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The Amazing Spider-Man, 1st Edition
   Fleer - 1994

Notes: Thanks much to Carlos Aranda-Díaz, Chris Wang, Premiummadman, 
Marcia Fanchin, Jason Mapes, and Bassam Abdul-Baki for updates! Carlos points 
out that the suspended animation ("limited edition plasticards") list on the checklist 
card 150 do not match the actual cards. The gold-web foils are foil versions of the 
suspended animation cards, covering all twelve in two sets of six.

Okay, here's a few words about the colors in the holograms. Beginning with H-IV in 
the Marvel Universe 1993 set, there have been many reports of different colors, with 
Green the most common. But the first set had rare but widely diverse "errors" when 
the ink colors didn't work perfectly, and even some cards that were multi-color. I 
think they noticed these variants and thought they were cool and collectible, and 
were happy to continue them in later hologram issues. That can explain why Gold 
is thought to be fairly common in one group of boxes, with Red rare; and the reverse 
is concluded by other card-pullers. MF Baker reports that there are endless shadings, 
but he puts them into six broad groups:

- Plan Green: always green
- Gold/Yellow: a gold or yellow tint, but green is also visible sometimes.
- Orange/Red: anywhere from bright orange to a deep red, green is sometimes visible
- Teal: a combination of green and a light blue, green is often visible
- Deep Blue: a true blue, very little green is ever visible, almost always bright true blue
- Navy Blue: very very dark, can only see the image clearly in very bright light;
               absolutely no green visible ever, the most scarce
- Deep, Deep Red: deep dark blood red with some bright red too, more easily viewed 
              than navy blue, almost no green ever, the most scarce

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.85 per box if collation were perfect.
Wal-Mart Box: 20 packs of 11 cards.
Common sets: approximately 1.44 per box.

No.  Title                                 Type

  1  Wall-Crawling                         Spidey's Powers
  2  Web-Shooting                          Spidey's Powers
  3  Web-Slinging                          Spidey's Powers
  4  Spider-Tracers                        Spidey's Powers
  5  Spider-Agility                        Spidey's Powers
  6  Spider-Signal                         Spidey's Powers
  7  Spider-Strength                       Spidey's Powers
  8  Spider-Leap                           Spidey's Powers
  9  Spider-Sense                          Spidey's Powers
 10  Vulnerable to Sonics                  Venom
 11  Web-Shooting                          Venom
 12  Spider-Agility                        Venom
 13  Living Costume                        Venom
 14  Disguise                              Venom
 15  Fearsome                              Venom
 16  Vulnerable to Fire                    Venom
 17  Immune to Spider-Sense                Venom
 18  Super Strength                        Venom
 19  Black Costume                         Strange Transformations
 20  Captain Universe                      Strange Transformations
 21  Spider-Lizard                         Strange Transformations
 22  Man-Spider                            Strange Transformations
 23  Extra Arms                            Strange Transformations
 24  Spider-Clone                          Strange Transformations
 25  Spider-Hulk                           Strange Transformations
 26  Doppelganger                          Strange Transformations
 27  Shrinking Spidey                      Strange Transformations
 28  Tarantula                             Enemies
 29  Spider-Slayer                         Enemies
 30  Jackal                                Enemies
 31  Puma                                  Enemies
 32  Spider-Man                            Avengers Files
 33  Cardiac                               Enemies
 34  Chance                                Enemies
 35  Styx and Stone                        Enemies
 36  Tombstone                             Enemies
 37  Sandstorm                             Enemies
 38  Demogoblin                            Enemies
 39  Silvermane                            Enemies
 40  Hammerhead                            Enemies
 41  Spider-Man                            Fantastic Four Files
 42  Man-Wolf                              Enemies
 43  Warrant                               Enemies
 44  Blood Rose                            Enemies
 45  Calypso                               Enemies
 46  Green Goblin                          Enemies
 47  Spider-Man                            Goblin's Journal
 48  The Jury                              Enemies
 49  Carrion                               Enemies
 50  Vermin                                Enemies
 51  Shocker                               Enemies
 52  Kingpin                               Enemies
 53  Sin-Eater                             Enemies
 54  Rhino                                 Enemies
 55  Beetle                                Enemies
 56  Solo                                  Enemies
 57  Boomerang                             Enemies
 58  Hydro-Man                             Enemies
 59  Scorpion                              Enemies
 60  Speed Demon                           Enemies
 61  Kraven                                Enemies
 62  Spider-Man                            Jameson Editorial
 63  Chameleon                             Enemies
 64  Doctor Octopus                        Enemies
 65  Vulture                               Enemies
 66  Carnage                               Enemies
 67  Venom                                 Enemies
 68  Spider-Man                            N.Y.P.D. Files
 69  Electro                               Enemies
 70  Lizard                                Enemies
 71  Hobgoblin                             Enemies
 72  Mysterio                              Enemies
 73  Black Cat                             Allies
 74  Nightwatch                            Allies
 75  Spider-Man                            Peter's Notebook
 76  Sandman                               Allies
 77  Molten Man                            Allies
 78  Cloak and Dagger                      Allies
 79  Silver Sable                          Allies
 80  Prowler                               Allies
 81  Annex                                 Allies
 82  Spider-Man & Wolverine                Greatest Team-Ups
 83  Spider-Man & Daredevil                Greatest Team-Ups
 84  Spider-Man & Punisher                 Greatest Team-Ups
 85  Spider-Man & Avengers                 Greatest Team-Ups
 86  Spider-Man & Green Goblin             Greatest Team-Ups
 87  Spider-Man & Ghost Rider              Greatest Team-Ups
 88  Spider-Man & X-Men                    Greatest Team-Ups
 89  Spider-Man & Venom                    Greatest Team-Ups
 90  Spider-Man & Captain America          Greatest Team-Ups
 91  Spider-Man & Doctor Strange           Greatest Team-Ups
 92  Spider-Man & Silver Sable             Greatest Team-Ups
 93  Spider-Man & Human Torch              Greatest Team-Ups
 94  Spider-Man & Nova                     Greatest Team-Ups
 95  Spider-Man & New Warriors             Greatest Team-Ups
 96  Spider-Man & Darkhawk                 Greatest Team-Ups
 97  Spider-Man vs. Venom                  Greatest Battles
 98  Spider-Man vs. Carnage                Greatest Team-Ups
 99  Spider-Man vs. Hobgoblin              Greatest Team-Ups
100  Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin           Greatest Team-Ups
101  Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus         Greatest Team-Ups
102  Spider-Man vs. Lizard                 Greatest Team-Ups
103  Spider-Man vs. Firelord               Greatest Team-Ups
104  Spider-Man vs. Silver Surfer          Greatest Team-Ups
105  Spider-Man vs. Tombstone              Greatest Team-Ups
106  Spider-Man vs. Rhino                  Greatest Team-Ups
107  Spider-Man vs. Hulk                   Greatest Team-Ups
108  Spider-Man vs. Electro                Greatest Team-Ups
109  Spider-Man vs. Kraven                 Greatest Team-Ups
110  Spider-Man vs. Mysterio               Greatest Team-Ups
111  Spider-Man vs. Kingpin                Greatest Team-Ups
112  Spider-Man vs. Vulture                Greatest Team-Ups
113  Spider-Man vs. Doctor Doom            Greatest Team-Ups
114  Spider-Man vs. Puma                   Greatest Team-Ups
115  Spider-Man vs. Black Cat              Greatest Team-Ups
116  Spider-Man vs. Juggernaut             Greatest Team-Ups
117  Spider-Man vs. Vermin                 Greatest Team-Ups
118  Spider-Man vs. Scorpion               Greatest Team-Ups
119  Spider-Man vs. Red Skull              Greatest Team-Ups
120  Spider-Man vs. Sabretooth             Greatest Team-Ups
121  Spider-Man vs. Morbius                Greatest Team-Ups
122  Mary Jane                             Friends
123  Flash Thompson                        Friends
124  J. Jonah Jameson                      Friends
125  Aunt May                              Friends
126  Joe "Robbie" Robertson                Friends
127  Peter Parker                          Alter-Ego
128  The Spider's Bite!                    Origin
129  Powers for Profit!                    Origin
130  Not My Job!                           Origin
131  To Catch a Thief!                     Origin
132  A Graveside Vow!                      Origin
133  Maximum Carnage                       Events
134  Round Robin                           Events
135  Return of the Sinister Six            Events
136  Revenge of the Sinister Six           Events
137  The Child Within                      Events
138  Spirits of Venom                      Events
139  Fearful Symmetry                      Events
140  Assassin Nation Plot                  Events
141  Death of Gwen Stacy                   Events
142  The Wedding of Peter and Mary Jane    Events
143  Invasion of the Spider-Slayers        Events
144  The Osborn Legacy                     Events
145  The Return of Peter Parker's Parents  Events
146  The Black Costume Saga                Events
147  Return of the Burglar                 Events
148  Funeral Arrangements                  Events
149  Eye of the Puma                       Events
150  The Amazing Spider-Man - 1st Edition  Checklist


Suspended Animation Cards (1:4 Hobby packs)

one of twelve     Spider-Man
two of twelve     Mary Jane
three of twelve   Chameleon
four of twelve    Venom
five of twelve    Carnage
six of twelve     Hobgoblin
seven of twelve   Spider-Man
eight of twelve   Vulture
nine of twelve    Doctor Octopus
ten of twelve     Spider-Man
eleven of twelve  Black Cat
twelve of twelve  Lizard

Holograms (1:18 Hobby or Wal-Mart packs)
    The regular distribution included red and green variations, and the blue 
    and gold versions might not have been included there. Jason confirms (thanks!)
    that there was also a blue version for the Wal-Mart boxes, and it is definitely
    a different color when it's viewed side-by-side with the green. (Some people 
    had suspected that blue and green were just ink-color variations.) It wasn't 
    until later that reports of the gold version popped up, with the conclusion 
    that the relative supply was green, gold, red, and blue (scarcest). So it 
    seems that red was common in hobby packs and less-so in Wal-Mart packs. My
    guess on what you would see in the aftermarket, from all box/pack types: 
    green (most common), red, gold, blue.

1 of 4  Carnage
2 of 4  Spider-Man
3 of 4  Venom
4 of 4  Spider-Man

Gold-Web Foils (Jumbo packs)

one of six    Venom
two of six    Mary Jane
three of six  Spider-Man
four of six   Chameleon
five of six   Hobgoblin
six of six    Carnage

Gold-Web Foils (1:7 Wal-Mart packs)

one of six    Spider-Man
two of six    Lizard
three of six  Black Cat
four of six   Vulture
five of six   Doctor Octopus
six of six    Spider-Man

MasterPrint Set (Case insert)

--   Allies
--   Enemies I
--   Enemies II
--   Enemies III
--   Enemies IV
--   Enemies V
--   Powers
--   Strangest Transformations
--   Venom
--   (mini-poster)


---  Spider-Man ("Masterprint," 6-1/2" x 10" blank back; convention signings)
---  Spider-Man vs. Wolverine (Masterprint, 6" x 10"; Collector's Sportlook)
---  (Spider-Man vs. Venom; Masterprint, 6" x 10"; Wizard)
---  Face Front In '94 (Oversized 6-1/2" x 9-1/8", gold foil lettering; dealer promo)
---  Super-Strength / Immune To Spider Sense / Vulnerable to Fire
       (3-card panel, 7-1/2" x 3-1/2" perforated; comic insert)
---  Kraven / Spider-Man / Chameleon, 
       (3-card panel, 7-1/2" x 3-1/2" perforated; comic insert)
---  Spider-Strength / Spider-Leap / SpiderSense, 
       (3-card panel, 7-1/2" x 3-1/2" perforated; comic insert)
---  Venom / Spider-Man / Lizard / Hobgoblin
       (4-card panel, 5" x 7-3/4"; collector magazines)
---  Doc Octopus / Vulture / Venom / Spider-Man
       (4-card panel, part of 8-card panel also featuring '94 X-Men
       Ultra, full panel 2-5/8" x 7" perforated)
---  Doc Octopus / Vulture / Carnage / Venom / Spider-Man / Electro / Lizard /
       Hobgoblin / Mysterio  (9-card panel, 7-1/8" x 10-3/4", perforated edge)
---  (9-card panel, same as above, no perforation on edge)
---  (9-card panel, same as above, marked "Triton" on back; Triton insert)
---  (9-card panel, same as above, marked "Comic Book Collector")
---  (9-card panel, same as above, marked "Card Collectors Price Guide")
---  (9-card panel, same as above, marked "HWDC")
---  (Cello 3-packs of cards from regular set; dealer handout)

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