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Spider-Man 2 Movie Calendar Cards
Marvel - 2004

Notes: This 8-card unnumbered set was intended for distribution singly at theatres.
The backs have a 2004 calendar in two designs: one with black text overlaid on an
image of Spider-Man, and the other plain white text on black background. Thanks
much to Dori Smith for the scans used to develop the checklist!

    Image                                      Calendar Design

    Spider-Man squatting                       Black on Spidey image
    Web-swinging with Aunt May                 Black on Spidey image
    Spider face closeup                        Black on Spidey image
    Swinging through city (view from ahead)    White on black
    Dock Ock in yellow sunset                  White on black
    Spidey standing on roof ledge              White on black
    Spidey, shoulder and partial head shot     White on black
    Swinging through city (view from above)    White on black

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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