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The Spiderwick Chronicles
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing - 2003/2004

Notes: Cards were issued in poly-packs in three series. Further information and 
scans are posted at the Simon & Schuster website.

No.   Title                            Type


 --   [Cover card / checklist]
  1   River Troll                      Troll
  2   Hogsqueal                        Hobgoblin
  3   The Phooka                       Phooka
  4   Jared Grace                      Human
  5   The Leaf-Horned Elf              Wood Elf
  6   Thimbletack                      House Brownie


 --   [Cover card / checklist]
  7   The Korting                      Dwarf
  8   Mallory Grace                    Human
  9   Sprite                           Sprite
 10   Goblin                           Goblin
 11   Unicorn                          Unicorn
 12   Mulgarath                        Ogre


 --   [Cover card / checklist]
 13   Arthur Spiderwick                Human
 14   Aunt Lucinda                     Human
 15   Byron                            Griffin
 16   Simon Grace                      Human
 17   Not-Jared                        Ogre
 18   Stray Sod                        Pixie
 19   The Dragon                       European Wyrm
 --   Tony DiTerlizzi / Holly Black

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