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Legends of Star Trek 2015 Expansion
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2015

Notes: Legends of Star Trek began as a series of nine-card sets, sold in factory-sealed 
cello packs, individually numbered to 1701. Several releases in the sequence featured 
only three cards for each of three characters, and this expansion "fleshes out" the 
sequence by bringing the total for three actors to nine and provides cards for two 
actores who were not previously featured. Cards do not bear individual titles, so 
I identify the basic scene or type of uniform below.

Previous series and expansions are shown on other lists. Further information and 
scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website. 

No.   Card-Back Image

Geordi LaForge

 L4    bridge console
 L5    suit and tie
 L6    brown/red background
 L7    Engineering coils
 L8    R profile
 L9    reading tricorder

Wesley Crusher

 L1    arms crossed
 L2    rainbow collar
 L3    1/2-L profile, sitting
 L7    1/2-L profile, standing
 L8    1/2-R profile
 L9    Command uniform

Tasha Yar

 L1    gray/rose background
 L2    hunched forward
 L3    aiming tricorder
 L4    1/2-L profile
 L5    energy tendrils
 L6    by tree


 L1    portrait purple background
 L2    peach top
 L3    leaning L profile
 L4    startled
 L5    flowers
 L6    Neelix and flowers
 L7    Neelix clinch
 L8    portrait face forward
 L9    portrait aqua background


 L1    1/2-R profile blue background
 L2    1/2-R profile looking up
 L3    R profile
 L4    1/2-L profile library
 L5    1/2-L profile dark gray background
 L6    slight R profile woods scene
 L7    L profile dark green background
 L8    protecting Kes
 L9    face forward blue background

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©2015 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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