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   Bad Axe Studios - 2017

Notes: This series may contain partial artistic nudity. Thanks to Jon Doyle for 
the list! Further information and scans are posted at the Bad Axe Facebook site.

Pack: 8 base cards + 1 sketch. 200 packs made.

 No.    Artist

Base Cards

  01    Axebone
  02    John "Jax" Jackman
  03    Mel Uran
  04    Bill Maus
  05    Shane McCormack
  06    Richard Cox
  07    Helga Wojik
  08    John "Jax" Jackman

Rare Insert (1:10 packs)

        Valerie Cormier

Artist Sketch Cards (1:pack)

        Each artist made approximately 10 cards, except as noted.

        Amber Shelton
        Amber Stone
        Bill Maus
        Courtney Rose Hennesey 
        Danny Silva
        Elfie Lebouleux
        George Webber
        Helga Wojik 
        Jeremy Treece 
        Joe Pekar                     5
        John "Jax" Jackman
        Lance Sawyer
        Lynne Anderson
        Meghan Hetrick                4
        Mel Uran
        Michael Duron
        Rhiannon Owens
        Richard Cox                   2
        Ryan Van Der Draaij
        Shane McCormack
        Steve Lydic

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