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Spider-Man FilmCardz
   Artbox - 2002

Notes: Thanks much to Mike Fitzpatrick for the original checklist, and 
to Terry Hanks, Barrett Nunnery, Graham Brian, Marcia Fanchin, Lagarnia, 
and WGC for updates!

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.60 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail rack packs: 2 filmcardz plus viewer, or packs and viewer separately.

No.   Card 

Amazing Spider-Man

 01   Spider-Man vs. Kraven the Hunter
 02   Spider-Man Web-Slinging
 03   Spider-Man and a Web Full of Thugs
 04   Spider-Man Walks Away From a Battle
 05   Spider-Man and Ka-Zar Running From Dinosaurs
 06   Spider-Man with Black Cat
 07   Spider-Man vs. Spider Slayer
 08   Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin
 09   Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus
 10   Spider-Man Unmasked
 11   Spider-Man Tangled in Vines
 12   Spider-Man Swinging Through the Rain
 13   Spider-Man Swinging through New York City
 14   Spider-Man Surrounded by Spiders
 15   Spider-Man Saving Lives
 16   Spider-Man Rushes to the Scene
 17   Spider-Man Landing On a Rooftop
 18   Peter Parker Teaching Biochemistry
 19   Peter Parker as Spider-Man
 20   Spider-Man Surrounded by Photos
 21   Spider-Man Perched on a Rooftop
 22   New York's New Spider-Man
 23   Spider-Man's Mask
 24   Spider-Man and Man Thing vs. Lizard
 25   Spider-Man Hooked up to Machinery
 26   Spider-Man Looking for Action
 27   Spider-Man vs. Kraven's son and Calypso
 28   Spider-Man Hiding in the Shadows
 29   Spider-Man Rescuing a Fireman
 30   Spider-Man Face to Face
 31   In the Eyes of Dr. Octopus
 32   Spider-Man in the Darkness
 33   Spider-Man Crawling Above the City
 34   Spider-Man Crawling Up a Building
 35   Spider-Man Web-Slinging with Baggage
 36   Spider-Man After a Brawl

Battle Sub-set

 37   Spider-Man vs. Carnage and Venom
 38   Spider-Man vs. Dr. Octopus
 39   Spider-Man vs. Electro
 40   Spider-Man vs. Kraven
 41   Spider-Man vs. The Scorpion
 42   Spider-Man vs. Spider Slayer
 43   Spider-Man vs. The Lizard
 44   Spider-Man vs. Venom / Spidey battles the powerful Venom.
 45   Spider-Man vs. Venom / Spider-Man fights Venom above the streets of New York.

Costume Sub-set

 46   Spider-Man 2099
 47   Armored Spidey
 48   Ben Reilly as Spider-Man
 49   Black Symbiote
 50   Captain Universe
 51   Classic Spider-Man
 52   Elusive Spider-Man
 53   Scarlet Spider
 54   Six-Arm Spidey

Villains Sub-set

 55   Carnage
 56   Dr. Doom
 57   Green Goblin
 58   Hobgoblin
 59   The Lizard
 60   Mysterio
 61   Rhino
 62   Venom
 63   The Vulture

Covers Sub-set

 64   Amazing Spider-Man #252
 65   Amazing Spider-Man #3
 66   Amazing Spider-Man #33
 67   Amazing Fantasy #15
 68   Amazing Spider-Man 100th Anniversary Issue
 69   Spectacular Spider-Man #257
 70   Amazing Spider-Man #2
 71   Web of Spider-Man #1
 72   Amazing Spider-Man #34


9-Card Chase Set (1:pack Hobby)

Ph1   Unmasked by The Black Tyrant
Ph2   Sensational Spider-Man #1
Ph3   The End of Spider-Man?
Ph4   Spider-Man vs. The Vulture
Ph5   Spidey Soars Through a Starlit Sky
Ph6   Is it True?
Ph7   Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six
Ph8   Spider-Man plays "Guess Who?"
Ph9   Peter Gets Prepared For a Long Night

9-Card Chase Set (1:pack Retail)

Pm1   Just Stretching My Legs
Pm2   Spider-Man Leaps To Safety
Pm3   Spidey's Greatest Fears
Pm4   The End Of The Green Goblin
Pm5   Half Man, Half Spider
Pm6   Spidey Battles The Spider Slayers
Pm7   Spider-Man Vs. The Hobgoblin
Pm8   Spidey Meets True Evil 
Pm9   Peter Gets His Powers

Rare 6 Card Chase Set (1:8 packs)

 R1   It's a Scorcher out There!
 R2   Night Patrol
 R3   The Clone of Spider-Man
 R4   Just Another Day at the Office
 R5   Night Watchman
 R6   A Defeated Spider-Man

Ultra-Rare 3 Card Chase Set (1:12 packs)

UR1   Another Day's Work is Done
UR2   Can it be True?
UR3   Spider-Man Surveys the Ruins

Autograph Cards (1:80 packs; each numbered to 150)

A1    Charles Vess
A2    Glenn Fabry
A3    John Romita, Jr.
A4    John Romita, Sr.
A5    Kaare Andrews
A6    Mark Buckingham
A7    Mark Bagley
A8    Mike Wieringo
A9    Ron Frenz
A10   J. Scott Campbell

Case-Topper Autograph (Hobby)

A11   Stan Lee

FilmCardz Viewer

Card Album

 --   (Binder)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (9-card panel; cards 04-05-06-13-14-15-22-23-24)


 P1   Peter Parker Promo
 P2   Spider-Man Costume Line-up Subset Promo
 P3   Spider-Man Battle Subset Promo
 P4   Spider-Man Biggest Enemies Subset Promo
 P5   Spider-Man Cover Gallery Subset Promo
 --   Spider-Man FilmCardz (Advertising sell sheet)

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