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Spook Show
   Monsterwax - 2011

Notes:  Set celebrates the era of traveling "spook shows," where traveling magicians 
opened movie theatres at midnight before the showing of horror films. Thanks to 
Kurt Kuersteiner and Mike Fitzpatrick for the original list and to John Biagioni and 
Shannon Carman for updatea! Further information and scans are posted at the 
Monsterwax website.

Box: 24 packs of 8 cards + Ghoul [Wrigley] Gum.
Common sets (66): approx. 1.92 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.   Title

      1   The Midnight Spook Show
      2   El-Wyn's Midnight Spook Party
      3   Dr. Silkini
      4   Asylum of Horrors
      5   Generic Spook Gimmicks
      6   Alive... Garganta!
      7   Dorso's Spook Show
      8   Francisco's Mid-Nite Spook Frolic
      9   Dr. Evil's Terrors of the Unknown
     10   The Crawling Thing from Planet 13
     11   Lady Godiva in Mid-air!
     12   Dan Brandon's Tomb of Terror
     13   Don Brandon Clones
     14   Dr. Dracula's Living Nightmares
     15   Sax-Ona Spiritualistic Séance
     16   Dr. Jekyl and his Weird Show
     17   Kirma's Ghost Party
     18   Generic Spook Posters
     19   The Great London Ghost Show
     20   Dr. Neff's Midnight Spook Show
     21   Temple of Mystery
     22   Shrieks in the Night!
     23   Prof. Zomby, Master of Monsters
     24   The Weird Show Continued
     25   More Terrors of the Unknown
     26   Marquis, the Magician
     27   Five Big Happenings of Horror!
     28   Voodoo Party
     29   Dr. Zomb
     30   The Amazing Kirma
     31   The Mad Dr. Beaver Nightmare
     32   More Weird Shows
     33   Smashing The Ghost Racket
     34   Horrors of the Orient
     35   Kelmar's Terrorama
     36   Dr. Dracula's Giant Scream Show
     37   The Mad Marquis
     38   Kelmar's Night of Terror
     39   House of Horrors
     40   Fetaque Sanders
     41   Ray-Mond's Voodoo Show
     42   Ghost Alive!
     43   Dr. Zorka's Lab of Horrors
     44   More Morris Gimmicks
     45   Voodoo Festival Girl
     46   Museum of Monsters
     47   Dr. Numba's Nightmare
     48   Monsters Crash the Pajama Party
     49   Movie Monsters Alive!
     50   Creature from Outer Space
     51   Cannibals of Curitiba
     52   The Inner Sanctum
     53   Dr. Morris' House of Horrors
     54   Blood Feast Stage Show
     55   The Mysterious Layne
     56   More Asylum of Horrors
     57   Carlo and his Cavalcade of Mystery
     58   Mighty Garganta Scream Show
     59   Bela "Dracula" Lugosi In Person!
     60   Ray-Mond, Master Magician
     61   Silkini meets Frankenstein
     62   Teenage Torture!
     63   Teenage Psycho meets Bloody Mary
     64   Kara-Kum of Hollywood
     65   Ormond McGill
     66   The Giant Scream Show


Checklist and Credits Cards (1 each:24 packs)

     --   Checklist A
     --   Checklist B
     --   Credits Card

Promo Cards (1:box, or separately)

Promo 1   Bucket of Blood [Non-Sport Update]
Promo 2   Bela Lugosi In Person [Non-Sport Update]
Promo 3   Kara Kum Presents Cannibals of Curitiba [Non-Sport Update]
Promo 4   Kara Kum Horror in the 4th Dimension [Philly Non-Sports Show Fall 2011]
Promo 5   [2011 Chicagoland Show]
Promo 6   [The Wrapper; Good Samaritans and drawing winners]

Frightening Foils Cards (1:4 packs)

    F1    Ayslum of Horrors
    F2    Kara-Kum's Cannibals
    F3    The Amazing Neff
    F4    The Maniac Show
    F5    Virgil's Ghost
    F6    House of the Living Dead

Gruesome Gimmicks Cards (1:8 packs)

    G-1   Meet His Ghost!
    G-2   Faint Pass
    G-3   Faint Check

Emerge-O-Vision Embossed Cards (1:12 packs)

    E1    Brandon Rips Neff!
    E2    Temple of Mystery

Original Art Cards (1:24 packs)

    --    Neil Camera
    --    Anthony Carpenter
    --    Shawn Conn
    --    Ted Dastick, Jr.
    --    Chris Henderson
    --    Matthew Kirscht
    --    Chrissy Spallone

Eerie Insert Cards (1:24 packs)

    --    Rick Allen ("Kelmar") [Ghostmaster Autograph]
    --    Vince Carmen [Ghostmaster Autograph]
    --    Philip Morris ("Dr. Evil") [Ghostmaster Autograph]
    --    Keith Stickley ("Dr. Scream") [Ghostmaster Autograph]
    --    Monsterwax Metal Card (printing plate from series)

Irregular Items (1:24 packs each)

    --    Terror of Tallahassee [Comic Tract]
    --    Spook Show Tickets (reproductions)
            -- Ali Babas Spiritualistic Séance and Ghost Show
            -- Colfax Theatre Sat June 11  The Crawling Thing Stage and Screen Show
            -- Granada Theatre, South Bend, IND Sept 27th Giant Midnight Stage and Screen Show
            -- Hable's Palace Theatre Oct 31 Chamber of Horrors
            -- State Theatre, South Bend, IND April 13th Asylum of Horror

    --    Faint Pill [in envelope]
    --    Insurance Policy for Death by Fright! [$10K coverage; 8-1/2" x 11", signed by Kurt Kuersteiner]
    --    Spook Show "Sick Sack" (4-3/4" x 8-1/2" x 2-3/8")
            -- red
            -- black

Wrappers (1:2 packs each)

    --    Black wrapper
    --    Red wrapper

PROMO CARDS (also listed above)

Promo 1   Bucket of Blood [Non-Sport Update]
Promo 2   Bela Lugosi In Person [Non-Sport Update]
Promo 3   Kara Kum Presents Cannibals of Curitiba] Non-Sport Update]
Promo 4   Kara Kum Horror in the 4th Dimension [Philly Non-Sports Show Fall 2011]
Promo 5   [2011 Chicagoland Show]
Promo 6   [The Wrapper Good Samaritans and drawing winners]

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