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Star Trek Aliens 2014
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2014

Notes: Boxes with badge cards hold an extra pack. Further information and scans are 
posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case, 7500 #ed boxes.
Common sets: approx. 1.11 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.   Title                                     Species                          Series / Episode

   1   The Keeper                                Talosian                         The Original Series
   2   Romulan Commander                         Romulan                          The Original Series
   3   Ruk                                       Android                          The Original Series
   4   Trelane                                   Unknown Species                  The Original Series
   5   Gorn Captain                              Gorn                             The Original Series
   6   Kor                                       Klingon                          The Original Series
   7   T'Pring                                   Vulcan                           The Original Series
   8   Shras                                     Andorian                         The Original Series
   9   Bella Oxmyx                               Iotian                           The Original Series
  10   Kang                                      Klingon                          The Original Series
  11   Lal                                       Vian                             The Original Series
  12   Alexander                                 Platonian                        The Original Series
  13   Losira                                    Kalandan                         The Original Series
  14   Bele                                      Cheronian                        The Original Series
  15   Marta                                     Orion                            The Original Series
  16   Alexander Rozhenko                        Klingon                          The Next Generation
  17   Sirna Kolrami                             Zakdorn                          The Next Generation
  18   Ro Laren                                  Bajoran                          The Next Generation
  19   Captain Grebnedlog                        Pakled                           The Next Generation
  20   The Traveler                              Tau Cetian                       The Next Generation
  21   Ambassador Ves Alkar                      Lumerian                         The Next Generation
  22   Sarjenka                                  Dreman                           The Next Generation
  23   Captain Dathon                            Tamarian                         The Next Generation
  24   Commander Sela                            Romulan/Human                    The Next Generation
  25   Commander Etana Jol                       Ktarian                          The Next Generation
  26   Homn                                      Unknown Species                  The Next Generation
  27   Gul Madred                                Cardassian                       The Next Generation
  28   DaiMon Bok                                Ferengi                          The Next Generation
  29   Kivas Fajo                                Zibalian                         The Next Generation
  30   Hugh                                      Borg                             The Next Generation
  31   Colonel Kira Nerys                        Bajoran                          Deep Space Nine
  32   Constable Odo                             Changeling                       Deep Space Nine
  33   Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax                  Trill                            Deep Space Nine
  34   Bareil Antos                              Bajoran                          Deep Space Nine
  35   Tora Ziyal                                Cardassian/Bajoran               Deep Space Nine
  36   Gul Dukat                                 Cardassian                       Deep Space Nine
  37   Weyoun                                    Vorta                            Deep Space Nine
  38   General Martok                            Klingon                          Deep Space Nine
  39   Morn                                      Lurian                           Deep Space Nine
  40   Damar                                     Cardassian                       Deep Space Nine
  41   Leeta                                     Bajoran                          Deep Space Nine
  42   Kai Opaka                                 Bajoran                          Deep Space Nine
  43   Ishka                                     Ferengi                          Deep Space Nine
  44   Elim Garak                                Cardassian                       Deep Space Nine
  45   Toman'torax                               Jem'Hadar                        Deep Space Nine
  46   Lt. Commander Tuvok                       Vulcan                           Voyager
  47   Seven of Nine                             Borg/Human                       Voyager
  48   Lt. B'Elanna Torres                       Klingon/Human                    Voyager
  49   Neelix                                    Talaxian                         Voyager
  50   Kes                                       Ocampan                          Voyager
  51   Naomi Wildman                             Ktarian/Human                    Voyager
  52   Seska                                     Cardassian                       Voyager
  53   Icheb                                     Borg/Brunali                     Voyager
  54   Jal Culluh                                Kazon                            Voyager
  55   Vorik                                     Vulcan                           Voyager
  56   Annorax                                   Krenim                           Voyager
  57   Donik                                     Hirogen                          Voyager
  58   Kashyk                                    Devore                           Voyager
  59   Kurros                                    Unknown Species                  Voyager
  60   Arturis                                   Species 116                      Voyager
  61   T'Pol                                     Vulcan                           Enterprise
  62   Dr. Phlox                                 Denobulan                        Enterprise
  63   Thy'lek Shran                             Andorian                         Enterprise
  64   Silik                                     Suliban                          Enterprise
  65   Soval                                     Vulcan                           Enterprise
  66   Degra                                     Xindi-Primate                    Enterprise
  67   Dolim                                     Xindi-Reptilian                  Enterprise
  68   Lieutenant Talas                          Andorian                         Enterprise
  69   Colonel Grat                              Tandaran                         Enterprise
  70   Gral                                      Tellarite                        Enterprise
  71   Antaak                                    Klingon                          Enterprise
  72   D'Nesh                                    Orion                            Enterprise
  73   Orgoth                                    Osarian                          Enterprise
  74   Zho'Kaan                                  Arkonian                         Enterprise
  75   Firek Goff                                Retellian                        Enterprise
  76   Lieutenant Ilia                           Deltan                           The Motion Picture
  77   Lieutenant Saavik                         Vulcan                           The Wrath of Khan
  78   Commander Kruge                           Klingon                          The Search for Spock
  79   Klingon Ambassador                        Klingon                          The Undiscovered Country
  80   Sybok                                     Vulcan                           The Final Frontier
  81   Chancellor Gorkon                         Klingon                          The Undiscovered Country
  82   Lieutenant Valeris                        Vulcan                           The Undiscovered Country
  83   General Chang                             Klingon                          The Undiscovered Country
  84   Martia                                    Chameloid                        The Undiscovered Country
  85   Dr. Tolian Soran                          El-Aurian                        Star Trek Generations
  86   Ru'afo                                    Son'a/Ba'ku                      Insurrection
  87   Anij                                      Ba'ku                            Insurrection
  88   The Viceroy                               Reman                            Nemesis
  89   Commander Donatra                         Romulan                          Nemesis
  90   Spock                                     Vulcan/Human
  91   Sarek                                     Vulcan
  92   Worf                                      Klingon
  93   Deanna Troi                               Betazoid/Human
  94   Q                                         Q
  95   Guinan                                    El-Aurian
  96   Quark                                     Ferengi
  97   Lwaxana Troi                              Betazoid
  98   Gowron                                    Klingon
  99   The Borg Queen                            Borg
 100   Checklist


Aliens Sticker Cards (1:16 packs)

 S1    Spock
 S2    Seven of Nine
 S3    Worf
 S4    Guinan
 S5    Quark
 S6    Deanna Troi
 S7    Tuvok
 S8    Dax
 S9    Neelix
 S10   Odo
 S11   T'Pol
 S12   Kira Nerys
 S13   Dr. Phlox
 S14   B'Elanna Torres
 S15   Q
 S16   Borg Queen
 S17   Saavik
 S18   Sarek

First Appearances Die-Cut Cards (1:24 packs)

 FA1   Vulcan                                    "The Cage"/TOS
 FA2   Klingon                                   "Errand of Mercy"/TOS
 FA3   Romulan                                   "Balance of Terror"/TOS
 FA4   Borg                                      "Q Who?"/TNG
 FA5   Cardassian                                "The Wounded"/TNG
 FA6   Ferengi                                   "The Last Outpost"/TNG
 FA7   Andorian                                  "Journey to Babel"/TOS
 FA8   Orion                                     "The Cage"/TOS
 FA9   Bajoran                                   "Ensign Ro"/TNG

The Quotable Klingon Cards (1:24 packs)

 Q1    Honor is more important than life. - There is noth
 Q2    The wind does not respect the fool. - Klingons are
 Q3    May you die well. - A warrior's blood boils before
 Q4    Victory must be earned. - A warrior fights to the
 Q5    Stop talking! Drink! - Death is an experience best
 Q6    Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die! - Four thousand th
 Q7    No pain, no gain. - If a warrior does not fight, h
 Q8    Only fools have no fear. - It is a good day to die
 Q9    There are no old warriors. - Success. - The Klingo

Alien Ships (1:24 packs)

 S1    Klingon Battlecruiser
 S2    Klingon Bird-of-Prey
 S3    Klingon Vor'cha
 S4    Romulan Bird-of-Prey
 S5    Romulan Warbird
 S6    Romulan Scout Ship
 S7    Ferengi Marauder
 S8    Borg Cube
 S9    Jem'Hadar Fighter
 S10   Klingon Negh'Var

Badge Cards (1:288 packs; # to 200)

  B1   Vulcan IDIC Badge
  B2   Klingon Badge
  B3   Bajoran Badge
  B4   Borg Badge
  B5   Romulan Badge

Gold-Pressed Latinum Card (with Badges, # to 200)

 GL1   Gold-Pressed Latinum

Relic Card (Archive Box Exclusive; # to 80)

  R1   Klingon Neck Collar (worn by Karen Austin as Miral)                        Voy: Barge of the Dead

Artist Sketch Cards

  --   Achilleas Kokkinakis
  --   Allen Geneta
  --   Bien Flores
  --   Brent Ragland
  --   Chris Hoffman
  --   Chris Meeks
  --   Dan Borgonos
  --   Dan Day
  --   Eric Van Elslande
  --   Francois Chartier
  --   Gener Pedrina
  --   Irma Ahmed
  --   Jason Sobol
  --   Javier Gonzalez
  --   Jessica Hickman
  --   John Czop
  --   John Jackman
  --   Jomar Bulda
  --   Kristin Allen
  --   Lak Lim
  --   Lee Lightfoot
  --   Mary Jane Pajaron
  --   Mat Nastos
  --   Rhiannon Owens
  --   Rich Molinelli
  --   Roy Cover
  --   Scott Rorie
  --   Sean Moore
  --   Thanh Bui
  --   Tim Levandoski

Autograph Cards (1:8 packs)

    Cards are unnumbered. Left column shows copyright year.

2013   Adrienne Barbeau as Senator Cretak        Romulan                          DSN: Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges     Limited
2012   Anthony De Longis as First Maje Culluh    Kazon                            Voyager                               Limited
2013   Antoinette Bower as Sylvia                Ornithoid                        TOS: Catspaw                          Limited
2013   Armin Shimerman as Quark                  Ferengi                          Deep Space Nine                       Very Limited
2012   Aron Eisenberg as Nog                     Ferengi                          Deep Space Nine                       Limited
2013   Brian Markinson as Voril                  Boraalan                         TNG: Homeward                         Very Limited
2012   Bruce Gray as Surak                       Vulcan                           Enterprise                            Very Limited
2013   Cari Shayne as Eliann                     Taresian                         Voy: Favorite Son                     Very Limited
2013   Carolyn Seymour as Commander Toreth       Romulan                          TNG: Face of the Enemy                Limited
2013   Chris Sarandon as Martus Mazur            El-Aurian                        DSN: Rivals                           Very Limited
2013   Cristine Rose as Gi'ral                   Klingon                          TNG: Birthright, Part Ii              Limited
2014   Daniel Davis as Professpr Moriarty        Holographic Life Form            The Next Generation                   Extremely Limited
2013   Dennis Christopher as Borath              Vorta                            DSN: The Search: Part II              Limited
2013   Dennis Christopher as Danik               Suliban                          Ent: Detained                         Limited
2013   Diane Salinger as Lupaza                  Bajoran                          DSN: The Darkness and the Light       Limited
2012   Eric Pierpoint as Kortar                  Klingon                          Voy: Barge of the Dead                Limited
2012   Estelle Harris as Old Woman               Nechani                          Voy: Sacred Ground                    Very Limited
2012   Gregory Itzin as Dr. Dysek                Dinaali                          Voy: Critical Care                    Limited
2012   Harry Groener as Tan Elbrun               Betazoid                         TNG: Tin Man                          Limited
2013   Howie Seago as Riva                       Ramatisian                       TNG: Loud as a Whisper                Limited
2012   J.G. Hertzler as Martok                   Klingon                          Deep Space Nine                       Limited
2013   Jack Donner as Subcommander Tal           Romulan                          TOS: The Enterprise Incident          Limited
2013   James Horan as Ikat'ika                   Jem'Hadar                        DSN: By Inferno's Light               Very Limited
2013   James Sloyan as K'Mtar                    Klingon                          TNG: Firstborn                        Limited
2012   Jeffrey Combs as Weyoun                   Vorta                            Deep Space Nine                       Limited
2011   Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine                Borg                             Voyager                               Extremely Limited
2013   John Cothran Jr. as Captain Nu'Daq        Klingon                          TNG: The Chase                        Limited
2011   John De Lancie as Q                       Q                                The Next Generation                   Very Limited
2013   Jon Steuer as Alexander Rozhenko          Klingon                          TNG: Reunion                          Limited
2013   Jonathan Breck as Dying Borg Drong        Borg                             Voy: Survival Instinct                Limited
2011   Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh                 Borg                             The Next Generation                   Limited
2012   Karen Austin as Miral                     Klingon                          Voy: Barge of the Dead                Limited
2013   Kathryn Leigh Scott as Nuria              Mintakan                         TNG: Who Watches the Watchers         Limited
2012   Kristanna Loken as Malia                  Taresian                         Voy: Favorite Son                     Very Limited
2013   Lawrence Montaigne as Stonn               Vulcan                           TOS: Amok Time                        Very Limited
2013   Lee Arenberg as Daimon Bok                Ferengi                          TNG: Bloodlines                       Very Limited
2012   Leigh McCloskey as Tieran                 Ilaria                           Voy: Warlord                          Very Limited
2012   Leonard Nimoy as Spock                    Vulcan                           The Original Series                   Extremely Limited
2013   Linda Thorson as Gul Ocett                Cardassian                       TNG: The Chase                        Limited
2013   Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Tolian Soran      El-Aurian                        Generations                           Limited
2012   Manu Intiraymi as Icheb                   Borg                             Voyager                               Limited
2013   Margot Rose as Eline`                     Kataanian                        TNG: The Inner Light                  Limited
2011   Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi    Betazoid                         The Next Generation                   Very Limited
2012   Mark Harelik as Kashyk                    Devore                           Voy: Counterpoint                     Limited
2013   Mark Rolston as Captain Magh              Klingon                          Ent: The Augments                     Limited
2011   Marta DuBois as Ardra                     Ventaxian                        The Next Generation                   Regular
2012   Martha Hackett as Seska                   Cardassian                       Voyager                               Limited
2013   Meg Foster as Onaya                       Non-Corporeal Being              DSN: The Muse                         Limited
2013   Michael Bofshever                         Quantum Singularity Lifeform     TNG: Timescape                        Limited
2011   Michael Dorn as Worf                      Klingon                          The Next Generation                   Very Limited
2013   Michael Reilly Burke as Goval             Borg                             TNG: Descent                          Limited
2012   Michael Westmore                          Make-up Designer and Supervisor  TNG, DSN, Voy, Ent                    Limited
2012   Olivia d'Abo as Amanda Rogers             Q                                TNG: True Q                           Very Limited
2011   Patrick Massett as Duras                  Klingon                          The Next Generation                   Limited
2013   Paul Dooley as Enabran Tain               Cardassian                       Deep Space Nine                       Limited
2013   Paul Eiding as Ambassador Loquel          Lyaaran                          TNG: Liaisons                         Limited
2013   Penny Johnson Jerald as Dobara            Boraalan                         TNG: Homeward                         Limited
2013   Richard Herd as L'Kor                     Klingon                          TNG: Birthright, Part II              Limited
2011   Robert O'Reilly as Gowron                 Klingon                          The Next Generation                   Limited
2013   Robin Curtis as Saavik                    Vulcan                           III: The Search for Spock             Very Limited
2013   Robin Gammell as Ambassador Mauric        Kes                              TNG: Attached                         Limited
2012   Scarlett Pomers as Naomi Wildman          Ktarian                          Voyager                               Limited
2013   Scott Lawrence as Garon                   Nygean                           Voy: The Void                         Limited
2013   Scott MacDonald as Commander Dolim        Xindi-Reptilian                  Enterprise                            Very Limited
2013   Scott MacDonald as Subcommander N'Vek     Romulan                          TNG: Face of the Enemy                Very Limited
2013   Spice Williams as Vixis                   Klingon                          V: The Final Frontier                 Limited
2013   Sterling Macer Jr. as Toq                 Klingon                          TNG: Birthright, Part II              Limited
2012   Suzie Plakson as Female Q                 Q                                Voyager                               Limited
2013   Tim De Zarn as Warden Yediq               Nygean                           Voy: Repentance                       Limited
2013   Tim Russ as Tuvok                         Vulcan                           Voyager                               Very Limited
2011   Tony Todd as Kurn                         Klingon                          The Next Generation                   Very Limited
2012   Tricia O'Neil as Kurak                    Klingon                          TNG: Suspicions                       Very Limited
2012   Virginia Madsen as Kellin                 Ramuran                          Voy: Unforgettable                    Limited
2014   Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan                 El-Aurian                        The Next Generation                   Extremely Limited
2013   William O'Connell as Thelev               Orion                            TOS: Journey to Babel                 Very Limited
2013   Yvonne Craig as Marta                     Orion                            TOS: Whom Gods Destroy                Extremely Limited

Case-Topper Poster Cards (art by Juan Ortiz)

 CT1   We Are the Borg
 CT2   Die With Honor

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

  --   Warren Martineck [sketch; 6 cases]
  --   Mick and/or Matt Glebe [sketch; 9 cases]
  --   (Archive Box; 18 cases)

Card Album (sold separately)

  --   (binder)
  P3   (Troi; exclusive promo card)


  P1   (Guinan; general distribution)
  P2   (Spock; Philly Non-Sports Card Show)
  P3   (binder exclusive, also listed above)
  P4   (Quark; The Card Collective)

GOLD BASE PARALLEL CARDS (1:24 packs; # to 100)

   1   The Keeper                                Talosian
   2   Romulan Commander                         Romulan
   3   Ruk                                       Android
   4   Trelane                                   Unknown Species
   5   Gorn Captain                              Gorn
   6   Kor                                       Klingon
   7   T'Pring                                   Vulcan
   8   Shras                                     Andorian
   9   Bella Oxmyx                               Iotian
  10   Kang                                      Klingon
  11   Lal                                       Vian
  12   Alexander                                 Platonian
  13   Losira                                    Kalandan
  14   Bele                                      Cheronian
  15   Marta                                     Orion
  16   Alexander Rozhenko                        Klingon
  17   Sirna Kolrami                             Zakdorn
  18   Ro Laren                                  Bajoran
  19   Captain Grebnedlog                        Pakled
  20   The Traveler                              Tau Cetian
  21   Ambassador Ves Alkar                      Lumerian
  22   Sarjenka                                  Dreman
  23   Captain Dathon                            Tamarian
  24   Commander Sela                            Romulan/Human
  25   Commander Etana Jol                       Ktarian
  26   Homn                                      Unknown Species
  27   Gul Madred                                Cardassian
  28   DaiMon Bok                                Ferengi
  29   Kivas Fajo                                Zibalian
  30   Hugh                                      Borg
  31   Colonel Kira Nerys                        Bajoran
  32   Constable Odo                             Changeling
  33   Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax                  Trill
  34   Bareil Antos                              Bajoran
  35   Tora Ziyal                                Cardassian/Bajoran
  36   Gul Dukat                                 Cardassian
  37   Weyoun                                    Vorta
  38   General Martok                            Klingon
  39   Morn                                      Lurian
  40   Damar                                     Cardassian
  41   Leeta                                     Bajoran
  42   Kai Opaka                                 Bajoran
  43   Ishka                                     Ferengi
  44   Elim Garak                                Cardassian
  45   Toman'torax                               Jem'Hadar
  46   Lt. Commander Tuvok                       Vulcan
  47   Seven of Nine                             Borg/Human
  48   Lt. B'Elanna Torres                       Klingon/Human
  49   Neelix                                    Talaxian
  50   Kes                                       Ocampan
  51   Naomi Wildman                             Ktarian/Human
  52   Seska                                     Cardassian
  53   Icheb                                     Borg/Brunali
  54   Jal Culluh                                Kazon
  55   Vorik                                     Vulcan
  56   Annorax                                   Krenim
  57   Donik                                     Hirogen
  58   Kashyk                                    Devore
  59   Kurros                                    Unknown Species
  60   Arturis                                   Species 116
  61   T'Pol                                     Vulcan
  62   Dr. Phlox                                 Denobulan
  63   Thy'lek Shran                             Andorian
  64   Silik                                     Suliban
  65   Soval                                     Vulcan
  66   Degra                                     Xindi-Primate
  67   Dolim                                     Xindi-Reptilian
  68   Lieutenant Talas                          Andorian
  69   Colonel Grat                              Tandaran
  70   Gral                                      Tellarite
  71   Antaak                                    Klingon
  72   D'Nesh                                    Orion
  73   Orgoth                                    Osarian
  74   Zho'Kaan                                  Arkonian
  75   Firek Goff                                Retellian
  76   Lieutenant Ilia                           Deltan
  77   Lieutenant Saavik                         Vulcan
  78   Commander Kruge                           Klingon
  79   Klingon Ambassador                        Klingon
  80   Sybok                                     Vulcan
  81   Chancellor Gorkon                         Klingon
  82   Lieutenant Valeris                        Vulcan
  83   General Chang                             Klingon
  84   Martia                                    Chameloid
  85   Dr. Tolian Soran                          El-Aurian
  86   Ru'afo                                    Son'a/Ba'ku
  87   Anij                                      Ba'ku
  88   The Viceroy                               Reman
  89   Commander Donatra                         Romulan
  90   Spock                                     Vulcan/Human
  91   Sarek                                     Vulcan
  92   Worf                                      Klingon
  93   Deanna Troi                               Betazoid/Human
  94   Q                                         Q
  95   Guinan                                    El-Aurian
  96   Quark                                     Ferengi
  97   Lwaxana Troi                              Betazoid
  98   Gowron                                    Klingon
  99   The Borg Queen                            Borg
 100   Checklist

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