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Spike: The Complete Story
   Inkworks - 2005

Notes:  Thanks to Chere Elliott for the updates! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.90 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title                                            Episode

   1    Spike: The Complete Story (Title Card)

Becoming Spike

   2    Bloody Awful
   3    Dru's Pet
   4    Momma's Boy
   5    Amigos
   6    Betrayed
   7    Hung Up
   8    Slayer
   9    Recruited
  10    Passion
  11    Trophy
  12    Recuperation
  13    New Slayer
  14    Reversal of Fortune
  15    Triangle
  16    Dealing with the Enemy
  17    My Way
  18    Heartbreak
  19    Drowning Sorrows
  20    Captured
  21    Manipulative
  22    Quest
  23    Ball and Chain
  24    Defiant
  25    Devastated
  26    Empathic
  27    Rough Stuff
  28    Bargain
  29    Lost
  30    Taken
  31    Rescued
  32    Restored
  33    Wild Ones
  34    Sorting It Out
  35    Hero at Last
  36    Far from Over
  37    To Hell
  38    Reconstituted
  39    Karma
  40    Destiny
  41    Mission
  42    Bound
  43    Courageous
  44    Tough but Tender
  45    Champion

Bloody Pains

  46    The Master
  47    Angel
  48    Xander
  49    Riley
  50    Giles
  51    Robin Wood
  52    Glory
  53    Pavayne
  54    Lindsey

Spike Speak

  55    Effulgent
  56    Shirty
  57    Randy
  58    Mate
  59    Fancy
  60    Nancy-Boy
  61    Prat
  62    Sod
  63    Git

Ladies Man

  64    Drusilla
  65    Harmony
  66    Willow
  67    Buffy Bot
  68    Dawn
  69    Buffy
  70    Anya
  71    Fred

  72    Checklist


Heart & Soul Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

 HS1    Spike: Yeah, I did a couple Slayers in my time   Buffy S2: School Hard
 HS2    Buffy: Were you born this big a pain in the as   Buffy S5: Fool for Love
 HS3    Spike: I'm a vampire. I know something about e   Buffy S5: Tough Love
 HS4    Spike: I know you'll never love me. I know tha   Buffy S5: The Gift
 HS5    Spike: Good on me, then. I get what I came for   Buffy S6: Two to Go
 HS6    Buffy: Spike, have you completely lost your mi   Buffy S7: Beneath You
 HS7    Spike: My soul. It's really there. Kinda sting   Buffy S7: Chosen
 HS8    Spike: I know what's down there - where it's t   Angel S5: Just Rewards
 HS9    Spike: When you say "plays a major role in an    Angel S5: The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

Spike & Buffy Cards (1:17 packs)

 SB1    Menacing
 SB2    Uneasy Allies
 SB3    First Kiss
 SB4    Lust
 SB5    Intimacy
 SB6    Farewell

Autographed Cards (1:36 packs)

 A1     James Marsters as Spike
 A2     Juliet Landau as Drusilla (by redemption)
 A3     Julie Benz as Darla
 A4     Mercedes McNab as Harmony
 A5     K. D. Aubert as Nikki Wood (by redemption)
 A6     Kali Rocha as Cecily Adams
 A7     George Hertzberg as Adam
 A8     Steven W. Bailey as Soul Demon
 A9     James C. Leary as Clem
          Variant signatures include: signed in thin black; signed in
          thicker black, red, green, or blue marker; some are just initials,
          others are full signatures; some cards have short inscriptions.
 A10    Simon Templeman as Pavayne
 AR-1   (Autograph Redemption Card)

"Heart & Soul" Artwork Autographed Card (1:432 packs)

 BV1    Boris Vallejos (1:432 packs)

Pieceworks Cards (by redemption)

PW-1    Leather coat worn by James Marsters as Spike (BtVS)
PW-2    Leather coat worn by James Marsters as Spike (Angel)
PR-1    (Pieceworks Redemption Card)

Autographed Pieceworks Cards (by redemption)

PW-1A   Leather coat worn by James Marsters as Spike (BtVS)
PW-2A   Leather coat worn by James Marsters as Spike (Angel)
APR-1   (Autographed Pieceworks Redemption Card)

PALz Figure

  --    Spike
PTR-1   (Figure Redemption Card; 1:432 packs)

Hero's Journey Box-Loaders

 BL1    Soul
 BL2    Heart
 BL3    Destiny

Bloodlines Case-Loader

 CL1    (vampire family tree)

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 299; sold separately)

  --    Heart & Soul (9-card puzzle)

Card Album (sold separately)

  --    Spike: The Complete Story (binder; portrait shot)


P-1     (portrait shot; general distribution)
P-UK    Coming February 2005 (sitting; Cards Inc.)
P-UKP   Coming February 2005 (sitting; foil; Cards Inc.)
P-i     Coming February 2005 (standing; exclusive) 
D-1     Coming February 2005 (head shot in black t-shirt; Diamond Select Toys) 
 --     Coming February 2005 (dealer sell sheet)

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