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Enterprise - Season One
Rittenhouse Archives - 2002

Notes:  Thanks much to Jim Bush and Dave Ray for updates! "Error" cards that 
have been observed include unsigned AA1 and T4 without the foil embossing. 
Further information is posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.23 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Card Text / Title                                   Episode

   1    Enterprise Checklist                                (Enterprise)
   2    Enterprise Checklist                                (Cast photo, left)
   3    Enterprise Checklist                                (Cast photo, right)
   4    Nearly a century after Zefram Cochrane's legen      Broken Bow, Part I
   5    Enterprise left spacedock with Klaang under th      Broken Bow, Part I
   6    Rigel X was strange and exotic, and in T'Pol's      Broken Bow, Part I
   7    Sarin had the ability to gauge trustworthiness      Broken Bow, Part II
   8    The Enterprise Crew adjusted sensors and detec      Broken Bow, Part II
   9    Inside the Klingon council chambers, the chanc      Broken Bow, Part II
  10    The Enterprise crew was growing restless with       Fight or Flight
  11    Whoever killed the aliens was likely to come b      Fight or Flight
  12    The Enterprise crew prepared to be boarded by       Fight or Flight
  13    Itching to explore a beautiful new planet, Cap      Strange New World
  14    Fearing the alien presence, Novakovich fled th      Strange New World
  15    As most of the landing party fell unconscious       Strange New World
  16    Commander Tucker never thought he would make h      Unexpected
  17    Tucker believed he had been chaste during his       Unexpected
  18    Tucker convinced the Klingons to spare the Xyr      Unexpected
  19    Terra Nova was humanity's first colony outside      Terra Nova
  20    Archer and Dr. Phlox returned to the surface a      Terra Nova
  21    After Reed received treatment, Archer planned       Terra Nova
  22    The 3,000-year-old Vulcan monastery called P'J      The Andorian Incident
  23    A Vulcan Elder admitted to Archer the existenc      The Andorian Incident
  24    Archer's crew followed Shran to the temple rel      The Andorian Incident
  25    The largest comet ever discovered by humans co      Breaking the Ice
  26    Tucker read T'Pol's private message and found       Breaking the Ice
  27    The comet's ice collapsed beneath the shuttle       Breaking the Ice
  28    Archer took a team to investigate the unusual       Civilization
  29    Dr. Phlox found a toxic compound in the city g      Civilization
  30    Archer was determined to shut down the mining       Civilization
  31    Admiral Forrest sent the Enterprise to respond      Fortunate Son
  32    Mayweather and Ryan shared a common background      Fortunate Son
  33    The Fortunate's plasma weapons were ineffectiv      Fortunate Son
  34    The Enterprise traveled with a pilgrimage vess      Cold Front
  35    Tucker and T'Pol helped Daniels set up his fut      Cold Front
  36    Silik was trying to leave Enterprise when Arch      Cold Front
  37    Not every species traveling through space has       Silent Enemy
  38    While Tucker and Reed worked on the phase cann      Silent Enemy
  39    The alien ship returned once more, this time w      Silent Enemy
  40    Dr. Phlox's correspondence with a medical coll      Dear Doctor
  41    The Valakian illness was genetic and would ren      Dear Doctor
  42    Phlox reached an ethical impasse. He wasn't su      Dear Doctor
  43    The Enterprise detected several weak life sign      Sleeping Dogs
  44    In Sickbay, Phlox found a neurotoxin in Bu'kaH      Sleeping Dogs
  45    Archer convinced the belligerent Bu'kaH not to      Sleeping Dogs
  46    When the volatile Andorians destroyed the Vulc      Shadows of P'Jem
  47    The Vulcan ship Ni'Var, arriving a day early f      Shadows of P'Jem
  48    The humans and Andorians were just about to fr      Shadows of P'Jem
  49    Commander Tucker and Lieutenant Reed were test      Suttlepod One
  50    Stranded in the shuttlepod, Tucker and Reed be      Suttlepod One
  51    Reed and Tucker were out of options. Their las      Suttlepod One
  52    The Enterprise crew was shocked to find that t      Fusion
  53    T'Pol skipped her nightly meditation at Tolari      Fusion
  54    Tolaris joined his mind with T'Pol's, and she       Fusion
  55    Enterprise scans showed a number of varied lif      Rogue Planet
  56    The woman inb the jungle vanished as quickly a      Rogue Planet
  57    Outraged by the Eska's hunt, Archer asked Phlo      Rogue Planet
  58    An "artifact" found by Tucker during a lunar s      Acquisition
  59    Tucker found T'Pol and woke her, explaining th      Acquisition
  60    T'Pol gained the upper hand with Krem by perfo      Acquisition
  61    An alien trader's tip sent Enterprise to an ol      Oasis
  62    Tucker befriended a young woman named Liana wh      Oasis
  63    When T'Pol and Tucker's crewmates mounted a re      Oasis
  64    Archer and Mayweather awoke to find themselves      Detained
  65    Archer was surprised to learn that none of the      Detained
  66    Arriving at the Tandaran planet, the Enterpris      Detained
  67    First contact with the Kreetassans did not go       Vox Sola
  68    Mayweather worked on finding the Kreestassan s      Vox Sola
  69    The Kreestassans were apologetic about the cre      Vox Sola
  70    T'Pol suggested shore leave for Archer's tired      Fallen Hero
  71    The Enterprise was about to head for a rendezv      Fallen Hero
  72    As the Enterprise struggled to maintain warp 5      Fallen Hero
  73    The crew of the Enterprise delayed shore leave      Desert Crossing
  74    Were Zobral and his men terrorists, as the cit      Desert Crossing
  75    T'Pol allowed Zobral to dock with the Enterpri      Desert Crossing
  76    The Enterprise crew finally made it to Risa fo      Two Days and Two Nights
  77    Archer admitted he had encountered the Suliban      Two Days and Two Nights
  78    Onboard the Enterprise, Dr. Phlox began his an      Two Days and Two Nights
  79    Captain Archer led an away team toward the Par      Shockwave, Part I
  80    According to Daniels, the time-travelling oper      Shockwave, Part I
  81    The mysterious figure in charge of the Cabal o      Shockwave, Part I


22nd Century Technology Cards (1:4 packs)

  T1    Enterprise Bridge
  T2    Warp Engine
  T3    Transporter
  T4    Medical
  T5    Weaponry
  T6    Shuttlepod
  T7    Grappler
  T8    Environmental Suits
  T9    Decontamination Chamber

First Contact Cards (1:10 packs)

  F1    Akaali
  F2    Andorian
  F3    Kantare
  F4    Klingon
  F5    Mazarite
  F6    Menk
  F7    Risan
  F8    Suliban
  F9    Tandaran
 F10    Valakian
 F11    Wraith
 F12    Xyrillian

Suliban Genetic Engineering Cards (1:40 packs)

  S1    Skeletal Alteration
  S2    Compound Retinas
  S3    Enhanced Lungs
  S4    Shape Changing
  S5    Surface Adhesion
  S6    Subcutaneous Pigment Sacs

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs for all types of autographs)

     Cast Autographs

  A1    Dominic Keating as Lt. Malcolm Reed
  A2    John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox
  A3    Erick Avari as Jamin

     Aliens of Enterprise Autographs

 AA1    Clint Howard as Muk [Ferengi] (Binder only, also listed below)
          Variant signatures: blue, black, silver inks
 AA2    Ethan Phillips as Ulis [Ferengi]                    Acquisition
 AA3    Dean Stockwell as Colonel Grat [Tandaran]           Detained
 AA4    Jeff Ricketts as Keval [Andorian]                   The Andorian Incident
 AA5    Randy Oglesby as Trena'L [Xyrillian]                Unexpected
 AA6    Bruce French as Vulcan Elder [Vulcan]               The Andorian Incident
 AA7    Jeff Kober as Traeg [Coridanian]                    Shadows of P'Jem
 AA8    Vaughn Armstrong as Klingon Captain [Klingon]       Sleeping Dogs
 AA9    Keith Szarabajka as Damrus [Eska]                   Rogue Planet
AA10    William Utay as Vanik [Vulcan]                      Breaking the Ice
AA11    Steven Dennis as Tholos [Andorian]                  The Andorian Incident
AA12    Eric Pierpoint as Shiraht [Eska]                    Rogue Planet
AA13    Michelle C. Bonilla as Bu'kaH [Klingon]             Sleeping Dogs

     Broken Bow Premiere Autographs

BBA1    John Fleck as Silik                                 Broken Bow
BBA2    Vaughn Armstrong as Admiral Forrest                 Broken Bow
BBA3    Joseph Ruskin as Suliban Doctor                     Broken Bow
BBA4    Diane Klimaszewski as Blue Butterfly Girl           Broken Bow
BBA5    Elaine Klimaszewski as Pink Butterfly Girl          Broken Bow
BBA6    Jim Beaver as Admiral Leonard                       Broken Bow
BBA7    Melinda Clarke as Sarin                             Broken Bow
BBA8    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister as Klaang                       Broken Bow
BBA9    Thomas Kopache as Tos                               Broken Bow
BBA10   Mark Moses as Henry Archer                          Broken Bow
BBA11   Gary Graham as Soval                                Broken Bow
BBA12   Jim Fitzpatrick as Commander Williams               Broken Bow
BBA13   Marty Davis as Young Jonathan Archer                Broken Bow

Star Trek: Nemesis Preview Cards (Box Toppers)

  N1    Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  N2    Lt. Commander Data
  N3    Lt. Commander Worf
  N4    Viceroy
  N5    Alien Nomad

Zephram Cochrane Commemorative Card (1:480 packs, numbered to 999)

ZC01    Enterprise: "On This Site ..."

SketchaFEX Card (Case Topper)

  --    Cris Bolson (Enterprise)

Card Album

  --    Enterprise (Binder)
  --    (12 nine-pocket sheets)
 AA1    Clint Howard as Mlik (Exclusive binder autograph)   Acquisition
          Variant signatures: blue, black, silver inks


  P1    Season One Trading Cards (General Distribution)
  --    Summer 2002 (Dealer sell sheet)

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