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Spider-Man: Homecoming
   Upper Deck - 2017

Notes: A series exclusive to Walmart shares some of the lower inserts but has different 
"base" cards, and is shown in a different list. Further information and scans are posted at 
the Cardboard Connection website.

Box: 10 packs of 8 cards. 12 boxes/case.

  No.    Title / Card Text                                     Description

Base Cards

         Parallels include: Base (unnumbered), Silver Foil (1:5.5 packs), Red Foil
         (# to 199), Blue Foil (# to 99), Black Foil (# to 49), Printing Plates (# 1/1).
         The column at the right shows "titles" assigned by Upper Deck but not printed
         on the cards.

    1    After the Avengers' battle in New York, Toomes Sal    Enter Damage Control
    2    Anne-Marie Hoag says the government created the De    Voided Contracts
    3    Adrian Toomes says that he needs the contract to p    Move It and Lose It
    4    The dejected employees of Toomes Salvage realize t    Alien Tech Opportunities
    5    Peter, who is secretly Spider-Man, steps into the     Best Buds
    6    Ned is bummed out when Peter says he is still preo    The Stark Internship
    7    At lunchtime, Ned and Peter cannot help but notice    Girl Watching
    8    Liz pleads with Peter to join the Academic Decathl    Join the Decathlon
    9    In chemistry class, Peter secretly works on web fl    Web Chemistry
   10    Peter dashes off after school, using his amazing a    School's Out!
   11    At home, May checks in on her studious nephew, Pet    May Checks In
   12    Hours after sneaking out, Spider-Man leaves Happy     Wall-Crawling Sneak Out
   13    Close to his self-imposed curfew, Ípider-Man spots    Spidey Spots Trouble
   14    The masked men use glowing instruments to steal mo    Webhead Withdrawal Fee
   15    As Spider-Man finishes fighting crime, one of the     Save the Bodega!
   16    Because Ned saw Peter sneaking back into his room     Ned Knows Your Secret!
   17    During gym class, Peter's classmate and Decathlon     Gym Class Michelle
   18    Ned gets Peter and himself invited to Liz's party.    At Liz's Party
   19    Ned urges Peter to make an appearance as Spider-Ma    Spidey at the Party
   20    Spider-Man follows a glow to an abandoned bridge.     Brice's Weapons Demo
   21    Because his buyer wants a less elaborate weapon, B    The Shocker Gauntlets
   22    Ned calls his friend, who has been absent from the    Ned Calling
   23    Out of nowhere, the Vulture pulls Spider-Man out o    Spidey Dries Off
   24    Tony talks to Spider-Man remotely through the suit    A Tracker in the Suit
   25    After the Iron Man suit departs, Spider-Man finds     Battery Left Behind
   26    Spider-Man calls May to let her know that he is fi    Phoning Home
   27    The Vulture arrives at Tinkerer's workshop upset o    Vulture in the Workshop
   28    The Vulture turns out to be Adrian Toomes, still l    Toomes Unmasked
   29    As punishment, the Vulture vaporizes Brice. He tel    Making a Point
   30    In shop class, Ned is mad at Peter for bailing the    Shop Class
   31    Peter holds off on studying the battery further un    Villains in the School
   32    Ned gets scared and wants to leave, but Peter thin    Follow That Goon
   33    Peter gets close enough to the two men to throw a     Planting The Tracker
   34    Peter monitors Schultz's movement on a hologram ma    Tracking Schultz
   35    The Vulture and his men review the alien hybrid we    Weapons Review
   36    Adrian Toomes is pleased with Tinkerer's work. The    Toomes Approves
   37    The A.I. in Spider-Man's suit informs him that it     The Playback Mask
   38    Peter joins the Academic Decathlon Team just as me    Liz Greets a New Teammate
   39    As the captain, Liz quizzes the team during the bu    Abraham on the Bus
   40    Happy calls Peter to find out why the Spider-Man s    Happy Checks In
   41    After the students settle in at the hotel, Peter a    Sneaking Out
   42    When Spider-Man reaches Schutz's location, the A.I    Enhanced Combat Mode
   43    Spider-Man uses the enhanced combat mode, but he i    Oops!
   44    The Vulture uses a device that makes a delivery tr    Inside the Truck
   45    The Vulture kicks Spider-Man into the truck and tr    Trapped by the Vulture
   46    The A.I. tells Spider-Man that he is stuck in a De    Passing the Time
   47    Because the A.I. states that the Chitauri battery     The Road Back to Washington
   48    Meanwhile, Spider-Man is missing the decathlon, Ja    Jason Buzzes In
   49    After winning the decathlon, the team visits the W    Explosion at the Monument
   50    Spider-Man climbs up the monument as fast as he ca    Climbing to the Top
   51    With not much time left, the A.I. suggests that Sp    Insignia Drone
   52    Spider-Man sees through the flying drone's perspec    The Drone Flies Off
   53    The A.I. shows Spider-Man a sonar reading of the e    Finding a Way In
   54    Because the observation windows are resistant to e    Swing from the Peak
   55    Everyone except Liz, Mr. Harrington and Ned climbs    Hold the Elevator
   56    Spider-Man tries to pull up the elevator cab with     Going Up
   57    After finding a more secure way to pull up the ele    Hold on!
   58    The next day at school, Peter tells Ned that he is    Skipping School
   59    Just as Peter is about to leave school, Principal     Busted
   60    Overseeing detention at Midtown School of Science     Detention
   61    Peter cannot believe that he is stuck in detention    Bigger Fish to Fry
   62    Michelle voluntarily sits in detention to sketch t    Michelle's Sketches
   63    Spider-Man leaps onto a ferry and recognizes Schul    Boarding the Ferry
   64    Tinkerer comes with the crew to Staten Island to m    Monitoring the Deal
   65    Spider-Man's A.I. does recognize Mac Gargan from c    Gargan
   66    Mac is pleased with Tinkerer's weapons to the poin    Snatching the Key
   67    Spider-Man views a sonar wireframe to see where Ma    Fight on the Ferry
   68    Adrian Toomes dons his Vulture suit and shoots a p    The Vulture Strikes
   69    The Vulture slices the ferry in half with a purple    Pull It Together!
   70    Tony Stark takes the Spider-Man suit from Peter af    Losing the Suit
   71    As Peter makes his way back to class, Liz calls ou    Hey Peter
   72    Despite all the trouble that Peter has caused and     Asked to the Dance
   73    After school, Peter rushes home excited for the sc    Running Home
   74    Peter meets up with Liz at the dance, still surpri    At the Dance
   75    Elsewhere, Happy Hogan supervises the moving of ma    Happy Supervises
   76    Because trouble appears outside the school buildin    Trouble Outside
   77    Without the upgraded Spider-Man suit, Peter is for    Back to Basics
   78    Schultz awaits Spider-Nab by the school buses with    The New Shocker
   79    After defeating Schultz, Spider-Man learns that th    Defeating Schultz
   80    Upset that Spider-Man has interfered three times a    The Vulture's Plot
   81    The Vulture sneaks onto a Damage Control airplane     Vulture Climbs Aboard
   82    The Vulture is pleased with his plan as he sees th    Eyes on the Prize
   83    When Spider-Man appears, the Vulture takes flight     The Vulture's Fury
   84    The next day at school, Peter is shocked that he f    Lived to the Tell the Tale
   85    Ned commends Peter for his determination and accom    You Did It!
   86    Peter crosses paths with Liz in the hallways. He a    About Last Night
   87    Peter joins Michelle and their classmates at the l    Michelle's Inquiry
   88    Jason smiles as the study group waits for Peter to    Jason Eavesdrops
   89    Peter is unsure of what to tell Michelle, but she     Flash is Suspicious
   90    Peter next meets with Tony, afraid that he will ha    One Proud Tony

     Spider Sightings (1:3.5 packs)

   91    Michael Chernus as Tinkerer
   92    Kenneth Choi as Principal Morita
   93    Bokeem Woodbine as Shocker
   94    Hannibal Buress as Coach Wilson
   95    Tony Revolori as Flash
   96    Zendaya as Michelle
   97    Michael Mando as Mac Gargan
   98    Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man
   99    Tyne Daly as Anne-Marie Hoag
  100    Michael Keaton as the Vulture


Behind the Lens Cards (1:7.5 packs)

 BTL1    Tom Holland and director Jon Watts talk in between
 BTL2    Jon Watts guides Tom Holland on how to portray Pet
 BTL3       [On Set in the School]
 BTL4    Tom Holland is rigged with wires to make it look l
 BTL5    Laura Harrier, Tom Holland and Jon Watts stand on
 BTL6    Tom Holland and the film crew prepare for Spider-M
 BTL7    The film crew moves in tight to film a conversatio

Friend or Foe Cards (1:7.5 packs)

 FF1     Toomes
 FF2     May
 FF3     Michelle
 FF4     Mason
 FF5     Happy Hogan
 FF6     Liz
 FF7     Schultz
 FF8     Ned
 FF9     Mr. Harrington

Spider-Tech Cards (1:7.5 packs)

 ST1     Web Wings
 ST2     Web Shooters
 ST3     Homemade Goggles
 ST4     Goggles
 ST5     Spider Drone
 ST6     Training Wheels Protocol
 ST7     Web Cartridge

Civil War Images Cards (1:7.5 packs, also found in Walmart packs)

 CW1     Spider-Man follows the Winter Soldier and Falcon i    (climbing at 3:00)
 CW2     After Spider-Man pins down the Winter Soldier and     (squatting atop clock)
 CW3     Back outside, Spider-Man continues to follow Iron     (slinging through sky)
 CW4     Spider-Man yanks on his web lines, pulling Captain    (approaching bus)
 CW5     Captain America cuts Spider-Man's web line to make    (slinging from ground, horizontal)
 CW6     Spider-Man next shoots at Captain America's lower     (slinging from ground, horizontal)
 CW7     When Captain America asks what else Iron Man told     (head and chest, horizontal)
 CW8     When Ant-Man suddenly becomes a giant and flings W    (slinging through sky)
 CW9     Spider-Man returns to the enormous Ant-Man quicker    (swinging horizontal)
 CW10    After Captain America turns down the chance to end    (Captain America shield, horizontal)
 CW11    When Spider-Man inquires about Falcon's wings and     (climbing over escalators, horizontal)

Spider-Men Cards (1:7.5 packs, also found in WalMart packs)

 SM1     Spider-Man
 SM2     Ultimate Spider-Man
 SM3     Spider-Man 2099
 SM4     Sensational Spider-Man
 SM5     Scarlet Spider
 SM6     The Scarlet Spiders
 SM7     Ezekiel
 SM8     Dark Spider-Man
 SM9     Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Decathlon Cards (1:7.5 packs, also found in WalMart packs)

         Cards show trivia questions on front and answers to questions from another card on back.

 SD1     Q01: In which comic did Spider-Man make his debut?
 SD2     Q02: Which famous writer and artist duo created Sp
 SD3     Q03: Who is the villain in Amazing Spider-Man Vol.
 SD4     Q04: The Lizard is the reptilian alter ego of whic
 SD5     Q05: What was Quentin Beck's profession before he
 SD6     Q06: The Green Goblin teamed withn which villain g
 SD7     Q07: Who arranged for Mac Gorgon to transform into
 SD8     Q08: How did Mary Jane first greet Peter Parker?
 SD9     Q09: Who first invented the Spider-Slayer robots?
 SD10    Q10: What is the name of the half-dozen foes who f
 SD11    Q11: Which of Spider-Man's enemies almost married
 SD12    Q12: Which popular anti-hero debuted in Amazing Sp
 SD13    Q13: Which Daily Bugle reporter was framed to look
 SD14    Q14: During which comic event did Spidey find the
 SD15    Q15: As of 2017, how many people have used the Gre
 SD16    Q16: J. Jonah Jameson's son, John, transformed int
 SD17    Q17: Whose blood cured Spider-Man when he grew fou
 SD18    Q18: Which three alter egos did Richard Fisk use t
 SD19    Q19: Where did Peter Marker and many of his friend
 SD20    Q20: Which Avenger convinced Spider-Man to unmask
 SD21    Q21: Which of Peter Parker's professors cloned Par
 SD22    Q22: Which of Spidey-s loves was given luck-alteri
 SD23    Q23: Which Spider-Clone once took over for Peter P
 SD24    Q24: Which foe did Spider-Man ask to help stop Car

From Queens to Screen Autograph Cards (1:13.3 packs)

         Tier A (1:155 packs), Tier B (1:120 packs), Tier C (1:75 packs), Tier D (1:21 packs).

 SS1     Bokeem Woodbine as Herman Schultz/Shocker #2                Tier A
 SS2     Michael Chernus as Tinkerer                                 Tier C
 SS3     Logan Marshall-Green as Jackson Brice/Shocker               Tier C
 SS4     Laura Harrier as Liz                                        Tier D
 SS5     Jacob Batalon as Ned                                        Tier C
 SS6     Tony Revolori as Flash                                      Tier B
 SS7     Michael Mando as Mac Gargan                                 Tier B
 SS8     Hannibal Buress as Coach Wilson                             Tier D
 SS9     Kenneth Choi as Principal Morita                            Tier D
 SS10    Martin Starr as Mr. Harrington                              Tier A
 SS11    Abraham Attah as Abe                                        Tier D
 SS12    Michael Barbieri as Jason                                   Tier D
 SS13    Garcelle Beauvais as Doris Toomes                           Tier D
 SS14    Selenis Leyva as Ms. Warren                                 Tier D
 SS15    J.J. Totah as Seymour                                       Tier D
 SS16    Angourie Rice as Betty                                      Tier B
 SS17    Michael Keaton as The Vulture                               Tier A

      From Queens to Screen Dual Autograph Cards (1:960 packs)

SSD1     Bokeem Woodbine as Herman Schultz/Shocker #2 / Michael Chernus as Tinkerer
SSD2     Selenis Leyva as Ms. Warren / Abraham Attah as Abe
SSD3     Logan Marshall-Green as Jackson Brice/Shocker #1 / Michael Chernus as Tinkerer
SSD4     Tony Revolori as Flash / Jacob Batalon as Ned
SSD5     Michael Keaton as The Vulture / Bokeem Woodbine as Herman Schultz/Shocker #2
SSD6     J.J. Totah as Seymour / Abraham Attah as Abe
SSD7     Garcelle Beauvais as Doris Toomes / Laura Harrier as Liz
SSD8     Kenneth Choi as Principal Morita / Martin Starr as Mr. Harrington
SSD9     Kenneth Choi as Principal Morita / Hannibal Buress as Coach Wilson
SSD10    Martin Starr as Mr. Harrington / Hannibal Buress as Coach Wilson

      Booklet Autograph Cards (# to 100)

 BS1     Phineas Mason - Michael Chernus / The Tinkerer
 BS2     Jackson Brice/Shocker #1 - Logan Marshall-Green
 BS3     Herman Schultz/Shocker #2 - Bokeem Woodbine
 BS4     Mac Gargan - Michael Mando
 BS5     The Vulture - Michael Keaton
 BS6     Liz - Laura Harrier
 BS7     Ned - Jacob Batalon
 BS8     Flash - Tony Revolori
 BS9     Betty - Angourie Rice
 BS10    Principal Morita - Kenneth Choi

      Booklet Dual Autograph Cards (# to 10)

 BD1    Principal Morita - Kenneth Choi / Ms. Warren - Selenis Leyva
 BD2     Mr. Harrington - Martin Starr / Betty - Angourie Rice
 BD3     Doris Toomes - Garcelle Beauvais / Coach Wilson - Hannibal Buress
 BD4     Ned - Jacob Batalon / Mr. Harrington - Martin Starr
 BD5     Liz - Laura Harrier / Ned - Jacob Batalon
 BD6     Herman Schultz/Shocker #2 - Bokeem Woodbine / Jackson Brice/Shocker #1 - Logan Marshall-Green
 BD7     The Vulture - Michael Keaton / Mac Gargan - Michael Mando
 BD8     Abe - Abraham Attah / Seymour - J.J. Totah
 BD9     Jason - Michael Barbieri / Abe - Abraham Attah
 BD10     Flash - Tony Revolori / Principal Morita - Kenneth Choi

Webbed Threads Autograph Memorabilia Cards (1:160 packs)

         Tier A (1:5326 packs), Tier B (1:165 packs).

 WTA1    Herman Schultz/Shocker #2 - Bokeem Woodbine  [Denim Jacket]             Tier B
 WTA2    Ned - Jacob Batalon  [Sweatshirt]                                       Tier B
 WTA3    Mr. Harrington - Martin Starr  [Blazer]                                 Tier B
 WTA4    Mac Gargan - Michael Mando  [Hoodie]                                    Tier B
 WTA5    Jackson Brice/Shocker #1 - Logan Marshall-Green  [Wool Cap]             Tier A

      Webbed Threads Dual Autograph Memorabilia Cards (1:480 packs)

         Tier A (1:12,480 packs), Tier B (1:499 packs).

WTAD1    Mr. Harrington - Martin Starr / Jacob Batalon - Ned  [Blazer / Sweatshirt]                          Tier B
WTAD2    Herman Schultz/Shocker #2 - Bokeem Woodbine / Mac Gargan - Michael Mando  [Denim Jacket / Hoodie]   Tier B
WTAD3    Herman Schultz/Shocker #2 - Bokeem Woodbine / Jackson Brice/Shocker #1  [Denim Jacket / Wool Cap]   Tier A
WTAD4    Ned - Jacob Batalon / Flash - Tony Revolori  [Sweatshirt / Swim Trunks]                             Tier B
WTAD5    Mr. Harrington - Martin Starr / Flash - Tony Revolori  [Blazer / Swim Trunks]                       Tier B

Webbed Threads Movie Memorabilia Cards (1:10 packs)

         Tier A (1:4148 packs), Tier B (1:1131 packs), Tier C (1:190 packs), Tier D (1:111 packs),
         Tier E (1:12 packs).The memorabilia item descriptions are not shown on cards.

WTS1     Spider-Man                        Homemade Suit Torso                   Tier E
WTS2     Herman Schultz/Shocker #2         Denim Jacket                          Tier D
WTS3     Spider-Man [face fwd]             Stark Suit Torso                      Tier E
WTS4     Ned                               Sweatshirt                            Tier C
WTS5     Spider-Man                        Stark Suit Legs                       Tier E
WTS6     Michelle                          T-Shirt                               Tier D
WTS7     Spider-Man                        Stark Suit Eyes                       Tier E
WTS8     Mr. Harrington                    Blazer                                Tier C
WTS9     Abraham                           Tie                                   Tier A
WTS10    Spider-Man [1/8-R profile]        Stark Suit Torso                      Tier E
WTS11    Liz                               Sweater                               Tier B
WTS12    Flash                             Swim Trunks                           Tier C
WTS13    Spider-Man [1/8-L profile]        Stark Suit Torso                      Tier E
WTS14    Mac Gargan                        Hoodie                                Tier D
WTS15    Spider-Man [1/3-L profile]        Stark Suit Torso                      Tier E

      Webbed Threads Dual Memorabilia Cards (1:20 packs)

         Tier A (1:3736 packs), Tier B (1:111 packs), Tier C (1:62 packs), Tier D (1:41 packs).

WTD1     Spider-Man / Spider-Man  [Homemade Suit Hood / Stark Suit Hood]         Tier D
WTD2     Liz / Michelle                                                          Tier A
WTD3     Spider-Man / Ned  [Homemade Suit Torso / n.a.]                          Tier C
WTD4     Spider-Man  / Herman Schultz/Shocker #2  [Homemade Suit Torso / n.a.]   Tier D
WTD5     Spider-Man / Spider-Man  [Homemade Suit Torso / Stark Suit Torso]       Tier C
WTD6     Spider-Man / Mr. Harrington  [Homemade Suit Torso / n.a.]               Tier B
WTD7     Spider-Man / Jackson Brice/Shocker #1  [Homemade Suit Torso / n.a.]     Tier A
WTD8     Spider-Man / Mac Gargan  [Stark Suit Hood / n.a.]                       Tier C
WTD9     Spider-Man / Spider-Man  [Homemade Suit Torso / Mask]                   Tier B
WTD10    Spider-Man / Spider-Man  [Homemade Suit Legs / Stark Suit Legs]         Tier D

      Webbed Threads Triple Memorabilia Cards (1:40 packs)

         Tier A (1:3756 packs), Tier B (1:2087 packs), Tier C (1:963 packs), Tier D (1:43 packs).

WTT1     Jackson Brice/Shocker #1 / Herman Schultz/Shocker #2 / Mac Gargan                                  Tier A
WTT2     Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Spider-Man  [Homemade Suit Mask / Torso / Legs]                          Tier D
WTT3     Ned / Liz / Michelle                                                                               Tier A
WTT4     Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Spider-Man  [Stark Suit Black Torso / Blue Torso / Legs]                 Tier D
WTT5     Mr. Harrington / Flash / Ned                                                                       Tier C
WTT6     Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Spider-Man  [Homemade Suit Hood / Stark Suit Black Torso / Blue Torso]   Tier D
WTT7     Ned / Flash / Spider-Man  [n.a. / n.a. / Stark Suit Hood]                                          Tier B
WTT8     Liz / Spider-Man / Michelle  [n.a. / Stark Suit Torso]                                             Tier B
      Webbed Threads Quad Memorabilia Cards (1:60 packs)  

         Tier A (1:1337 packs), Tier B (1:121 packs), Tier C (1:131 packs).

WTQ1     Spider-Man  / Spider-Man  / Spider-Man  / Spider-Man  [Homemade Suit Hood / Legs / Mask / Torso]                                     Tier C
WTQ2     Ned / Liz / Michelle / Mr. Harrington                                                                                                Tier A
WTQ3     Herman Schultz/Shocker #2 / Jackson Brige/Shocker #1 /Mac Gargan / Flash                                                             Tier A
WTQ4     Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Spider-Man  [Homemade Suit Mask / Homemade Suit Torso / Stark Suit Hood / Stark Suit Torso]   Tier B
WTQ5     Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Liz / Michelle  [Homemade Suit Legs / Stark Suit Legs / n.a. / n.a.]                                       Tier A
WTQ6     Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Ned / Herman Schultz/Shocker #2  [Stark Suit Legs / Homemade Suit Legs / n.a. / n.a.]                      Tier A
WTQ7     Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Spider-Man  [Stark Suit Black Torso / Blue Torso / Red Torso / Legs]                          Tier B

Artist Sketch Cards (1:90 packs, also found in WalMart packs)

         Abdul Ghofur
         Achilleas Kokkinakis
         Adam Harris
         Ahjay Cerezo
         Al Milgrom
         Albert Morales
         Alex Webb
         Alfredo Lopez Jr.
         Angel Velasquez
         Anthony Helmer
         Arturo Romero
         Brendon and Brian Fraim
         Brian Balondo
         Cathy Razim
         Charles Drake
         Chris Willdig
         Clint Langley
         Crees Hyunsung Lee
         Daniel Benitez / Arturo Ramirez
         Danny Kidwell
         Diana Greenhalgh
         Dominic Racho
         Doug Snodgrass
         Eli Hyder
         Emma Burges
         Eric Fournier
         Eric Hutchison
         Ethan Castillo
         Holden Leung
         Ian Quirante
         Jaime Lopez
         Jake Sumbing
         Jamal Igle
         James Nguyen
         Jason Adams
         Jason Montoya
         Jason Saldajeno
         Jeff Mallinson
         Jeff Meuth
         John Sloboda
         Jon-Peter Buzio
         Jordan Morpeth
         Jorge Costa
         Ken Racho
         Kevin Andreine
         Kevin McCoy
         Lance De Boyer
         Leo Perez
         Luiz Campelo
         Lydi Li Tubillara
         Mark Stegbauer
         Marlo Argunos
         Marlon Fernandes
         Mathew Dariol
         Matt Blairstone
         Matt Hebb
         Matthew Sutton
         Mitch Ballard
         Nate Xopher
         Nicole Ruman
         Omid Maksoos
         Patricio Carrasco
         Patrick Giles
         Paul Hanley
         Peejay Catacutan
         Radioactive Rabbit
         Raymundo Racho
         Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
         Reynaldo Acevedo
         Rich Hennemann
         Ruben Enriquez
         Thiago Vale
         Tim Shinn
         Todd Aaron Smith
         Todd Purnell
         Will White
         William Bowen Donley III

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