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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Profiles
Fleer/SkyBox - 1997

Note:  Thanks much to Jeff Werner and Uwe Krause for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.28 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.  Title                                     Type

    1  Sisko                                     Starfleet Personnel File
    2  Sisko                                     Cardassian File
    3  The Emissary parts 1&2                    Personal Log - Sisko
    4  The Maquis parts 1&2                      Personal Log - Sisko
    5  Through the Looking Glass                 Personal Log - Sisko
    6  Paradise Lost                             Personal Log - Sisko
    7  Kai Opaka's Memoirs of Sisko              Sisko
    8  Kasidy Yates' Memoirs of Sisko            Sisko
    9  Joseph Sisko's Memoirs of Sisko           Sisko
   10  Worf                                      Starfleet Personnel File
   11  Worf                                      Cardassian File
   12  Way of the Warrior parts 1&2              Personal Log - Worf
   13  The Sword of Kahless                      Personal Log - Worf
   14  The Sons of Mogh                          Personal Log - Worf
   15  Let He Who Is Without Sin                 Personal Log - Worf
   16  Kor's Memoirs of Worf                     Worf
   17  Gowron's Memoirs of Worf                  Worf
   18  Dax's Memoirs of Worf                     Worf
   19  Kira                                      Starfleet Personnel File
   20  Kira                                      Cardassian File
   21  Duet                                      Personal Log - Kira
   22  Second Skin                               Personal Log - Kira
   23  Life Support                              Personal Log - Kira
   24  The Begotten                              Personal Log - Kira
   25  Shakaar's Memoirs of Kira                 Kira
   26  Kai Winn's Memoirs of Kira                Kira
   27  Gul Dukat's Memoirs of Kira               Kira
   28  Dax                                       Starfleet Personnel File
   29  Dax                                       Cardassian File
   30  Dax                                       Personal Log - Dax
   31  Invasive Procedures                       Personal Log - Dax
   32  Facets                                    Personal Log - Dax
   33  Rejoined                                  Personal Log - Dax
   34  Worf's Memoirs of Dax                     Dax
   35  Arjin's Memoirs of Dax                    Dax
   36  Sisko's Memoirs of Dax                    Dax
   37  Odo                                       Starfleet Personnel File
   38  Odo                                       Cardassian File
   39  Necessary Evil                            Personal Log - Odo
   40  The Alternate                             Personal Log - Odo
   41  The Search part 2                         Personal Log - Odo
   42  The Begotten                              Personal Log - Odo
   43  Lwaxana's Memoirs of Odo                  Odo
   44  Changeling's Memoirs of Odo               Odo
   45  Edebran Tain's Memoirs of Odo             Odo
   46  Bashir                                    Starfleet Personnel File
   47  Bashir                                    Cardassian File
   48  The Wire                                  Personal Log - Bashir
   49  Distant Voices                            Personal Log - Bashir
   50  Hippocratic Oath                          Personal Log - Bashir
   51  Our Man Bashir                            Personal Log - Bashir
   52  Garak's Memoirs of Bashir                 Bashir
   53  O'Brien's Memoirs of Bashir               Bashir
   54  Melora's Memoirs of Bashir                Bashir
   55  O'Brien                                   Starfleet Personnel File
   56  O'Brien                                   Cardassian File
   57  Captive Pursuit                           Personal Log - O'Brien
   58  The Storyteller                           Personal Log - O'Brien
   59  Tribunal                                  Personal Log - O'Brien
   60  The Assignment                            Personal Log - O'Brien
   61  Keiko's Memoirs of O'Brien                O'Brien
   62  Bashir's Memoirs of O'Brien               O'Brien
   63  O'Brien's Memoirs of O'Brien              O'Brien
   64  Quark                                     Starfleet Personnel File
   65  Quark                                     Cardassian File
   66  Prophet Motive                            Personal Log - Quark
   67  House of Quark                            Personal Log - Quark
   68  Little Green Men                          Personal Log - Quark
   69  Body Parts                                Personal Log - Quark
   70  Rom's Memoirs of Quark                    Quark
   71  Ishka's Memoirs of Quark                  Quark
   72  Grilka's Memoirs of Quark                 Quark
   73  Jake                                      Starfleet Personnel File
   74  Jake                                      Cardassian File
   75  Explorers                                 Personal Log - Jake
   76  The Visitor                               Personal Log - Jake
   77  The Muse                                  Personal Log - Jake
   78  ... Nor the Battle to the Strong          Personal Log - Jake
   79  Mardah's Memoirs of Jake                  Jake
   80  Nog's Memoirs of Jake                     Jake
   81  Jennifer Sisko's Memoirs of Jake          Jake
   82  Star Trek Deep Space Nine Profiles        Checklist


Quark's Bar (1:3 packs)

QB-1   Never Place Friendship Above Profit.
QB-2   No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished.
QB-3   Good Customers Are as Rare as Latinum - Treasure Them.
QB-4   Latinum Lasts Longer than Lust.
QB-5   Beware the Man Who Doesn't Make Time for Oo-Mox.
QB-6   Never Allow Family to Stand in the Way of Opportunity.
QB-7   There is No Honor in Poverty.
QB-8   The Justification for Profit is Profit.
QB-9   A Ferengi without Profit is No Ferengi at All.

Trials & Tribble-ations (1:6 packs)

TT-1   Kirk - Uhura - Sisko
TT-2   Bashir - Tribbles - Bartender
TT-3   Odo - Uhura - Chekov
TT-4   Sisko - Dax
TT-5   Sisko - Dax - Kirk - Spock
TT-6   Dax - Kirk
TT-7   O'Brien - Bashir - Kirk
TT-8   Worf - Darvin - Odo
TT-9   Quark - Tribbles

Latinum Profiles (1:12 packs)

One of Nine     Sisko - "Accesion"
Two of Nine     Worf - "Sword of Kahless"
Three of Nine   Kira - "Duet"
Four of Nine    Dax - "Blood Oath"
Five of Nine    Odo - "The Begotten"
Six of Nine     Bashir - "The Quickening"
Seven of Nine   O'Brien - "Captive Pursuit"
Eight of Nine   Quark - "House of Quark"
Nine of Nine    Jake - "The Explorers"

Autograph Cards (1:216 packs)

 ---   Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax
 ---   Rene Auberjonois as Odo
 ---   Armin Shimerman as Quark [less common than others]

Uncut Sheet


---    There is no substitute for success (dealer sell sheet; 8-1/2" x 11")

©1998-2000, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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