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This Is Spinal Tap
NECA / Canal + D.A. - 2000

Note:  Cards were originally made available at the official Spinal Tap Store to
commemorate the 2000 re-release of the film.

No.   Card Text

  1   Spinal Tap, always known as one of England's l
  2   This Is Spinal Tap begins with commercial dire
  3   Spinal Tap was created by boyhood friends Davi
  4   1965: The Thamesmen make their first big splas
  5   The Smell The Glove album's opening night part
  6   While everyone appears enthusiastic that Spina
  7   Intravenous de Milo review: "This tasteless co
  8   The Gospel According to Spinal Tap review: "Th
  9   At the Recording Industry Convention in Atlant
 10   Bobbi, the "hostess with the mostest," explain
 11   K-Mart and Sears refuse to carry Smell The Glo
 12   Nigel explains why Spinal Tap's audience seems
 13   Vandermint Auditorium, Chapel Hill, NC: The te
 14   Classic Spinal Tap Quotes - Subject: Gum - Dav
 15   David and Nigel, the heart and soul of Spinal
 16   Nigel owns an inordinate amount of guitars. He
 17   While in the lobby of a hotel in Memphis, the
 18   Things do not look good for Spinal Tap. On the
 19   Spinal Tap's "Tap Into America" tour is either
 20   The mood in the room alters significantly as t
 21   Graceland, Memphis, TN: Spinal Tap pays revere
 22   1967: Spinal Tap's first mega-hit was the fort
 23   Drummer Peter James Bond fared no better than
 24   Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI: Jeanine arrives at
 25   The new cover art for Smell The Glove, the res
 26   The Shank Hall show is a success, but there ar
 27   Mick Shrimpton, Spinal Tap's drummer for Smell
 28   David credits Jeanine with pulling his life to
 29   Spinal Tap does a record-store signing which h
 30   Xanadu Star Theater, Cleveland, OH: Things onl
 31   David and Jeanine try and lead the group into
 32   As Spinal Tap is heading for Texas, Derek mana
 33   Austin, TX: The new Stonehenge set arrives and
 34   Seattle, WA: Ian has left the band and Jeanine
 35   Themeland Amusement Park, Stockton, CA: After
 36   Ian sends Nigel to the band with some informat

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