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Spider-Man Movie Cards
Topps - 2002

Note: Various movie promos are not part of the Topps set.  Many thanks
to Genny Carr for the original checklist!

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.48 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.    Title

      1    A Movie at Last! [Title Card]
      2    Peter Parker
      3    Spider-Man
      4    Mary Jane Watson
      5    Aunt May
      6    Uncle Ben
      7    Harry Osborn
      8    Norman Osborn
      9    The Green Goblin
     10    J. Jonah Jameson
     11    The Bugle Staff
     12    Flash Thompson
     13    The Birth of Spider-Man
     14    How Great Is M.J.?
     15    Along Came an Arachnid
     16    Norman's Grand Plans
     17    Secrets of OsCorp
     18    Safe at Home?
     19    New and Improved
     20    Fabulous Flight
     21    Smooth Move
     22    Flooring Flash at Last
     23    Swinging Workout
     24    The Girl Next Door
     25    A Worldwide Web?
     26    OsCorp After Hours
     27    Osborn's Gamble
     28    Rude Awakening
     29    Uncle Ben's Final Words
     30    And in This Corner...
     31    New Wrestling Sensation
     32    Spider-Guy Triumphant
     33    The Man That Got Away
     34    The Death of Uncle Ben
     35    After the Carjacker!
     36    Fate of a Felon
     37    Graduation Day
     38    Born To Be a Hero!
     39    Swinging into Action
     40    Spidey & the City
     41    All in a Night's Work
     42    The Big Apple's New Guardian
     43    Chelsea Street Blues
     44    Exclusive Photos, Anyone?
     45    Norman Gets Canned
     46    The World Unity Festival
     47    The Girl of My Best Friend
     48    Enter... The Green Goblin
     49    Irradiated to Death
     50    The Devil at Four O'Clock
     51    NY's Finest to the Rescue
     52    Crashing the Party
     53    Taking on the Goblin
     54    Midtown Slugfest
     55    Greatest Threat
     56    Glider-Driven Fury
     57    MJ Survives the Assault
     58    The Two Norman Osborns
     59    The Daily Bugle Beseiged
     60    Come Out To Play, Goby!
     61    The Goblin's Dark Offer
     62    Spidey to the Rescue
     63    Kiss of the Spider-Man
     64    The Burning Building
     65    A New Spidey Fan
     66    Another Rescue in Order
     67    Unhappy Thanksgiving
     68    Blood Relative
     69    The Attack on Aunt May
     70    The Truth Revealed
     71    Come Out To Play
     72    A Bridge Too Near
     73    All Fall Down
     74    I Got You Babe
     75    Fury of the Goblin
     76    Twisted Adversary
     77    Death of a Webhead?
     78    Turning the Tables
     79    Death of the Goblin
     80    Remembering Loved Ones

Behind the Scenes

     81    Spider-Man Forever!
     82    From Comics to Screen
     83    Directing a Super-Hero
     84    When Evil Meets Good
     85    Inside Osborn's Psyche
     86    Eight-Legged Movie Stars
     87    He's Spider-Man
     88    MJ in a Jam... Again
     89    A Moving Making Challenge
     90    Making Metropolitan Mayhem

Parker Pix: The Daily Bugle Archives

     91    What's he doing here - did he kill somebody or
     92    Let's see now. "CAUGHT IN THE ACT: SPIDER-MAN
     93    What do you mean, 'he didn't kidnap this guy,
     94    Okay, so when you're right, you're right. "The
     95    The Daily Bugle isn't some two-bit scandal rag
     96    How did a greenhorn like Parker manage to get
     97    I think it's time to run our "anti-web" campai
     98    Who's the kook with the glasses? Maybe he's go
     99    The idea of that wall crawling menace trying t

    100    Checklist


Spider-Sense Glow Puzzle Stickers (1:3 packs)

 1 of 10   (Spider-Man jumping)
 2 of 10   (Spider-Man reaching out)
 3 of 10   (Spider-Man upside down)
 4 of 10   (Spider-Man from above)
 5 of 10   (Spider-Man's head)
 6 of 10   (Green Goblin riding straight)
 7 of 10   (Green Goblin riding tilted)
 8 of 10   (Green Goblin vs. Spider-Man)
 9 of 10   (Green Goblin standing on flyer)
10 of 10   (Green Goblin growling)

Spidey Hologram Cards (1:6 packs)

     H1    (Spider-Man from above)
     H2    (Spider-Man, legs extended)
     H3    (Spider-Man, legs tucked)
     H4    (Spider-Man, ready to spring)
     H5    (Spider-Man, head and hand)

Web-Shooter Clear Cards (1:6 packs)

     C1    (Spider-Man kneeling)
     C2    (Spider-Man airborne, legs in)
     C3    (Spider-Man airborne, legs out)
     C4    (Green Goblin squatting)
     C5    (Green Goblin standing)

Web-Tech Foil Cards (1:6 packs)

     F1    (Spider-Man facing forward)
     F2    (Spider-Man upside-down)
     F3    (Spider-Man facing to his left)
     F4    (Spider-Man, arm upraised)
     F5    (The Green Goblin)


     P1    In Theatres Everywhere May 3 (dealers, NSU)
     P2    (Wizard)
     --    The Motion Picture Event (unnumbered)
     --    (Dealer sell sheet, tri-fold, 11" x 16")

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©2002, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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