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   Spoof Comics / Personality Comics - 1992

Notes: Cards were primarily distributed as a complete set.

No.   Title

  0   (cover card / checklist)
  1   "No problem, Marvy J. After all, someone has to ca
  2   "Wow, 75 bucks a barrel for dumping this highly ra
  3   "Aaaah! My body is turned into sand! This is a dis
  4   "ome back here, you little creeps! Grrrr!"
  5   "I'm Spider-Femme, protector of the meek, righter
  6   "Just try to get away, you... you... pretty person
  7   "Oooh, my Spider-Hips are... Aaaaah... tingling."
  8   Y"ou've got me? What do you mean?"
  9   "Oh my! Screams for help!"
 10   S"hew! I thought the tide'd never wash me loose."
 11   "Hey, what's going on? I feel funny. Wait a minute
 12   "Say, you don't think highly radioactive experimen
 13   "Geez, Penny, thanks for askin' me along to the be
 14   Nothing Can Stop... the SANDWITCH!
 15   "Fresh!"
 16   "Time for some new clothes!"
 17   "?"
 18   BOINNG!
 19   Deatyh Duel With The VULGAR
 20   "Wow! Quick let's do something illegal!"
 21   "A mugging...? Uuummm... Sure why not?"
 22   "Yes. Those me didn't hurt you did they?
 23   "Whoa! Whatever... Ooooh... The danger is, it must
 24   "I love my early-warning system. Better snap out o
 25   "Ha! Ha! Ha! No one can stand up to my incredible
 26   "They can if they soaked in a bathtub full of perf
 27   "Wh-what are you doing?"
 28   "Oh no!! Not that! Anything but that! You've led m
 29   "Sheesh!"
 30   "Blast that arachnoid cutie!"
 31   "Hold it, you doofus!"
 32   "I know your personal opinion of him, sir. I'd lik
 33   "It's a meddige flum da Bulgar!"
 34   "Oh, knock it off!"
 35   "Yeah, yeah! They, uh, they knocked the wind out o
 36   Spider-Femme!

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