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Will Eisner's The Spirit
Kitchen Sink Press - 1995

Note:  Marketed as a sealed, boxed factory set, numbered to 4000 copies.

No.   Title

  1   The Spirit by Will Eisner
  2   Will Eisner
  3   Denny Colt
  4   Young Denny Colt
  5   The Spirit in Comic Books
  6   P'Gell
  7   Eisner in The Spirit
  8   Central City
  9   Ellen Dolan
 10   Eisnshpritz
 11   Hildie
 12   The Spirit Incognito
 13   Mr. Mystic
 14   Lady Luck
 15   P.S. Smith
 16   Eisner in the Army
 17   Sammy
 18   Darling O'Shea
 19   Ev'ry Little Bug
 20   "The Light"
 21   Santa Claus
 22   Jules Feiffer and The Spirit
 23   The Outer Space Spirit
 24   Hazel P. Macbeth
 25   Dr. Cobra
 26   Joe Dope
 27   Mr. Carrion
 28   Lorelei Rox
 29   Connie Rodd
 30   The Octopus
 31   Wildwood Cemetery
 32   Gerhard Shnobbie
 33   Silk Satin
 34   Sand Saref
 35   Eustace P. Dolan
 36   Ebony White


Uncut Sheet

 --   (36-card panel, signed by Will Eisner)

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