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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
   Skybox - 1993

Notes: Thanks much to Jeff Werner, Marcia Fanchin, Steve Garcia, and Rexford 
Adams for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.85 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                           Type

  1   The Mission                     The Mission
  2   Commander Benjamin Sisko        Primary Crew
  3   Major Kira Nerys                Primary Crew
  4   Chief Miles O'Brien             Primary Crew
  5   Lieutenant Jadzia Dax           Primary Crew
  6   Doctor Julian Bashir            Primary Crew
  7   Security Chief Odo              Primary Crew
  8   Quark                           Primary Crew
  9   Jake Sisko                      Primary Crew
 10   Nog                             Supporting Crew
 11   Rom                             Supporting Crew
 12   Lwaxana Troi                    Supporting Crew
 13   Tosk                            Supporting Crew
 14   Gul Dukat                       Supporting Crew
 15   Kai Opaka                       Supporting Crew
 16   Q                               Supporting Crew
 17   Vash                            Supporting Crew
 18   Keiko O'Brien                   Supporting Crew
 19   Ibudan                          Supporting Crew
 20   The Ferengi Grand Nagus         Supporting Crew
 21   Croden                          Supporting Crew
 22   Tahna Los                       Supporting Crew
 23   Lursa & B'etor                  Supporting Crew
 24   The Hunters of the Tosk         Supporting Crew
 25   Ty Kajada                       Supporting Crew
 26   Varis Sul                       Supporting Crew
 27   Gul Darhe'el                    Supporting Crew
 28   Neela                           Supporting Crew
 29   First Season                    First Season Episodes
 30   Emissary - Parts 1-2            Pilot
 31   A Man Alone                     Episode 1
 32   Past Prologue                   Episode 2
 33   Babel                           Episode 3
 34   Captive Pursuit                 Episode 4
 35   Q-Less                          Episode 5
 36   Dax                             Episode 6
 37   The Passenger                   Episode 7
 38   Move Along Home                 Episode 8
 39   The Nagus                       Episode 9
 40   Vortex                          Episode 10
 41   Battle Lines                    Episode 11
 42   The Storyteller                 Episode 12
 43   Progress                        Episode 13
 44   If Wishes Were Horses           Episode 14
 45   The Foresaken                   Episode 15
 46   Dramatis Personae               Episode 16
 47   Duet                            Episode 17
 48   In the Hands of the Prophets    Episode 18
 49   Operations (OPS)                Space Station Deep Space Nine
 50   Infirmary                       Space Station Deep Space Nine
 51   Sisko's Office                  Space Station Deep Space Nine
 52   Access Crawlways                Space Station Deep Space Nine
 53   The Promenade                   Space Station Deep Space Nine
 54   The Docking Ring                Space Station Deep Space Nine
 55   The Docking Pylons              Space Station Deep Space Nine
 56   Crew Quarters                   Space Station Deep Space Nine
 57   Photon Torpedoes                Space Station Deep Space Nine
 58   Deflector Shields               Space Station Deep Space Nine
 59   Tractor Beams                   Space Station Deep Space Nine
 60   Food Replicators                Space Station Deep Space Nine
 61   Cardassian Viewscreens          Space Station Deep Space Nine
 62   Personal Phasers                Space Station Deep Space Nine
 63   Displays and Terminals          Space Station Deep Space Nine
 64   Quark's Bar                     Space Station Deep Space Nine
 65   The Planet Bajor                Space Station Deep Space Nine
 66   The Dabo Tables                 Space Station Deep Space Nine
 67   Uniforms                        Space Station Deep Space Nine
 68   Runabouts                       Starships and Vehicles
 69   Cardassian Galor Warship        Starships and Vehicles
 70   U.S.S. Enterprise(tm)           Starships and Vehicles
 71   Wolf 359                        Starships and Vehicles
 72   Bajoran Transports              Starships and Vehicles
 73   Klaestron Ship                  Starships and Vehicles
 74   Bajoran Terrorist Vessel        Starships and Vehicles
 75   Miradorn Ship                   Starships and Vehicles
 76   Cardassians                     Alien Races
 77   Bajorans                        Alien Races
 78   Humans                          Alien Races
 79   Ferengi                         Alien Races
 80   Trill                           Alien Races
 81   Energy Creature                 Alien Races
 82   Miradorn                        Alien Races
 83   The Wadi                        Alien Races
 84   The Siskos                      Trivia
 85   Space Station Deep Space Nine   Trivia
 86   Odo                             Trivia
 87   The Bajorans                    Trivia
 88   The Wormhole                    Trivia
 89   The Television Show             Trivia
 90   Space Station Deep Space Nine   Technical Data
 91   Federation Runabout             Technical Data
 92   Bajoran Fighter                 Technical Data
 93   Cardassian Galor Warship        Technical Data
 94   U.S.S. Saratoga(tm) Escape Pod  Technical Data
 95   Die Mission                     German
 96   La Mission                      French
 97   La Mision                       Spanish
 98   The Mission                     Japanese
 99   Qu' Mission                     Klingon
100   Series Checklist


Spectra Cards (1:18 packs)

SP1   The Planet Bajor
SP2   Emissary - Parts 1-2
SP3   Energy Creature
SP4   The Mission

Gold Spectra Cards (1:72 packs)

SPG   The Wormhole

Redemption Card (1:180 packs)

Redemption Card Set (via mail-in of Redemption Card)

R1 of 10   Redemption Set
R2 of 10   Commander Benjamin Sisko
R3 of 10   Major Kira Nerys
R4 of 10   Chief Miles O'Brien
R5 of 10   Lieutenant Jadzia Dax
R6 of 10   Doctor Julian Bashir
R7 of 10   Security Chief Odo
R8 of 10   Quark
R9 of 10   Jake Sisko
R10 of 10  Nog

Cinema Collection Ad, copyright 1994

Card Album

---   (Binder)

Uncut Sheet

---   (100-card set)


---   Beaming to Retail November 1993 (=card 67; prototype)
---   Beaming to Retail Fall 1993 (gold stamp; from earlier factory set)
---   Beaming to Retail Fall 1993 (orange stamp)
S2    Personal Phasers (=card 62)
---   Commander Benjamin Sisko (Malibu comics, =card 2)
---   (6-up hologram panel)
---   (dealer sell sheet)

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