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Spook Stories Series 1
   Leaf - 1963-1965
Spook Stories Series 2
   Leaf - 1963-1965

Notes: Card fronts give black-and-white or sepia screen shots with humorous 
captions; backs provide "Spook Talk" riddles. Card #12 is reported with two 
different images. American Card Catalog reference is R734-12. Scans are 
posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Cards 1-72 ("Series 1") packaging described the set as "Spook Theatre", while 
cards 73-144 were sold in "Son of  Spook Theatre" packaging. There were many 
wrapper variants, and there have been attempts to split stickers into 1st and 2nd 
Series lots, but these lists don't agree, so I conclude that the stickers probably 
spanned multiple print runs. Thanks to Steve Rittenberg for the assist!

No.   Caption                                          Sticker Background

Series 1

  1   1961 - I must have overslept a couple of years!
  2   I brush after every meal
  3   I brush twice a day!
  4   What are you? Chicken or something?
  5   Mother said spinach puts hair on your chest - but
  6   Throw me the beach ball, Dad
  7   Whaddaya mean - Pruneface?
  8   Hurry up Buster my broomstick is double parked
  9   All right - Where's the wise guy with the soap?
 10   Boy - With you on our side we'll have the best foo
 11   I hate this feeling of something hanging over my h
 12   Please hand me the bubble bath
 13   You knew what I was when you married me - Why are
 14   You won't believe this - but I have a cold
 15   Relax, Mr. Jones - One more squeeze and your sore
 16   Watch the birdie!
 17   Did you say fish for dinner - Anyone I know?
 18   I'm really a nice boy - But I got in bad company
 19   That boy never could keep his feet on the ground
 20   Take it easy - I told you I'd give you the shirt o
 21   Now will you take your castor oil?
 22   Last one in is a sissy!
 23   Don't get excited it's only your mummy!
 24   I'm not very pretty - But I'm mighty cute!
 25   Oh! Oh! Now I really put my foot in it!
 26   There's a full moon tonite - And I turn into a peo
 27   My, what big tonsils you have!
 28   I paid for dance lessons - so let's dance
 29   Tell your friend to quit hanging around
 30   What are you fishing around for?
 31   That's what I call a real "rock head"
 32   May I have the next dance?
 33   Please Mommy, buy me a catcher's mitt
 34   Shut off that air conditioner
 35   Honey - Please change laundries
 36   Anybody lose a second grade teacher?
 37   No, Sonny - I don't want the Ladies Home Journal!
 38   That's what I mean by a chain smoker
 39   Don't laugh - Yul Brynner started out this way!
 40   Worst case of athlete's feet I've ever seen
 41   If I say it is a cha-cha - It's a cha-cha!
 42   When did you first notice your dry skin problem?
 43   I said "spoon" not "swoon"
 44   No - I'm not like all teachers!
 45   I can't marry you Baby - I've got a career!
 46   Yea, but you should see the other guy!
 47   Sometimes these tricks don't work!
 48   I'm so mad I could slap your wrists
 49   Dessert, anyone?
 50   Darling, where is my tie?
 51   But this is the new look
 52   But I'll be late for school!
 53   Doctor - Why do I get this ringing in my ears?
 54   Darling did you use my razor to shave your legs ag
 55   I said cut a rug - Not cut a mug
 56   Lost a little weight, haven't you Sam?
 57   I think we dug too deep
 58   Tricks or treat?
 59   I'm in First Grade, too
 60   Plant you now dig you later!
 61   Altogether now - Three cheers for the Principal
 62   Every time I flip that coin - It comes up heads!
 63   I told this wise guy not to take my parking place
 64   I'm starring in a new TV show - Father Knows Bats
 65   But mudpacks are good for you
 66   Look Ma, no cavities
 67   She tried to make a monkey out of me
 68   Gee, Pop - I don't want to get a haircut!
 69   For the last time - Stop talking and go to sleep
 70   Mother doesn't want to cut off my curls
 71   How's this for size?
 72   Look sharp - Feel sharp - Be sharp! [male]

Series 2

 73   This acts so much faster than aspirin
 74   Aren't you too old for blind man's bluff?
 75   No, I'm not the Little Old Wine Maker
 76   You didn't have to starch the pajamas!
 77   C'mon, cut it out!
 78   Who threw that spitball?
 79   Now, sing along with Mitch
 80   I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down
 81   Don't fight it - It's bigger than both of us!
 82   After 3,000 years in a tomb, what did you expect?
 83   But it's only 20 calories!
 84   All right, Martha, I'll wear a wedding ring
 85   Make up your mind - I'm tired of moving furniture!
 86   Heavens! I need a manicure!
 87   Coffee, tea or milk?
 88   These high notes sure are a strain
 89   Eeek! That ice cube was cold!
 90   They call it the Cleopatra Cut
 91   They all laughed when I sat down to play
 92   Who said I'm bad luck?
 93   Party pooper!!
 94   Bhere's the Band Aids?
 95   They told me stripes are the fashion this year
 96   Try brushing these 3 times a day
 97   Wow! I thought you said this pool was heated!
 98   Come out and play, Red Riding Hood
 99   Now I'll poison the ivy
100   They said a little dab will do it - So what happened?
101   Oh George - You're so virile - so dominating!
102   I ate too much - I ate too fast
103   Who pulled the plug?
104   Welcome to the Haunted Hilton
105   Who let that cat out of the bag?
106   Look, Ma! I'm flying!
107   Step aside, Boy - I'll handle this one
108   Anyone for basketball?
109   Boy - These Texas dust storms are really something
110   Teacher - May I be excused?
111   It's not your looks, Harold - It's your personality
112   Of course, I'll volunteer
113   Don't interrupt me - I'm making a fiery speech!
114   Flying a little low, weren't you?
115   I'm here for my dental appointment, Miss Jones
116   Hold still while I get that fly
117   But I'll be late for school!
118   Smile, darn you - Smile!
119   How do you change the bulb in this thing?
120   Scratch a little lower, please
121   Quit it, fellows I'm ticklish!
122   Don't just stand there - Call the vet'
123   This is worse than a cold on the chest
124   Don't just stand there grinning - Throw me a rope!
125   How did I get roped into this deal?
126   They sure don't build them like they used to
127   You said if I had talent - Looks don't count
128   Tell me - Is Mommy still mad at me?
129   I said fish fry - not fish fly!
130   Hurry up Sis - You'll be late for work
131   Mother, please I'd rather do it myself!
132   You missed the apple!
133   Can't you wait 'til recess?
134   This is my last blind date!
135   It was a rotten fight, Ma - I lost!
136   And I make 56 varieties!
137   Want me to go in now Coach?
138   You plant tomatoes, I'll plant people, O.K.?
139   Did you ever have the feeling someone was staring at you?
140   All right, harvey, it's my turn to get into the tub
141   I told you goldfish would make better pets
142   Yeah - It was a fun week-end, all right
143   Sir, I'd like you to meet our new brain surgeon
144   Look sharp! Feel sharp! Be sharp!

Stickers (2-1/4" x 3")

--    (Ape Head)                                       red
--    (Bat)                                  
--    (Black Cat)                                      red
--    (Black Crow on Man)                              blue
--    (Bloodshot Eye)                                  flesh
--    (Bull Skull)                                     red
--    (Cobra)                                          blue
--    (Devil)                                          yellow
--    (Doll, Stabbed)                                  green
--    (Dracula and Coffin)                             green
--    (Dragon Head)                                    yellow
--    (Egyptians)                                      blue
--    (Frankenstein)                                   red
--    (Fu Manchu)                                      blue
--    (Ghost)                                          red
--    (Giant Octopus)                                  blue
--    (Gorilla)                                        blue
--    (King Kong)                                      red
--    (Knife, Bloody)                                  blue
--    (Man in Jar)                                     blue
--    (Man with Shovel, Gravedigger)         
--    (Monster Hand)                                   blue
--    (Mummy and Sarcophagus)                          red
--    (Mummy Leaving Coffin)                           red
--    (Needle and Poison, Syringe)                     black
--    (Noose around Neck)                              green
--    (Noose)                                          red
--    (Nose Ring)                                      red
--    (One-Eyed Reptile)                               yellow
--    (Owl)                                  
--    (Poison Bottle)                                  yellow
--    (Reptile with Bone)                              redc
--    (Reptile with Fang)                              red
--    (RIP with Wreath)                                blue
--    (Ripper)                                         red
--    (Scorpion)                                       red
--    (Skull)                                          red
--    (Snake Head with Fangs)                          blue
--    (Spider)                                         yellow
--    (The Eight Ball)                                 red
--    (Tiki Face Mask)                                 red
--    (Tombstone and Hand)                   
--    (Tribal Man in Necklace)                         red
--    (Vulture)                                        black
--    (Werewolf)                                       red
--    (Witch in Coffin)                                red
--    (Witch)                                          green
--    (Wolf)                                           red

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