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Ladies of The Spirit
Odd Lot / Lions Gate - 2008

Note:  These cards were issued in a promotional folder at the 2008 San Diego 
Comic Con, promoting the (then) upcoming feature film.

         Title / Featured

   --    "On Your Knees Then..." (Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss)
   --    "Do I Look Like a Good Girl?" (Sarah Paulson as Ellen Dolan)
   --    "Keep the Mask On ..." (Eva Mendes as Sand Saref)
   --    "Come to Me... Lover." (Jaime King as Lorelei)
   --    Ladies of The Spirit (header card)
   --    (sealed piece of gum)

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   --    (The Spirit postcards; 4 as with Ladies of The Spirit, oversized)
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