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FPG - 1995

No.   Title

  1   Eyes of the Avenger
  2   Death in Crystal
  3   Tomb of the Damned
  4   Napoleans of Fear
  5   Judgment Night
  6   Mephisto in Crimson
  7   Death's Dark Citadel
  8   Shadow of the Red Empire
  9   Curse of the Scarab
 10   Death in the Cards
 11   Wealth of Evil
 12   Chinatown Whispers
 13   The Reaper Commands
 14   Yellow Underworld
 15   Spectre in Onyx
 16   Prey of the Phantom
 17   Snare of the Skywaymen
 18   Murder Express
 19   Slaves of the Cyclotron
 20   Crime's Black Empire
 21   Mad Electrons
 22   Inferno of the Damned
 23   The Mandarin Strikes
 24   Throne of Fear
 25   Lair of the Underworld
 26   Treasure of the Czar
 27   Scourge of the Dragon
 28   Phantom Batwings
 29   Squadron of the Damned
 30   The Devil's Target
 31   Night of the Samurai
 32   Hellhound's Return
 33   221B Baker Street
 34   Grave Undertaking
 35   Crypt of Vengeance
 36   Death Mask of Pancho Villa
 37   Blade of the Guillotine
 38   Dweller of the Devil's Furnace
 39   Fangs of the Serpent God
 40   Black Wind
 41   Lord of the PSI-Beasts
 42   Savage Odyssey
 43   Swordsman's Wrath
 44   Blood of the Brimstone Tree
 45   Storm Over Valhalla
 46   The Slayer of Souls: Back Cover
 47   The Slayer of Souls: Front Cover
 48   Maze of Eternity
 49   The Solar Paradox
 50   The Tomorrow Man
 51   The Cosmic Technopolis
 52   Unhuman Conquest
 53   Crime Conjurer
 54   Murder by Magic
 55   Unicorn's Odyssey
 56   The Hanging Tree
 57   Brand of the Hangman
 58   Gun Thunder at Black Lobo
 59   Welcome to Deadwood
 60   Law of the Winchester
 61   Red Tide
 62   Avengers of the Killer Skies
 63   The Big Sting
 64   Attack of the Lobster Aliens
 65   City of Bronze
 66   Dangerous Platinum
 67   Hell in Vinyl
 68   Hard-Boiled Deco
 69   The Big Arena
 70   Desert Raiders
 71   Hell's Outpost
 72   Nazi Hunter
 73   Slithering Death
 74   Blood of the Lizard God
 75   Blade of the Warrior Gods
 76   Doc Future
 77   Solar Wind
 78   Steranko Checklist


Supergirl Metallic Cards

M1    All-American Girl
M2    Yellowjacked
M3    Jungle Queen
M4    Lucky Lady
M5    Phantom Lady
M6    Lantern Light
M7    Uncle Samantha
M8    Bat Wings
M9    Super Siren
M10   Black Katz
M11   Phantom Blonde
M12   Robbin' Hood

Autograph Card (1000 signed)

---   Jim Steranko


---   (dealer sell sheet)

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