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Star Trek
   Leaf - 1967

Notes:  This series was withdrawn from distribution shortly after its first release,
which makes it extremely hard to find. Top-grade examples of card #1 are worth
hundreds of U.S. dollars, partly because the thin-stock cards were easy to damage.
Beware of unmarked reprint cards; the most common of these is slightly smaller
than the originals, the images are blurry, and the finish is not glossy (but see 
below). A still unauthorized but more-honest reprint set bears a copyright date 
of 1981 and is marked "reprint." Thanks much to Joe Burkey for the checklist! 
American Card Catalog reference is R734-10. Scans are posted at the Vintage 
Non-Sports Cards gallery.

There is a "real" and "authorized" additional version of the cards. At the time of 
original printing, the cards were also printed for distribution in Europe. The cards 
were not released because of complications of the Desilu contract with Leaf, but 
uncut sheets that appear to be those cards were discovered in a warehouse by 
Dan Kremer Imports. Kremer was granted permission by Paramount to liquidate 
these sets, and he produced numbered sets with a Certificate of Authenticity. 
With this provenance, you could be reasonably confident that these cards were 
not unauthorized reprints. The CoA states, "Upon examination, The European 
set exhibits the following differences to their American counterpart. The European 
sets were never gloss coated (very few European cards were ever gloss coated). 
The cutting was poorer than the American edition (the cutting machines in Europe 
were early outdated cutters from the U.S.) The camera work is slightly poorer 
(again, inferior cameras)." Thanks much to A Prezioso and Lynne Stewart for 
the information!

Box: 24 packs of 1 card.
Common sets: approx. 0.33 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   No Time For Escape
  2   Attempted Mutiny
  3   A Grup Appears
  4   Come In, Captain Kirk
  5   Murasaki Mischief
  6   Beam Down to Dawn
  7   Beside Himself
  8   Back Through Time
  9   Horta Emerging
 10   Spock's Box
 11   Spock in Command (seated at helm)
 12   Spock in Command (standing)
 13   Befuddled Bones
 14   Prepare to Fire Phasers
 15   Command Decision
 16   Kirk Battles a Gorn
 17   Phaser Daser
 18   Space Race
 19   Fight Fire With Fire
 20   Captain's Bluff
 21   Underground Pursuit
 22   The Bird
 23   Teeny Bopper
 24   Time Warp
 25   You're Kidding
 26   Beam Out
 27   Burn Out
 28   Interference Out
 29   Not So Funny
 30   Prisoner of the Mind
 31   Stalking a Killer
 32   The Earth Killer
 33   Fight for Lithium
 34   Destruction Decision
 35   Return My Ship
 36   Frozen at the Controls
 37   Christmas Present
 38   Amnesia Victim
 39   Decoy
 40   Beyond Tomorrow
 41   Trapped
 42   Kirk Outside Spock Inside
 43   Spock Takes a Job
 44   Kirk Held Hostage
 45   Big Joker
 46   A Scream of Pain
 47   Captain's Statue
 48   Call Me Senator
 49   Into a New World
 50   Tranquilized
 51   Time for Shore Leave
 52   Ice Age
 53   Ambushed
 54   Pain of Victory
 55   Cornered
 56   Jungle Hunt
 57   Collision Course
 58   Corbomite Maneuver
 59   You Give Me a Headache
 60   Shore Leave Surprise
 61   Killer Aboard
 62   Mindless Man
 63   Pirates at Bay
 64   Off Course
 65   Attack by Nothing
 66   Funny Little Enemies
 67   Poison Attack!
 68   Warp Out for Rescue
 69   Out of Control
 70   Return to the Living
 71   Space Prisoner
 72   Raspberries


 --   (Uncut sheet: Thought to be legitimate, same quality as original)
 --   (Uncut reprint sheet: Same quality as unmarked reprint)
 --   (Advertising sell sheet: Reported but not confirmed)
 --   (Certificate of Authenticity: 1989 repackaging of European 1967 cards)

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©2001, 2007, 2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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