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Spider-Man 1997 International
Fleer/SkyBox International - 1997

Notes: This set is a mass-market "international" variation with card art taken from some of the 1995
Spider-Man Fleer Ultra cards.  Boxes and packs were distributed outside the U.S. by Panini.

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.60 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Title                      Artist

  1  Spider-Man                 Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
  2  Spider-Man - Dave DeVries  Dave DeVries


  3  Annex                      Robert Mitz
  4  Beetle                     Peter Bollinger
  5  Blood Rose                 Rick Jainschigg
  6  Boomerang                  Ray Lago
  7  Calypso                    Lou Harrison
  8  Carnage                    Terese Nielsen
  9  Chakra                     Luis Royo
 10  Chance                     Ken Barr
 11  Demogoblin                 Bob Eggleton
 12  Doppelganger               Peter Bollinger
 13  Female Symbiote            Ken Barr
 14  Grim Hunter                Bruce Jensen
 15  Hardshell                  John Estes
 16  Homo Arachnis              Bob Eggleton
 17  Jackal                     Joe Phillips
 18  Kaine                      Nick Choles
 19  Kraven                     Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
 20  Man-Wolf                   Bruce Jensen
 21  Molten Man                 Cathleen Thole
 22  Nightwatch                 Joe Phillips
 23  Owl                        Bruce Jensen
 24  Puma                       Marc Sasso
 25  Sandman                    Tom Fleming
 26  Scarlet Spider             Luis Perez
 27  Shocker                    Luis Perez
 28  Sin-Eater                  Peter Bollinger
 29  Stegron                    Nick Jainschigg
 30  Stunner                    Tom Fleming
 31  Tarantula                  Ezra Tucker
 32  Vulture                    Lou Harrison
 33  Warrant                    Greg and Tim Hildebrandt


 34  Origins of Spider-Man      Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
 35  Kraven's Last Hunt         Marc Sasso
 36  Maximum Carnage            Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
 37  Pursuit                    Robert Rodriguez
 38  Power and Responsibility   Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
 39  Web of Life                Joe DeVito
 40  Smoke and Mirrors          Luis Royo


 41  Beast                      Juda Tverski
 42  Black Widow                Chris Hawkes
 43  Daredevil                  Mark Texeira
 44  Dr. Strange                Ray Lago
 45  Gambit                     Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
 46  Hawkeye                    Nick Choles
 47  Iron Man                   Bob Larkin
 48  Nick Fury                  Joann Daley
 49  Punisher                   Marc Sasso

 50  Checklist

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