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Star Trek Enterprise - Season 4
Rittenhouse Archives - 2005

Notes:  Thanks to Pete Cooper and Barbara Chance for assistance! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.62 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Card Text / Title                                 Episode

 235    These                                             (Title Triptych)
 236    are the voyages of the star                       (Title Triptych)
 237    ship                                              (Title Triptych)
 238    Captain Archer succeeded in destroying the Xin    Storm Front, Part I
 239    "It's all gone," Daniels gasped to T'Pol. The     Storm Front, Part I
 240    A firefight erupted between the Germans and Ar    Storm Front, Part I
 241    While the Germans pumped out propaganda vowing    Storm Front, Part II
 242    Silik impersonated Tucker to get aboard Enterp    Storm Front, Part II
 243    Vosk and his men prepared to step into their t    Storm Front, Part II
 244    Captain Archer and his crew were greeted as he    Home
 245    Phlox wasn't prepared for the xenophobia runni    Home
 246    As their passions flared anew, Erika helped Ar    Home
 247    Dr. Arik Soong's "children" were incredibly st    Borderland
 248    Orion ships attacked Enterprise in the Borderl    Borderland
 249    Back in the Enterprise brig, Soong refused to     Borderland
 250    Unsure of the Augments' destination, Captain A    Cold Station 12
 251    Dr. Soong didn't want anyone killed at Cold St    Cold Station 12
 252    Archer tried to take on Malik as the Augments     Cold Station 12
 253    A blast from the Enterprise's phase cannons he    The Augments
 254    When the Enterprise finally caught up with the    The Augments
 255    Malik killed Persis for helping Soong escape,     The Augments
 256    Forty-three people died in the bombing of the     The Forge
 257    T'Pol's in-name-only husband, Koss, came aboar    The Forge
 258    Traveling through the Forge, Archer and T'Pol     The Forge
 259    T'Pau ordered her Syrrannite cohorts to releas    Awakening
 260    Soval was denounced by the Vulcan High Command    Awakening
 261    V'Las hit the Syrrannite compound hard. As the    Awakening
 262    Captain Archer was determined to bring the art    Kir'Shara
 263    Talok and his crew ambushed Archer's group on     Kir'Shara
 264    T'Pau's efforts to help bring the Kir'Shara to    Kir'Shara
 265    Dr. Emory Erickson, the father of the transpor    Daedalus
 266    Dr. Erickson claimed to have no explanation fo    Daedalus
 267    Tucker was angered to learn that Captain Arche    Daedalus
 268    Chess was child's play to the non-corporeal al    Observer Effect
 269    The two Organians aboard Enterprise argued abo    Observer Effect
 270    Archer and Phlox donned EV suits to administer    Observer Effect
 271    Enterprise was taking a delegation of Tellarit    Babel One
 272    T'Pol unearthed a surprising fact: the vessel     Babel One
 273    Shran was holding Gral at gunpoint when Archer    Babel One
 274    The Romulan drone took on the appearance of th    United
 275    Reed restarted the drone's warp matrix, as Val    United
 276    Archer beat Shran in combat by cutting off one    United
 277    T'Pol's data from the Romulan drone ship indic    The Aenar
 278    Tucker wasn't happy with T'Pol's decision to t    The Aenar
 279    Shran and Jhamel grew close on Enterprise, eac    The Aenar
 280    Rigelian thugs kidnapped Phlox, but Klingons w    Affliction
 281    At the Klingon colony of Kovar, Phlox made an     Affliction
 282    The Klingon High Council was massacring the vi    Affliction
 283    Commander Tucker, now assigned to the Columbia    Divergence
 284    General K'Vagh believed the Klingon Augments w    Divergence
 285    Enterprise and Columbia finally reached Kovar,    Divergence
 286    In their last encounter with Enterprise, the O    Bound
 287    Archer succumbed to a moment of passion with t    Bound
 288    T'Pol's Vulcan physiology made her immune to t    Bound
 289    In the mirror universe, first contact with Vul    In a Mirror, Darkly - Part I
 290    The mirror Enterprise caught up with a Tholian    In a Mirror, Darkly - Part I
 291    The Tholians lured the alternate-universe Terr    In a Mirror, Darkly - Part I
 292    The Defiant, under the command of Jonathan Arc    In a Mirror, Darkly - Part II
 293    Increasingly desperate for respect, Archer hun    In a Mirror, Darkly - Part II
 294    Archer transferred all the non-Terrans aboard     In a Mirror, Darkly - Part II
 295    Tucker and T'Pol received some shocking news w    Demons
 296    Gannett, a reporter, came to visit her old boy    Demons
 297    Mayweather was stunned when Archer accused Gan    Demons
 298    John Paxton, leader of Terra Prime, believed h    Terra Prime
 299    T'Pol surreptitiously scanned Paxton and disco    Terra Prime
 300    Back on Enterprise, the Shuttlepod One saboteu    Terra Prime
 301    First Officer Riker of the starship Enterprise    These Are the Voyages ...
 302    Shran's enemies believed he stone a Denebian a    These Are the Voyages ...
 303    The Rigelian criminals surprised Archer and Tu    These Are the Voyages ...
 304    St / Ent                                          (Checklist: Base Set)
 305    ar Tr / erpr                                      (Checklist: G, M, AIA, C cards)
 306    ek -  / ise                                       (Checklist: Autographs cards)


In a Mirror Cards (1:10 packs)

  M1    Commander Archer [blue jacket]
  M2    Commander Archer [yellow shirt]
  M3    T'Pol
  M4    Charles "Trip" Tucker, III
  M5    Major Reed
  M6    Sergeant Mayweather
  M7    Dr. Phlox
  M8    Ensign Hoshi Sato
  M9    Captain Maximilian Forrest

Genesis Cards (1:20 packs)

  G1    Orion Slave Girl
  G2    Augment
  G3    Klingon
  G4    Andorian
  G5    Tellarite
  G6    Surak
  G7    Mirror Universe
  G8    Vulcan
  G9    Gorn

Archer In Action (1:40 packs)

AIA1    Desert Crossing
AIA2    The Seventh
AIA3    Harbinger
AIA4    Cold Station 12
AIA5    The Forge
AIA6    Kir'Shara
AIA7    United
AIA8    Divergence
AIA9    In A Mirror, Darkly

From The Archives Costume Cards (1:40 packs)

 C3     T'Pol [white]
 C4     T'Pol [purple]
 C5     T'Pol [gray]
 C6     Sergeant Travis Mayweather
 C7     Commander Archer
 C8     Silik
 C9     Degra
 C10    Daniels
 C11    Lieutenant Talas [silver]
 C12    Lieutenant Talas [black]
 C13    Malik
 C14    Persis
 C15    Raakin
 C16    Soval

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)

     Regular (500-1500 signed)

  --    Crystal Allen as D'Nesh
  --    J. Paul Boehmer as SS Officer
  --    Abby Brammell as Persis
  --    Jeffrey Combs as Commander Shran
  --    Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Smike
  --    Menina Fortunato as Maras
  --    Bruce Gray as Surak
  --    Bobbi Sue Luther as Orion Slave Girl
  --    Alexandra Lydon as Jhamel
  --    Alec Newman as Malik
  --    Eric Pierpoint as Harris
  --    Richard Riehle as Dr. Jeremy Lucas
  --    John Schuck as Antaak
  --    Leslie Silva as Danica Erickson
  --    Brian Thompson as Valdore
  --    Johanna Watts as Gannett Brooks
  --    Kara Zediker as T'Pau

  --    Lee Arenberg as Gral (binder exclusive, also listed below)

     Limited (300-500 signed)

  --    Vaughn Armstrong as Admiral Maxwell Forrest
  --    Bill Cobbs as Emory Erickson
  --    Gary Graham as Ambassador Soval
  --    Anthony Montgomery as Ensign Travis Mayweather
  --    Steve R. Schirripa as Carmine

     Very Limited (200-300 signed)

  --    Jolene Blalock as T'Pol
  --    Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi Sato
  --    Brent Spiner as Dr. Arik Soong


 DC1    Dr. Arik Soong [dual costume card; numbered to 650]

Multi-Case Purchase Incentives

  --    Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi Autograph Costume Card (2 cases)
  --    Jolene Blalock as T'Pol Autograph Costume Card (6 cases)

Card Album (sold separately)

  --    (binder)
  --    (9-pocket pages)
  --    Lee Arenberg as Gral (exclusive autograph)
  P3    Coming Spring 2005 (Vulcans; exclusive promo card)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

  --    (72 base cards; signed by Steve Charendoff; limited to 25)


  CP1   (Andorians; conventions)
  P1    Coming Spring 2005 (Orion slave girl; general distribution)
  P2    Coming Spring 2005 (Soong; Non-Sport Update)
  P3    Coming Spring 2005 (Vulcans; album exclusive; also listed above)
  UK    Coming Spring 2005 (T'Pol; UK)
SD2005  (Three Orion slave girls; San Diego Comic Con)
  --    (dealer sell sheet)

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