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Jerry Springer Show
Comic Images - 1998

Note:  The card series was never released, but chase cards and promos are 
available in the market.

No.   Title


Security Studs Omnichrome Cards

 C1   Steve Wilkos - Head of Security
 C2   Todd Schultz - Stage manager
 C3   Todd Shultz / Jerry Springer / Steve Wilkos
 C4   It's never ;dull on the Springer Show, and tho
 C5   Steve's most asked question by Springer fans i
 C6   The Springer security studs are becoming as po

Autographed Omnichrome Cards

 C1   Steve Wilkos
 C2   Todd Schultz


 P1   (Todd, Jerry, Steve)
 P2   (Jerry)
 --   Outrageous! (dealer sell sheet)

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