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Star Trek: Insurrection
   Skybox - 1998

Note:  Thanks much to Chere Elliott, André Müller, and Brian Singleton 
for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.11 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                       Type

  1   The Battle for Paradise Has Begun           Title / Checklist
  2   During a routine "duck-blind" study ...     Mission Log ML-1
  3   Aboard the Son'a flagship, ...              Mission Log ML-2
  4   Captain Picard orders the USS ...           Mission Log ML-3
  5   Lieutenant Commander Data has ...           Mission Log ML-4
  6   Captain Picard returns to the planet ...    Mission Log ML-5
  7   Captain Picard has discovered the ...       Mission Log ML-6
  8   The Son'a commander, Ru'afo, ...            Mission Log ML-7
  9   Ru'afo greets his second-in-command ...     Mission Log ML-8
 10   Ru'afo is satisfied to see the USS ...      Mission Log ML-9
 11   Captain Picard guides the Ba'ku ...         Mission Log ML-10
 12   Artim struggles to reconcile what ...       Mission Log ML-11
 13   Son'a shuttles swoop down on ...            Mission Log ML-12
 14   Commander Riker races to clear ...          Mission Log ML-13
        [image error: shows space battle scene
         from Star Trek: First Contact]
 15   Forced to fight, the USS Enterprise-E ...   Mission Log ML-14
 16   Picard is beamed up with a group ...        Mission Log ML-15
 17   Ru'afo holds back his rage. ...             Mission Log ML-16
 18   It is revealed that the Son'a ...           Mission Log ML-17
 19   Admiral Dougherty learns the truth ...      Mission Log ML-18
 20   Ru'afo sets a countdown for the ...         Mission Log ML-19
 21   On the bridge of the Son'a flagship ...     Mission Log ML-20
 22   Ru'afo clambers through the maze ...        Mission Log ML-21
 23   The colony world is saved, ...              Mission Log ML-22
 24   Anij and Captain Picard know it is ...      Mission Log ML-23
 25   Crusher, Picard, Crusher                    Soundbytes SB-1
 26   Riker, Crusher, Picard                      Soundbytes SB-2
 27   Librarian: "Shhh!"                          Soundbytes SB-3
 28   Riker, Troi, Riker                          Soundbytes SB-4
 29   Picard, Worf, Picard                        Soundbytes SB-5
 30   Ru'afo, Picard                              Soundbytes SB-6
 31   Picard, Worf                                Soundbytes SB-7
 32   Troi, Riker, Troi, Riker                    Soundbytes SB-8
 33   Picard, Data, Picard                        Soundbytes SB-9
 34   Data, Artim, Data                           Soundbytes SB-10
 35   Picard, Anij                                Soundbytes SB-11
 36   Data: "In the event of a water ..."         Soundbytes SB-12
 37   Riker: "You Klingons never do ..."          Soundbytes SB-13
 38   Riker: "Smooth as an android's ..."         Soundbytes SB-14
 39   Picard: "Some of the darkest ..."           Soundbytes SB-15
 40   LaForge: "There wasn't anything ..."        Soundbytes SB-16
 41   Picard: "How ...", Dougherty, Picard        Soundbytes SB-17
 42   Picard: "We ...", Dougherty, Picard         Soundbytes SB-18
 43   Data, Crusher, Data                         Soundbytes SB-19
 44   Ru'afo: "I'm going to miss ..."             Soundbytes SB-20
 45   Artim, Data                                 Soundbytes SB-21
 46   Worf: "I have an odd craving ..."           Soundbytes SB-22
 47   Worf: "Definitely feeling aggressive ..."   Soundbytes SB-23
 48   Riker, LaForge                              Soundbytes SB-24
 49   LaForge, Riker, La Forge                    Soundbytes SB-25
 50   Ru'afo: "This is going to end ..."          Soundbytes SB-26
 51   Artim: "Hey, Data! Don't forget ..."        Soundbytes SB-27
 52   Captain Jean-Luc Picard                     Profiles P-1
 53   Commander William T. Riker                  Profiles P-2
 54   Lieutenant Commander Data                   Profiles P-3
 55   Counselor Deanna Troi                       Profiles P-4
 56   Dr. Beverly Crusher                         Profiles P-5
 57   Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge         Profiles P-6
 58   Lieutenant Commander Worf                   Profiles P-7
 59   Admiral Matthew Dougherty                   Profiles P-8
 60   Ru'afo                                      Profiles P-9
 61   Gallatin                                    Profiles P-10
 62   Anij                                        Profiles P-11
 63   Sojef                                       Profiles P-12
 64   Artim                                       Profiles P-13
 65   Son'a                                       Alien Races AR-1
 66   Ba'ku                                       Alien Races AR-2
 67   Elloran                                     Alien Races AR-3
 68   Tarlac                                      Alien Races AR-4
 69   Cuzar                                       Alien Races AR-5
 70   Bolian                                      Alien Races AR-6
 71   Trill                                       Alien Races AR-7
 72   Vulcan                                      Alien Races AR-8


Schematics Cards (1:4 packs)

S1    USS Enterprise-E
S2    Core Dump
S3    Federation Scout Ship
S4    Enterprise-E Shuttle
S5    Captain's Yacht
S6    Son'a Collector Ship
S7    Son'a Ship
S8    Ru'afo's Ship
S9    Holo-Ship

Wardrobe Cards (1:4 packs)

W-1   Picard
W-2   Data
W-3   Worf
W-4   Anij
W-5   Cuzar
W-6   Artim
W-7   Elloran Woman
W-8   Tarlac Man
W-9   Son'a Man

Okudagrams (1:8 packs)

OK-1  Son'a Tactical Display
OK-2  Son'a Tactical Table
OK-3  Son'a Bridge
OK-4  Son'a Ship's Systems Display
OK-5  Son'a Body Enhancement Display
OK-6  Son'a Body Enhancement Equipment
OK-7  USS Enterprise-E Bridge Display
OK-8  USS Enterprise-E Library Display
OK-9  USS Enterprise-E Padd Displays

Relationships Cards (1:8 packs)

 R1   Anij, Picard
 R2   Artim, Data
 R3   Adm. Dougherty, Ru'afo
 R4   Troi, Riker
 R5   Crusher, Picard
 R6   Data, LaForge
 R7   Picard, Riker
 R8   Data, Worf
 R9   Ru'afo, Picard

Gold Character Cards (1:360 packs, numbered to 400)

 G1   Captain Picard
 G2   Commander Riker
 G3   Lieutenant Commander Data
 G4   Counselor Troi
 G5   Dr. Crusher
 G6   Lieutenant Commander LaForge
 G7   Lieutenant Commander Worf

Autograph Cards (1:36 packs)

A-1   Patrick Stewart - Picard [by redemption]
A-2   Jonathan Frakes - Riker
A-3   Brent Spiner - Data
A-4   Marina Sirtis - Troi
A-5   Levar Burton - Geordi LaForge [by redemption]
A-6   Gates McFadden - Dr. Crusher
A-7   Michael Westmore - Makeup Designer
A-8   Jennifer Tung - Starfleet Ensign
A-9   Mark Deakins - Tournel
A-10  Anthony Zerbe - Admiral Dougherty
A-11  Gregg Henry - Gallatin
        [variations: blue ink; black ink]
A-12  John Hostetter - Bolian Officer
A-13  Stephanie Niznik - Ensign Perim
A-14  Breon Gorman - Lt. Curtis
A-15  Lee Amone-Briggs - Librarian
A-16  Michael Welch - Artim
A-17  Bruce French - Son'a Officer
A-18  Larry Anderson - Tarlac Officer
A-19  Donna Murphy - Anij
 --   (Patrick Stewart Redemption Card)
 --   (Levar Burton Redemption Card)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (panel of 72 base cards)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)


---   (Unnumbered; dealers and Non-Sport Update)
---   (Dealer sell sheet)

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