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Spider-Man Timeline
Eskimo Pies - 1995

Notes:  These cards were available as a mail-in offer from Welch's Eskimo 
Pies. Thanks much to Larry Cox for the list!

No.   Title

  1   First Appearance of Spider-Man
  2   First Encounter with the Lizard
  3   First Appearance of the Sinister Six
  4   The Green Goblin Unmasked
  5   First Appearance of mary jane
  6   First Appearance of the Kingpin
  7   First Appearance of the Prowler
  8   First Encounter with Morbius
  9   First Encounter with Man-Wolf
 10   With the Spider-Man
 11   Peter Parker Graduates
 12   The Black cat
 13   Spider-Man Confronts the Burglar
 14   The Hobgoblin Appears
 15   The Black Costume Saga
 16   First Appearance of the Puma
 17   Kraven's last Hunt
 18   Peter Weds mary jane
 19   Eddie Brock Becomes Venom
 20   The Cosmic Powers Saga
 21   Invasion of the Spider Slayers
 22   Maximum Carnage
 23   The Return of Parker's Parents
 24   The Return of the Scarlet Spider

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