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Spice Girls Photo Cards - 2nd Edition
  (Series 2)
Magic Box Int. - 1997

Notes:  This one is tough, because the 4" x 6" photo cards show neither numbers
nor titles.  The 'photo album' has thumbnail images for each card, though, together
with numbers ... and therefore I have tried to describe the images that correspond
to the numbers.  Please feel free to link to this page in your want lists and extra
lists -- It's impossible enough already, trying to trade to complete sets when there
aren't any numbers or titles to refer to!

Box: 25 packs of 8 cards.
Sets: approx. 2.00 per box if collation were perfect (it won't be).

No.   Description

121   Group too loud for Mel B
122   Bow tie straightening
123   Mock terror in the plane cabin
124   Mel C autographs at 20,000 ft
125   Make up those eyes, Emma
126   Emma portrait at 3 years
127   Mel B topless in the bath (at 3)
128   Tiny pointer
129   Young gymnast
130   2 Pals at poolside
131   Mel C punk portrait
132   Big Kisses, signed girlie Emma
133   Love, signed sultry Victoria
134   Love, signed tongued Geri
135   Mel B leaning into a growl
136   Peace, signed bugaloo Mel B
137   Love, signed Nike Mel C
138   Victoria and Emma sing and dance
139   Geri makes rabbit ears
140   Girls on the parking shuttle
141   Joy in star-spangled skirt
142   Hugging my Toy Story Alien
143   Peek-a-bamboo
144   Victoria made in the shades
145   Arms-crossed Emma on steps
146   Mel C and swoosh at wall
147   All Spice beddy-bye
148   3-Girl Pepsi Star interview
149   Group portrait, Emma on top
150   Group portrait, featuring Geri's butt
151   Group lie-down with beige carpet
152   Mel C at boatrail
153   Sprawled out catchin' rays
154   2 Girls out boating
155   Guy hug for Geri and Mel B
156   Emma in white, chin to fist
157   Group portrait, Mel C as life buoy
158   Mel B in boots and big chair
159   All poses, all Pepsi
160   Emma and egg chair
161   Group hanging on, Victoria's arm
162   Splaid out on the astroturf
163   Victoria's leg and long dress
164   Red-couch potatoes
165   Group shot with Emma "shhhh"
166   Blue-sweatered Emma
167   Focus on the hands, Mel B
168   Leaning tower of Geri
169   Mel C on a squat
170   Concert at the stairs
171   The Movie panel discussion
172   Brit 97 Award collection
173   Big stairs after vacuuming
174   Geri shaking a Prince
175   Posing on astroturf stage
176   Concert shot with Mel B's ears
177   Kid-size floral appreciation
178   Gleeful Mel B preschooler
179   Couched with two guys
180   Emma the shopaholic
181   Shirt-signing Mel C
182   Inline skaters
183   Concert under the bright lights
184   Under the boom mike
185   Mel C shaking a Prince
186   Two Pepsi tube tops
187   3 Girls in Pepsi outfits
188   Quiet now, Emma!
189   Mel C carrying the bottle
190   5 in garden by the sea
191   Street walking, featuring Geri
192   Emma does a touch-up
193   Mel C and swoosh at pool
194   Mel B with 3 alien friends
195   Fresh nails for Mel B
196   Banquet excitement
197   Climbing table to paintings
198   Geri on the can
199   Emma, the donut lady
200   Geri and Emma best buds at pool
201   Wicker sofa jamboree
202   Robin Hood and her merry mops
203   Cell phonery at dome
204   5 Girls with Globes
205   Mel C as Palace Guard
206   Mel C smiling above knees
207   Mel C's workout room
208   Emma the lollipop Girl
209   Fixing microphone on the street
210   Between a bus and a hard place
211   Young Emma's mega straw hat
212   Young Mel B's headphones
213   Bundled up little one
214   Young siblings
215   5 Girls, one globe
216   Emma portrait in blue dress
217   Victoria portrait in strapless
218   Mel B portrait as gunslinger
219   Geri portrait in corset
220   Mel C portrait with Slussy navel


Card Album (sold separately)

 --   Official Shapshot Album

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©2002, 2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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