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Sport Pictures
   C. A. Briggs Company - 1933

Notes: Cards were wrapped with candy, 56 mm x 84 mm, featuring 3-tone 
sketches and descriptive text. Backs offer a mail-in for completing the set: 
baseball, bat, mit [sic], or 1 pound of assorted chocolates. "Your cards will 
be returned to you." Because of the redemption offer, unobserved cards may 
have been very short-printed. American Card Catalog reference is R348. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

  No.    Title

     1   Yachting
     2   Hockey
     3   Horse Racing
     4   Diving
     5   Pole Vaulting
     6   Surf Riding
     7   Skating
     8   Basketball
     9   Trotting
    10   Running
    11   Football
    12   ?
    13   Wrestling
    14   Hurdling
    15   ?
    16   Polo
    17   Bowling
    18   Ice Boating
    19   Boxing
    20   Hunting
    21   Auto Racing
    22   Gymnastics
    23   Tennis
    24   Baseball
    25   Golf
    26   Coasting
    27   Speed Boat
    28   Skiing
    29   Marbles
    30   Aviation
    31   ?

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