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The Complete Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Rittenhouse Archives - 2003

Notes: Many of the autograph cards that were issued for the Quotable Star Trek Deep Space 
Nine series were marked as if they were part of the "Complete" series, but without card 
numbers. Thanks much to Isidre Prior and Andrew (ajd44) and John Fuciarelli for updates!
Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website. 

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.77 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Card Text / Title                                  Episode

     1    (Sisko - O'Brien)                                  (Cast Triptych)
     2    (Dax - Bashir - Kira)                              (Cast Triptych)
     3    (Quark - Odo - Jake)                               (Cast Triptych)
     4    SEASON ONE
     5    Commander Benjamin Sisko, still grieving over      The Emissary, Part I
     6    Sisko and Dax emerged from the wormhole 70,000     The Emissary, Part II
     7    Tahna Los fought beside Kira in the Bajoran un     Past Prologue
     8    Odo was startled to find Ibudan, a Bajoran he      A Man Alone
     9    While O'Brien attempted to fix the food replic     Babel
    10    A reptilian humanoid named Tosk reluctantly ag     Captive Pursuit
    11    Dax returned from the Gamma Quadrant with Vash     Q-Less
    12    Was Dax a murderer? Ilon Tandro of the planet      Dax
    13    The Kobliad were a dying race, and only deurid     The Passenger
    14    The Wadi loved games - but not cheating. The v     Move Along Home
    15    Grand Nagus Zek's visit to Deep Space Nine thr     The Nagus
    16    The unsavory Croden offered to take Odo to a p     Vortex
    17    Requesting a trip through the Wormhole, Kai Op     Battle Lines
    18    O'Brien and Bashir discovered a Bajoran villag     The Storyteller
    19    While Jake and Nog finagled a series of busine     Progress
    20    Dax had always rebuffed Bashir's advances, so      If Wishes Were Horses
    21    Deep Space Nine's computer became childish and     The Forsaken
    22    A Klingon inadvertenly brought an alien energy     Dramatis Personae
    23    Kira was outraged when Gul Darhe'el, an infamo     Duet
    24    The Prophets taught patience, but some Bajoran     In the Hands of the Prophets
    25    SEASON TWO
    26    When Kira received a clue that the famous Bajo     The Homecoming
    27    Reassigned by Minister Jaro, Kira went to Vede     The Circle
    28    Bajoran raiders boarded Deep Space Nine, empty     The Siege
    29    Verad was a Trill who was unfit for symbiosis,     Invasive Procedures
    30    A Cardassian war orphan named Rugal visited De     Cardassians
    31    Bashir fell for the station's new cartographer     Melora
    32    Ferengi females are forbidden to wear clothing     Rules of Acquisition
    33    Odo knew Kira had been part of the Bajoran und     Necessary Evil
    34    Professor Seyetik was an expert in bringing de     Second Sight
    35    The Skreeans came through the wormhole in sear     Sanctuary
    36    Despite Quark's objections, Sisko allowed an a     Rivals
    37    Dr. Mora Pol, the scientist who experimented o     The Alternate
    38    Bashir and O'Brien helped the Kellerun and T'L     Armageddon Game
    39    O'Brien returned from the Paradas system to fi     Whispers
    40    Sisko and O'Brien were surveying star systems      Paradise
    41    An unusual particle field drew Dax and Odo to      Shadow Play
    42    It's tough being a Trill initiate studying und     Playing God
    43    Natima Lang and her students believed in a non     Profit and Loss
    44    The legendary Klingon warriors Kang, Kor and K     Blood Oath
    45    The newly established Demilitarized Zone left      The Maquis, Part I
    46    Cal Hudson joined the Maquis because he was ce     The Maquis, Part II
    47    Garak was once a member of the Obsidian Order,     The Wire
    48    A Runabout malfunction in the wormhole sent Ki     Crossover
    49    Forty-three Bajoran freedom fighters, includin     The Collaborator
    50    O'Brien and Keiko had just left the station fo     Tribunal
    51    Sisko, Quark, Jake and Nog were camping on a p     The Jem'Hadar
    52    SEASON THREE
    53    Kira wasn't sure that Deep Space Nine could de     The Search, Part I
    54    Odo was drawn to a planet in the Omarion Nebul     The Search, Part II
    55    Quark was happy to take credit for killing Koz     The House of Quark
    56    Dax was musically untrained, so why could she      Equilibrium
    57    Kira could not believe she was Cardassian, no      Second Skin
    58    Jem'Hadar children grow from birth to adulthoo     The Abandoned
    59    The crew was alarmed by the sudden activation      Civil Defense
    60    Dax found love on Meridian, a planet that shif     Meridian
    61    Thomas Riker, the duplicate of U.S.S. Enterpri     Defiant
    62    Lwaxana Troi experienced a brief headache as t     Fascination
    63    Sisko, Dax and Bashir beamed down to San Franc     Past Tense, Part I
    64    Rioting began in the Sanctuary district of 21s     Past Tense, Part II
    65    An accident aboard a Bajoran transport critica     Life Support
    66    Alone with Odo on an inhospitable planet, Kira     Heart of Stone
    67    Three Cardassian scientists came to the statio     Destiny
    68    The Ferengi way of life was jeopardized when G     Prophet Motive
    69    O'Brien's mild case of radiation poisoning cau     Visionary
    70    An alien named Altover attacked Bashir in the      Distant Voices
    71    O'Brien's double abducted Sisko and took him t     Through the Looking Glass
    72    Someone was eliminating former operatives of t     Improbable Cause
    73    As Enabran Tain's fleet of warships from the O     The Die Is Cast
    74    Sisko wanted to spend more time with his son,      Explorers
    75    The Ferengi Commerce Authority charged Ishka w     Family Business
    76    Kai Winn's political ambitions threatened the      Shakaar
    77    In the Rite of Closure, Jadzia got to meet Dax     Facets
    78    The Founders demonstrated their fear of "Solid     The Adversary
    79    SEASON FOUR
    80    Sisko was uneasy about the fleet of Klingon sh     The Way of the Warrior, Part I
    81    Gowron, leader of the Klingon High Command, as     The Way of the Warrior, Part II
    82    A rare inversion of the wormhole led to an acc     The Visitor
    83    Bashir was sworn to heal all life - but did th     Hippocratic Oath
    84    Kira discovered that Gul Dukat was not all he      Indiscretion
    85    Trill society expressly forbids relationships      Rejoined
    86    The Defiant was severely damaged by the Jem'Ha     Starship Down
    87    Many believe an alien space ship crashed in Ro     Little Green Men
    88    The Sword of Kahless, the mythical weapon of t     The Sword of Kahless
    89    Bashir's "secret agent" Holosuite program took     Our Man Bashir
    90    A dark day was at hand when an explosion at a      Homefront
    91    Sisko discovered that the Red Squad, an elite      Paradise Lost
    92    Odo was a Changeling, but he experienced love,     Crossfire
    93    Dukat wound up in command of a lowly freighter     Return to Grace
    94    Worf's brother Kurn had a death wish. Ever sin     Sons of Mogh
    95    The Ferengi Commerce Authority forbade workers     Bar Association
    96    Following an accident in space, a Bajoran name     Accession
    97    Worf, in command of the Defiant during a Kling     Rules of Engagement
    98    Accused of espionage by the Argrathi, O'Brien      Hard Time
    99    O'Brien's counterpart from the mirror universe     Shattered Mirror
   100    Lwaxana Troi was thrilled to be pregnant, but      The Muse
   101    While the Klingons and Cardassians waged war,      For the Cause
   102    Hard as it was to believe, Sisko and his offic     To the Death
   103    An automated distress call drew Bashir, Dax an     The Quickening
   104    A Ferengi must pay off his debts before he die     Body Parts
   105    When Odo began to lose the ability to maintain     Broken Link
   106    SEASON FIVE
   107    Believing Gowron was a Changeling, Sisko's cre     Apocalypse Rising
   108    Sisko, Dax, Worf, O'Brien and Muniz, one of O'     The Ship
   109    Grilka, Quark's Klingon ex-wife, visited Deep      Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places
   110    Jake Sisko was unprepared for the sights and s     ...Nor the Battle to the Strong
   111    Keiko returned from a visit to Bajor with a Pa     The Assignment
   112    James T. Kirk had exposed Arne Darvin as a Kli     Trials and Tribble-ations
   113    Worf wasn't cut out for Risa, the famed "pleas     Let He Who Is Without Sin...
   114    A horrifying mistake in the past can catch up      Things Past
   115    Starve to death or freeze to death: that was t     The Ascent
   116    On the eve of Bajor's acceptance into the Fede     Rapture
   117    One by one, the members of Kira's former resis     The Darkness and the Light
   118    Kirta wasn't the only one with a new baby aboa     The Begotten
   119    Sisko's nemesis, Michael Eddington of the Maqu     For the Uniform
   120    Why was Garak so intent on answering a distres     In Purgatory's Shadow
   121    Deep Space Nine braced for an attack by the Do     By Inferno's Light
   122    Bashir was flattered to be chosen as the model     Doctor Bashir, I Presume?
   123    Arissa was more than just a beautiful woman wh     A Simple Investigation
   124    Quark didn't realize what he was getting into      Business as Usual
   125    Tekeny Ghemor had been Kira's "father" once, w     Ties of Blood and Water
   126    How little Quark really knew his mother. Retur     Ferengi Love Songs
   127    General Martok's brutal treatment in a Dominio     Soldiers of the Empire
   128    In a strange twist of time and fate, Sisko's c     Children of Time
   129    The return of Michael Eddington could only mea     Blaze of Glory
   130    Garak vs. O'Brien - to the death! A trip to th     Empok Nor
   131    Jake saw his father growing increasingly depre     In the Cards
   132    The Dominion convoys pouring through the wormh     A Call to Arms
   133    SEASON SIX
   134    Sisko regretted abandoning Deep Space Nine to      A Time to Stand
   135    Vorta treachery turned Sisko's stomach. The Vo     Rocks and Shoals
   136    Worf's son, Alexander, was no warrior, and tha     Sons and Daughters
   137    Sisko was honored to receive a promotion from      Behind the Lines
   138    The Federation needed a major victory in its w     Favor the Bold
   139    Sisko's forces, determined to retake Deep Spac     Sacrifice of Angels
   140    Dax faced an uphill battle to convince Sirella     You Are Cordially Invited...
   141    Kira was stunned when Bareil, her late love, s     Resurrection
   142    Jack, Lauren, Patrick and Sarina shared Bashir     Statistical Probabilities
   143    What could the Dominion possibly want with Ish     The Magnificent Ferengi
   144    Gul Dukat suffered a nervous breakdown over th     Waltz
   145    Morn was a shrewd barfly. He faked his own dea     Who Mourns for Morn?
   146    The prejudice of 1950s America came alive for      Far Beyond the Stars
   147    Dax, O'Brien and Bashir experienced one of the     One Little Ship
   148    O'Brien found himself bonding with a criminal      Honor among Thieves
   149    The conflict between marriage and duty hit Wor     Change of Heart
   150    Kira scoffed at Dukat's claim that her late mo     Wrongs Darker than Death or Night
   151    Section 31 was a branch of Starfleet that answ     Inquisition
   152    Desperate times require desperate measures, bu     In the Pale Moonlight
   153    Bashir's new Holosuite program included a 1960     His Way
   154    The Reckoning, an epic battle between good and     The Reckoning
   155    Nog was excited to join the Red Squad on the U     Valiant
   156    Quark made a lovely female, given the right ho     Profit and Lace
   157    As the O'Briens enjoyed a picnic on a nearby p     Time's Orphan
   158    Captain Lisa Cusak was the voice of reason, co     The Sound of Her Voice
   159    Sisko waws tapped for Starfleet's first bold o     Tears of the Prophets
   160    SEASON SEVEN
   161    Life aboard Deep Space Nine changed after Jadz     Image in the Sand
   162    While Kira forced the Romulans to remove their     Shadows and Symbols
   163    Integrating with the crew of Deep Space Nine w     Afterimage
   164    Challenged to a game of baseball by his old Ac     Take Me out to the Holosuite
   165    Bashir thought Sarina was the woman of his dre     Chrysalis
   166    The Vorta known as Weyoun was actually several     Treachery, Faith and the Great River
   167    Kor, the aging Klingon war hero, deserved a wa     Once More unto the Breach
   168    The barren planet of AR-558 was the scene of a     The Siege of AR-558
   169    When Dukat surfaced as the leader of a Bajoran     Covenant
   170    The loss of his leg left Nog bitter and morose     It's Only a Paper Moon
   171    O'Brien never forgot his friend Bilby of the O     Prodigal Daughter
   172    Grand Nagus Zek got a taste of the mirror univ     The Emperor's New Cloak
   173    Ezri had to remain vigilant about the submerge     Field of Fire
   174    Odo sometimes wondered what it might be like t     Chimera
   175    Vic Fontaine needed help, and the crew of Deep     Badda-Bing Badda-Bang
   176    Section 31 again plagued Bashir while attendin     Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
   177    A battle with the Dominion left Worf missing i     Penumbra
   178    Fearing a "great trial" in his future if he ma     'Til Death Do Us Part
   179    Gul Damar was uneasy about the new Dominion-Br     Strange Bedfellows
   180    Damar's rebels began attacking Dominion outpos     The Changing Face of Evil
   181    The shifting allegiances in the Federation's w     When It Rains...
   182    The Klingon power struggle worsened when Gowro     Tacking into the Wind
   183    Desperate to find a cure for Odo, Bashir turne     Extreme Measures
   184    A Dominion ambush forced Kira, Garak and Damar     The Dogs of War
   185    Angered by the Cardassian resistance movement,     What You Leave Behind, Part I
   186    The Cardassian resistance finally overwhelmed      What You Leave Behind, Part II
   187    Checklist 3 - Bonus Sets
   188    Checklist 2 - Basic Set 100-199
   189    Checklist 1 - Basic Set 1-99


Allies & Enemies (1:3 packs)

   B1     Admiral Bill Ross                                  Ally
   B2     Locutus of Borg                                    Enemy
   B3     Damar                                              Ally
   B4     Female Founder                                     Enemy
   B5     Garak                                              Ally
   B6     General Martok                                     Ally
   B7     Gowron                                             Enemy
   B8     Grand Nagus Zek                                    Ally
   B9     Gul Dukat                                          Enemy
   B10    Ishka                                              Ally
   B11    Jake Sisko                                         Ally
   B12    Jennifer Sisko                                     Ally
   B13    Joseph Sisko                                       Ally
   B14    Kai Opaka                                          Ally
   B15    Kai Adami Winn                                     Enemy
   B16    Kasidy Yates                                       Ally
   B17    Keiko O'Brien                                      Ally
   B18    Leeta                                              Ally
   B19    Michael Eddington                                  Enemy
   B20    Molly O'Brien                                      Ally
   B21    Morn                                               Ally
   B22    Nog                                                Ally
   B23    Rom                                                Ally
   B24    Vedek Bareil                                       Ally
   B25    Vic Fontaine                                       Ally
   B26    Weyoun                                             Enemy
   B27    Tora Ziyal                                         Ally

Ships of the Dominion War (1:8 packs)

    S1    Deep Space Nine
    S2    U.S.S. Defiant
    S3    Runabout
    S4    Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
    S5    Jem'Hadar Battleship
    S6    Cardassian Warship
    S7    Klingon Bird-of-Prey
    S8    Romulan Warbird
    S9    Federation Galaxy-Class Starship

Deep Space Nine Gallery (1:40 packs)

   G1     Captain Benjamin Sisko
   G2     Colonel Kira Nerys
   G3     Lt. Commander Worf
   G4     Chief Miles O'Brien
   G5     Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax
   G6     Dr. Julian Bashir
   G7     Jake Sisko
   G8     Constable Odo
   G9     Quark
   G10    Ensign Ezri Dax

Alternate Realities (1:80 packs)

   AR1    Captain Benjamin Sisko / Benjamin Sisko
   AR2    Major Kira Nerys / Intendant Kira Nerys
   AR3    Chief Miles O'Brien / Miles "Smiley" O'Brien
   AR4    Dr. Julian Bashir / Captain Julian Bashir
   AR5    Jennifer Sisko / Jennifer Sisko
   AR6    Lt. Commander Worf / Regent Worf
   AR7    Garak / First Officer Garak

From The Archives Costume Cards (1:100 packs)

   CC1    Armin Shimerman as Quark shirt (725 total)
            (yellow and green striped shirt; 525)
            (plaid pants; 200)
   CC2    Lieutenant Commander Worf (825 total)
            (red; 275)
            (black; 550)
   CC3    Andrew Robinson as Garak (825 total)
            (black and green; 300)
            (green and red; 300)
            (black and green pattern; 225)
   CC4    Nana Visitor as Intendant Kira Nerys (925 total)
            (shiny silver and black; 300)
            (dull silver; 625)
   CC5    Constable Odo (binder exclusive, also listed below)

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)

   A1     Avery Brooks [Captain Benjamin Sisko] (Limited)
   A2     Colm Meaney [Chief O'Brien] (Limited)
   A3     Michael Dorn [Lieutenant Commander Worf] (Limited)
   A4     Armin Shimerman [Quark]
   A5     Nana Visitor [Colonel Kira Nerys] (Limited)
   A6     Mary Kay Adams [Grilka]
   A7     Kitty Swink [Luaran]
   A8     William Sadler [Sloan]
   A9     Wallace Shawn [Grand Nagus Zek]
   A10    Rene Auberjonois [Odo] (Limited)
   A11    Alexander Siddig [Dr. Julian Bashir] (Limited)
   A12    Chase Masterson [Leeta]
   A13    Terry Farrell [Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax] (Limited)
   A14    Jeffrey Combs [Weyoun] (Limited)
   A15    Nicole De Boer [Ensign Ezri Dax] (Limited)
   A16    Casey Biggs [Damar]
   A17    J.G. Hertzler [General Martok]
            [no A18: James Darren; not received in time]
   A19    Cecily Adams [Ishka]
   A20    Lawrence Monoson [Hovath]
   A21    Tony Todd [Adult Jake Sisko] (Limited)
            [some cards have a star with the auto, some do not]
   A22    Felecia Bell Schafer [Jennifer Sisko]
   A23    William Schallert [Varani]
   A24    Brian Thompson [Inglatu]
            [no A25]
   A26    Barry Jenner [Admiral Bill Ross]
   DA1    Michael Dorn & Terry Farrell [Lt. Commander Worf / Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax] (Limited)

Dual Autograph Card (Case Topper)

   DA2    Barbara March & Gwynyth Walsh [Lursa / B'Etor]

Card Album

   --     (Binder)
   --     (9-pocket pages)
   CC5    Constable Odo (exclusive costume card)
   P3     10th Anniversary Edition (The Defiant; exclusive promo card)

Archive Boxes (Master Set, excluding binder-exclusive cards)

    --    (Not marked on outside of box; 10 distributed)
    --    (Marked on outside of box; 10 distributed)


  P1      10th Anniversary Edition (full cast; general distribution)
  P2      10th Anniversary Edition (station and wormhole; Non-Sport Update)
RAUKDS9   (Sisko and Dax; UK exclusive, hand-numbered to 500)
  --      (dealer sell sheet)

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