's difficult enough 
already, trying to trade to complete sets when there aren't any numbers or titles 
to refer to!  Thanks also to Tammy Alexandre for the update!

No.   Image

 01   Geri and Mel B at the Brits
 02   Emma talks to the press
 03   Five Spice winners at the Brits
 04   Emma looking windswept
 05   Five Girls in black and white
 06   The Spice Girls meet the press
 07   Mel C. and blue sky
 08   Geri gets swept off her feet
 09   The spice take on Take That
 10   Five girls and a table
 11   Emma backstage
 12   Mel B. in sunglasses and tiger print jacket
 13   Backstage at the Brits
 14   Singing on stage
 15   Emma and Victoria in "Say You'll Be There"
 16   Lulu and Emma are best friends
 17   Mel C. in car window
 18   Geri in black PVC
 19   Doubling up for comic relief
 20   Mel B on the mama set
 21   Victoria with bald man
 22   Posh spice fills the screen
 23   Giving it some at the Brits
 24   Emma blows a bubble
 25   Victoria takes aim
 26   Geri and Emma are not impressed
 27   Girls win prizes
 28   Victoria loves shoes
 29   Hippychick Victoria
 30   Victoria struts her stuff
 31   Emma and Geri in the desert
 32   Spice Girls phone home
 33   Just an ordinary girl
 34   Intellectual Spice
 35   Mel B. in car
 36   Emma serenades mum
 37   Spice couch potatoes
 38   Victoria glams it up
 39   Slumber party
 40   Relaxing backstage
 41   With James from Manic Street Preachers
 42   Victoria strikes a pose
 43   Musical chairs
 44   Spice Girls dressed to kill
 45   Urgent footwear adjustment
 46   With comic relief pals
 47   Geri looks a million dollars
 48   Red noses
 49   Pillow fight
 50   Green room glamour
 51   V for victory
 52   Seaside fun
 53   On the phone and in curlers
 54   Group shot
 55   Good hair day for Mel B.
 56   Emma in blue gloves
 57   Mel B get fierce
 58   Mel C in say you'll be there
 59   Backstage nerves
 60   Gloved up
 61   All the fun of the fair
 62   Mel B has the most fun
 63   Great British girl power (horizontal)
 64   Mel C turns the world upside down
 65   Cheers! Victoria
 66   These boots were made for walking
 67   Dodgem!
 68   Emma and Mel C best pals
 69   Emma's blue suede boots
 70   Geri's in the pink
 71   Girls on vinyl
 72   In the heat of the sun
 73   Geri gives a winning smile
 74   Sporty Spice
 75   Victoria enjoys a joke
 76   Girl power on location
 77   Spices take out Pammy
 78   Geri is art
 79   The little mermaid
 80   The sleeping beauties
 81   Geri poses for fans
 82   It's good to talk
 83   Girls in their designer gear
 84   Private moment shared (Victoria on the toilet)
 85   Red hot spice
 86   Mel B with fan
 87   Spices after dark
 88   Spicewatch on the lookout
 89   Baby spice pretty in pink
 90   Victoria on patrol
 91   Mel C rules the waves
 92   Your life in their hands
 93   Emma (in bathing suit) blows the whistle
 94   Geri points the finger
 95   Mel B: I don't do quiet
 96   Sugar and spice
 97   Salad daze
 98   Victoria gets serious
 99   Dancing queen
100   Storming the Brits
101   British summer time
102   Put 'em up
103   Learn those lines
104   Batgirl
105   Desert Storm
106   Mel C kicks up a fuss
107   Out on the town
108   All together now
109   Lounging about
110   Comic relief double act
111   Victoria makes a happy face
112   In the tub
113   Geri meets French and Saunders
114   Emma scans the horizon
115   Spice Girls need you
116   Mel B wired for sound
117   Spices do their stuff
118   Fooling around
119   Geri's OK
120   First bid for fame

 --   (thumbnail checklist; paper; approximately 1:box)


Photo Album

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©2002, 2004, 2008 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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