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The Spirit (Movie)
Inkworks - 2008

Notes:  Reports indicate that a hobby box is expected to hold two 'premium' 
chase cards (autographs, costumes, or sketches), which would hint at a total 
production run of about 5000 boxes. Thanks much to Anthony Liali for the 
update! Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards, 10 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.26 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                             # Sketched

    1    In Eisner's Spirit

      Character Cards

    2    The Spirit
    3    The Octopus
    4    Sand Saref
    5    Commissioner Dolan
    6    Ellen Dolan
    7    Silken Floss
    8    Officer Morgenstern
    9    Lorelei
   10    Wildwood's Sentinel

      Movie Story Cards

   11    Night and the City
   12    The Rescue
   13    The Spirit's Beat
   14    Mad Adversary
   15    Up from the Depths
   16    Looking for Trouble
   17    Enter Silken Floss
   18    A Clash of Titans
   19    Mud Sluggers
   20    Send in the Clowns
   21    Spirit's Deadliest Foe
   22    A Dirty Cop?
   23    An Elusive Ally
   24    Hero at Large
   25    The Way We Were
   26    Eyes on the Prize
   27    Urban Playground
   28    A Tragic Twist
   29    Octopus, Eastern-Style
   30    Sand's Nasty Plan
   31    Love and Bandages
   32    New Kid in Town
   33    Minions of the Law
   34    Public Hero Number One
   35    Just Part of the Plan...
   36    High Roller Heist
   37    Something's a Foot
   38    The Doctor Is In ... Sane?
   39    A Special Call
   40    The Girl Has Changed
   41    The Challenge
   42    The Goon Throttler
   43    Pinning a Pinhead
   44    Captured!
   45    Plaster of Paris
   46    Getting The Spirit
   47    The Fate of Denny Colt
   48    The Body of His Work
   49    Back from the Dead
   50    A Hero Born Again
   51    Song of the Lorelei
   52    Nabbing an Octopus
   53    Sand in the Middle
   54    Which Way, Ms. Floss?
   55    Armed and Demented
   56    Aiming for Mayhem
   57    The Big Blaster
   58    Cops on the Scene
   59    "Open Fire! Now!!"
   60    The Prize in His Grasp
   61    An Unexpected Twist
   62    Blown Apart
   63    Someone to Watch Over Us

      Will Eisner Classic Cards

   64    "The Prom" - December 1, 1940
   65    "River of Crime" - November 30, 1947
   66    "The Name Is Powder" - January 4, 1948
   67    "Lorelei Rox" - September 19, 1948
   68    "Plaster of Paris" - November 14, 1948
   69    "Death of Autumn Mews" - October 9, 1949
   70    "Bring In Sand Saref" - January 15, 1950
   71    "The Jewel of Gizen" - March 12, 1950

   72    Checklist


Spirit of the City Foil Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

 SC.1    Married to a City
 SC.2    Sea and Sand
 SC.3    Cop on the Rise
 SC.4    An Uneasy Alliance
 SC.5    Madness on Parade
 SC.6    Calling The Spirit
 SC.7    Farewell to Innocence
 SC.8    Public Menace #1
 SC.9    Phantom of Wildwood

Good Guys, Bad Guys Foil Cards (1:17 packs)

 GB.1    Boss or Blowhard?
 GB.2    Evil with a Twist
 GB.3    Dolan's Packin'
 GB.4    Captured... For Now!
 GB.5    The Guy with a Tie
 GB.6    Partners in Peril

My City Screams Foil Cards (1:24 packs)

 MC.1    Dedicated Dead Man
 MC.2    Crime for Crime's Sake
 MC.3    Someone To Watch Over Us

Autograph Cards (all by redemption; approx. 1:48 packs)

 A.1     Gabriel Macht as The Spirit
 A.2     Jaime King as Lorelei
 A.3     Sarah Paulson as Ellen Dolan
 A.4     Paz Vega as Plaster of Paris
 A.5     Stana Katic as Morgenstern
 A.6     Dan Lauria as Commissioner Dolan
 A.7     Samuel L. Jackson as The Octopus

 AR.1    (autograph redemption card: all signers but Jackson
 AR.1B   (autograph redemption card: Samuel L. Jackson)

Pieceworks Costume Cards (approx. 1:36 packs)

PW.1     Coat worn by Gabriel Macht as The Spirit
PW.2     Skirt worn by Paz Vega as Plaster of Paris
PW.3     Pimp Coat worn by Samuel L. Jackson as The Octopus
PW.4     Wetsuit worn by Eva Mendes as Sand Saref
PW.5     Coat worn by Samuel L. Jackson as The Octopus
PW.6     Robe worn by Samuel L. Jackson as The Octopus
PW.7     Coat worn by Sarah Paulson as Ellen
PW.8     Shirt worn by Samuel L. Jackson as The Octopus
PW.9     Robe worn by Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss
PW.10    Sweater worn by Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss
PW.11    Robe worn by Samuel L. Jackson as The Octopus
           / Robe worn by Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss

Artist Sketch Cards (approx. 1:28 packs)

SK-1     Tone Rodriguez                    102
SK-2     Chris Moreno                      246
SK-3     Jeff Zugale                       244
SK-4     William O'Neill                   238
SK-5     Kevin Graham                      203
SK-6     Daniel Cooney                     180
SK-7     Tess Fowler                       164
SK-8     Chris Henderson                   197
SK-9     Bryan Morton                      191
SK-10    Nick (Nik) Neocleous              193
SK-11    Steve Oatney                      194
SK-12    Sean Pence                        196
SK-13    Michael T. Sandborn               190
SK-14    Jamie Snell                       203
SK-15    Kyle Babbitt                      179
SK-16    Benjamin Glendenning              207
SK-17    Leah Mangue                       161
SK-18    Brian C. Kong                     198
SK-19    Otto Dieffenbach                  198
SK-20    Steven Miller                     198
SK-21    Corbett Vanoni                    190
SK-22    John Watkins-Chow                 105
SK-23    Leeahd Goldberg                    93
SK-24    Randy Martinez                    128

Case-Topper Card

 CL.1    The Key to the City

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    (binder)

"Spirit of the City" Uncut Mini-Press Sheet (sold separately; # to 99)

   --    (9-card panel of SC.1-SC.9)

Multi-Case Purchase Incentive Pieceworks Cards

PW-12A   Fedora hat worn by Gabriel Macht as The Spirit
PW-12B   Red tie worn by Gabriel Macht as The Spirit


 P-1     (The Spirit)
 P-2     (Ellen)
 P-MS    I'm Gonna Kill You / All Kinds of Dead (Memorabilia Show)
 P-PS    (Sand Seraf; Philly Non-Sports Show)
 P-UK    (U.K. distribution)
 P-i     (Silken Floss; exclusive)
H-2008   Get into The Spirit of the Season! (Inkworks holiday promo)
H-2008   (Inkworks holiday promo with signature by Allan Caplan)
  --     (dealer sell sheet)

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