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Spider-Man '97 Fleer Ultra
Fleer Ultra - 1997

Note:  There are two parallel sets, with the same art on the front except for the color
of the card title lettering: A "red foil" version that features a puzzle with art by Pat
Olliffe on the card backs; and a "blue foil" version that features a puzzle with art by
John Romita, Jr. on the card backs.  The red version was distributed at about 6 cards
per pack and the blue version at about 2 cards per pack.  This set features a  huge
number of unique "Sketchagraph" cards, individually produced by many artists solely
for this card set.  A list of all known Sketchagraph cards from this set was compiled 
by Robert Kohlbus (thanks)!

No. Title                            Artist(s)


 1  Spider-Man                       Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
 2  Fortunato                        Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
 3  Crown                            Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
 4  Hammerhead                       Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
 5  Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu     Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
 6  Spider-Man vs. the Sentinels     Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
 7  Spider-Man vs. Morbius           Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
 8  Shoc                             Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
 9  Ben Reilly vs. Green Goblin      Greg & Tim Hildebrandt

Spider-Man One-Shots

10  Glory Grant vs. the Zombie       Ewen & Batis
11  Spider-Man                       Ewen & Batis
12  Carnage                          Ewen & Batis
13  Norman Osborne                   Ewen & Batis
14  Hobgoblin                        Ewen & Batis
15  Ghost Rider                      Ewen & Batis
16  Spider-Man vs. Carrion           Ewen & Batis
17  Spider-Man vs. Kaine             Ewen & Batis
18  Daredevil                        Ewen & Batis

Untold Tales of Spider-Man

19  Hawkeye                          Joe Kubert
20  Aunt May vs. Dr. Octopus         Joe Kubert
21  Spider-Man                       Joe Kubert
22  Bluebird                         Joe Kubert
23  Batwing                          Joe Kubert
24  Scarecrow                        Joe Kubert
25  Radioactive Man                  Joe Kubert
26  Spider-Man vs. Scorcher          Joe Kubert
27  Spider-Man vs. Sundown           Joe Kubert

Sensational Spider-Man

28  Spider-Man vs. Trapster          Mike Wieringo, Nathan Massengill
29  Ka-Zar                           Mike Wieringo, Nathan Massengill
30  Dr. Kafka vs. DK                 Mike Wieringo, Nathan Massengill
31  Spider-Man                       Mike Wieringo, Nathan Massengill
32  Molten Man                       Mike Wieringo, Nathan Massengill
33  Black Cat                        Mike Wieringo, Nathan Massengill
34  Prowler                          Mike Wieringo, Nathan Massengill
35  Swarm                            Mike Wieringo, Nathan Massengill
36  Spider-Man vs. Vulture           Mike Wieringo, Nathan Massengill

Amazing Spider-Man

37  Spider-Man vs. Electro           Joe Quesada
38  Spider-Man vs. Dr. Octopus       Joe Quesada
39  X-Man                            Joe Quesada
40  Joe Robertson vs. Dragonfly      Joe Quesada
41  Spider-Man                       Joe Quesada
42  Carolyn Trainer                  Joe Quesada
43  Delilah                          Joe Quesada
44  Elektra                          Joe Quesada
45  The Rose                         Joe Quesada

Spider-Man Team-Up

46  Generation X                     Liam Sharpe
47  Thunderbolts                     Liam Sharpe
48  Tombstone                        Liam Sharpe
49  Dracula                          Liam Sharpe
50  Spider-Man vs. Doom-Bot          Liam Sharpe
51  Spider-Man vs. The Hulk          Liam Sharpe
52  Doctor Strange                   Liam Sharpe
53  Spider-Man                       Liam Sharpe
54  Gwen Stacy                       Liam Sharpe
55  Polestar                         Raul Cruz Figueroa
56  Joystick                         Raul Cruz Figueroa
57  Spider-Man vs. Puma              Raul Cruz Figueroa
58  Spider-Man vs. Raptar            Raul Cruz Figueroa
59  Silver Sable                     Raul Cruz Figueroa
60  Betty Brant vs. Dreadknight      Raul Cruz Figueroa
61  Spider-Man                       Raul Cruz Figueroa
62  Cardiac                          Raul Cruz Figueroa
63  Rocket Racer                     Raul Cruz Figueroa

Spider-Man Adventures

64  Silvermane                       Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
65  Shocker                          Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
66  Kingpin                          Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
67  Spider-Man vs. Venom             Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
68  Spider-Man vs. The Enforcers     Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
69  X-Men                            Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
70  J. Jonah Jameson vs. Scorpion    Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
71  Spider-Man                       Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
72  Rhino                            Greg & Tim Hildebrandt

Spectacular Spider-Man

73  Kraven                           Joe Jusko
74  Spider-Man vs. Legion of Losers  Joe Jusko
75  Spider-Man vs. Dragon Man        Nelson
76  Mary Jane vs. Chameleon          Nelson
77  Spider-Man                       Nelson
78  Muse                             Joe Jusko
79  Lizard                           Nelson
80  Jack O'Lantern                   Nelson

81  Spider-Man 97' Checklist


--- (Many! See Robert Kohlbus' link (above, in Notes)

--- (Double-sided poster, Mail-In Offer)

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