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Spoofy Tunes
Butthedz - 1993

Notes: Some boxes do not hold card #55, aptly named "Miss Ing In Action." Was 
this a sign of separate Test and Retail sets, or an attempt at humor? Thanks much 
to Genny Carr for the original list and to LMA and Nigel Taylor for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.22 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   The Tear Bears
  2   Temporary Insanity
  3   The last Resort
  4   The Streets of San Francisco
  5   Nightmare Rhyme
  6   You Have the Right To Say No
  7   Endless Love
  8   A Fridge Too Far
  9   Pee-Wee's Yard Sale
 10   The Lonely Ranger
 11   Mmmm, I Love Turtles
 12   Nightmare on Delaware Street
 13   The Impossible Sequel
 14   Behind the Scenes
 15   Give it to Beaver
 16   Crime Fighters' Nite Out
 17   The Good, the Bad & the Udder-ly Disgusting
 18   Social Poison
 19   The Shoe's on the Other Foot
 20   Thanksgiving
 21   The hand that Rocks the Cradle
 22   The Sportscard Bozo
 23   A Night at the Oprah
 24   Ghouls' Night Out
 25   Arnie for President
 26   Putrid Pigtale
 27   The Windy City
 28   Herb Coated Dinosaur Tail
 29   Freedom of the Press
 30   Hell's Angels
 31   Rapcity (ræp-si-di:) noun
 32   The Three Generations
 33   If You Drink, Don't Drive
 34   Pretty Ugly Woman
 35   The People's Court
 36   Full House
 37   King Barney
 38   The Closet
 39   Good-Bye Baby
 40   Predictament
 41   The Wind Tunnel
 42   Dud Lenny
 43   Bed Mates
 44   Black Men Can't Skate
 45   Schlutz Beer
 46   Politically Correct
 47   Hillary 'Geppetto' Clinton
 48   Runway of the Rich & Famous
 49   Animal Rights
 50   Beethoven vs. Cujo
 51   True Confession
 52   The Wicked Wacko of Waco
 53   Ode to Winston
 54   Series One Checklist
 55   Miss Ing in Action


Biography Card

---   Miss Masters

"Autographed" Chase Card

---   Miss Masters


 P1   The Next Degeneration
 P2   Night Rhyme
 P3   The Lonely Ranger

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