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Star '93 (Show Promos)
Star Int'l -- 1993

Notes: This series was issued to dealers as a 30-card numbered set, but
primarily (with two unnumbered cards) at card shows and conventions to
promote a variety of separate card sets. Cards were marked "Show Promo -
1 of 2500."  Thanks much to Steve Lillard for the checklist!

No.   Name                 Card Set           Border Color         

  1   Morena Corwin        Hooters            Orange
  2   Morena Corwin        Hooters            White
  3   Heidi Tenety         Hooters            Orange
  4   Heidi Tenety         Hooters            White
  5   Heidi Tenety         Hooters            Yellow
  6   Jamie Solinger       Miss Teen USA      White
  7   Jamie Solinger       Miss Teen USA      Yellow
  8   Jamie Solinger       Miss Teen USA      Pink   
  9   Lynn Austin          Hooters
 10   Lynn Austin          Hooters    
 11   Shawnae Jebbie       Hooters
 12   Lola Corwin          Hooters
 13   Shannon Seegert      Hooters
 14   Mistie Graven        Hooters
 15   Kinna Clough         Hooters
 16   Candace Brown        Miss USA           White
 17   Candace Brown        Miss USA           Orange
 18   Jennifer Rogers      Miss USA           White
 19   Jennifer Rogers      Miss USA           Yellow    
 20   Lynn Austin          Hooters
 21   Candace Brown        Hawaiian Tropic    
 22   Bles Fuata           Hooters
 23   Jukie Nist           Hawaiian Tropic
 24   Heidi Morningstar    Hawaiian Tropic
 25   Nicole Rabalais      Hawaiian Tropic
 26   Monica Buck          Hawaiian Tropic
 27   Monica Buck          Hawaiian Tropic
 28   Jennifer Blair       Hawaiian Tropic
 29   Jennifer Blair       Hawaiian Tropic
 30   Jennifer Blair       Hawaiian Tropic

 --   Jennifer Blair       Hawaiian Tropic     Blank Backs
 --   Candace Brown        Hawaiian Tropic     Blank Backs
 --   Candace Brown        Miss USA            Not issued as promo nor inserted
                                                 into packs; distribution unknown

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