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Star Trek CCG - Warp Pack
Decipher - 1995

Notes: These cards were distributed free to add a series of Missions to the game 
because the Premiere Edition had too few appropriate cards for effective game-
play. One card (Sensitive Search) is unique to this distribution, while four other 
cards are white-border versions of cards later issued with the Alternate Universe 
expansion. Additional information is posted at the Star Trek CCG Encyclopedia 

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Title                      Type                      Description   Rarity

Countermanda [WB]          Interrupt                               Promo - Unique
Excavation                 Mission                   Kurl          Promo
Gorta                      Personnel - Non-Aligned   Engineer      Promo
Investigate Anomaly        Mission                                 Promo
Montgomery Scott [WB]      Personnel - Federation    Engineer      Promo - Unique
Neutral Outpost [WB]       Outpost                                 Promo - Unique
Relief Mission             Mission                                 Promo
Sensitive Search           Mission                                 Promo - Unique
Study Plasma Streamer      Mission                                 Promo
Study Stellar Collision    Mission                                 Promo
Test Mission               Mission                                 Promo
Yellow Alert [WB]          Event                                   Promo - Unique

Free Warp Pack             Game_Play                               Promo

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                                         Integrity/    Cunning/  Strength/
Title                      Description     Range       Weapons    Shields    Value


Yellow Alert [WB]                        




Excavation                 Kurl                                                25
Investigate Anomaly                                                            30
Relief Mission                                                                 20
Sensitive Search                                                               30
Study Plasma Streamer                                                          30
Study Stellar Collision                                                        25
Test Mission                                                                   25


Neutral Outpost [WB]                                                24


Montgomery Scott [WB]      Engineer            7          8          3


Gorta                      Engineer            3          7          4


Free Warp Pack                           

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Go To Top of Cards Sorted by Type and Title

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