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Spider-Man Caps (120 caps)
Toy Biz - 1994

Notes: We don't have a listing for any slammers released with these caps.  Thanks
much to Greg Wollard for the printed-on-packaging checklist! Another version
was distributed, with only 50 regular caps.

 No.     Title

Hero Caps

SM01    Spider-Man
SM02    Venom
SM03    Smythe
SM04    Alien Spider-Slayer
SM05    Tri-Spider-Slayer
SM06    Venom's Symbiote
SM07    Spidey's Black Costume
SM08    Scorpion
SM09    Kingpin & Alister Smythe
SM10    Carnage
SM11    Kraven The Hunter
SM12    The Vulture
SM13    J. Jonah Jameson
SM14    Green Goblin
SM15    The Lizard
SM16    Dr. Octopus
SM17    Spider-Man's Origin
SM18    Peter Parker
SM19    Mysterio
SM20    Web Shooters
SM21    Aunt May
SM22    The Rhino
SM23    The Chameleon
SM24    Hobgoblin
SM25    Spider-Sense
SM26    Six Armed Spider-Man
SM27    Tombstone
SM28    Silvermane
SM29    Hammerhead
SM30    The Beetle
SM31    Spider-Agility
SM32    Doc Ock's Arms
SM33    Spider-Strength
SM34    Insidious Six
SM35    Venom Obsessed
SM36    Hobgoblin's Glider
SM37    The Puma
SM38    The Prowler
SM39    Mary Jane
SM40    Wall Crawling
SM41    The Shocker
SM42    The Kingpin
SM43    Spider-Man vs. Kraven
SM44    Spider-Man vs. Carnage
SM45    Spider-Man vs. Lizard
SM46    Spider-Man vs. Venom
SM47    Spider-Man vs. Scorpion
SM48    Hydro Man
SM49    Morbius
SM50    Flash Thompson
SM51    Spider-Man 2
SM52    Peter Parker 2
SM53    Mary Jane 2
SM54    Aunt May 2
SM55    J. Jonah Jameson 2
SM56    Morbius 2
SM57    Green Goblin 2
SM58    Hobgoblin 2
SM59    Demogoblin
SM60    The Kingpin 2
SM61    Mysterio 2
SM62    The Lizard 2
SM63    Kraven
SM64    Grim Hunter
SM65    Scorpion 2
SM66    Venom 2
SM67    Carnage 2
SM68    Shriek
SM69    Doppelganger
SM70    Carrion
SM71    The Shocker 2
SM72    The Beetle 2
SM73    The Rhino 2
SM74    The Owl
SM75    Tri-Spider-Slayer 2
SM76    Alien Spider-Slayer 2
SM77    Living Brain
SM78    Smythe 2
SM79    Tarantula
SM80    The Puma 2
SM81    The Punisher
SM82    The Enforcers
SM83    The Prowler 2
SM84    Man-Wolf
SM85    Silver Sable
SM86    The Tinkerer
SM87    Dr. Octopus 2
SM88    Spider-Man (Web Armor)
SM89    The Chameleon 2
SM90    Man-Spider
SM91    Scarlet Spider
SM92    Cardiac
SM93    Solo
SM94    Spider-Man vs. Dr. Octopus
SM95    Spider-Man vs. Venom 2
SM96    Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin
SM97    Spider-Man vs. Scorpion 2
SM98    Scarlet Spider 2
SM99    Nick Fury
SM100   Web Wings
SM101   Kaine
SM102   Spidercide
SM103   Jackal
SM104   Gwen Stacey
SM105   Spider-Man vs. Scarlet Spider
SM106   Spider-Man vs. Kaine
SM107   Venom vs. Scarlet Spider
SM108   Planet of the Symbiotes
SM109   Spider-Man & Venom vs. Carnage
SM110   Scrier
SM111   Makeshift Costume Spider-Man
SM112   Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six
SM113   Scarlet Spider & New Warriors
SM114   Jack & Goliath
SM115   Spider-Man vs. Jackal
SM116   Spider-Man vs. Electro
SM117   Spider-Man vs. Sandman
SM118   Spider-Man vs. The Vulture
SM119   Spider-Man vs. Kraven 2
SM120   "Cyborg" Spider-Man

Skull Caps

SSM 01   Spider-Man
SSM 02   Venom
SSM 03   Carnage
SSM 04   The Rhino
SSM 05   The Shocker
SSM 06   Hobgoblin
SSM 07   Kraven The Hunter
SSM 08   Scorpion
SSM 09   Doctor Octopus
SSM 10   The Lizard
SSM 11   The Prowler
SSM 12   The Chameleon
SSM 13   The Kingpin
SSM 14   Smythe
SSM 15   The Beetle
SSM 16   Mysterio
SSM 17   Spider-Man 2
SSM 18   Morbius
SSM 19   Scarlet Spider
SSM 20   Venom 2
SSM 21   The Prowler
SSM 22   Jackal
SSM 23   Carnage
SSM 24   Dr. Octopus
SSM 25   Judas Traveler
SSM 26   Tombstone
SSM 27   The Chameleon
SSM 28   Hobgoblin 2
SSM 29   Spider-Signal
SSM 30   The Burglar
SSM 31   Mysterio 2
SSM 32   The Kingpin 2
SSM 33   The Vulture
SSM 34   Trial of Peter Parker
SSM 35   Kaine vs. Doctor Octopus
SSM 36   Spider-Man 3
SSM 37   Scarlet Spider 2


   ?     ? 


  --     (cardboard cutout, from packaging)

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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