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Legends of Star Trek
(Series 13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24)
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2008-2010

Notes:  This series of nine-card sets was sold in factory-sealed cello packs, individually numbered 
to 1701. A similarly numbered storage album was available for purchase with the first series, again 
for free with the 2012 Chakotay-Reed-Paris-Mayweather release. Subscription arrangements 
allowed collectors to continue to acquire later sets with the same serial numbers that they started with. Cards do not bear individual titles, so I identify the basic scene or type of uniform below. 
Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website; links for each series are 
provided at the titles for each installment below. Other installments are listed at  ST Legends 1-12 and ST Legends 25-36.

No.   Uniform / Description

Series 13: Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax (2008)

 L1   portrait, tan background
 L2   facing camera, violet wash background
 L3   slight left profile, face forward with smile
 L4   arms crossed, orange background
 L5   aged
 L6   arms crossed, blue/grey background
 L7   nose ridges
 L8   slight left profile, blue/orange background
 L9   ceremony with Worf

Series 14: Seven of Nine (2008)

 L1   silver jumpsuit
 L2   as borg, standing
 L3   blue suit in cave
 L4   brown uni, half-L profile, distant
 L5   brown uni, slight-L closeup, lips parted
 L6   brown uni, most-L profile, head shot
 L7   right profile, long hair, silver gown
 L8   blue glow, fist out
 L9   away team, rural setting

Series 15: T'Pol (2008)

 L1   brown rippling uniform, equipment behind
 L2   shiny brown
 L3   hooded
 L4   plaid with greenery
 L5   lt. blue, peach background
 L6   white in desert
 L7   spacesuit
 L8   long hair
 L9   orange outfit, in corridor

Series 16: Captain Benjamin Sisko (2009)

 L1   blended blue background
 L2   right profile
 L3   arms crossed, solid blue background
 L4   standing, starry background
 L5   facing forward, airlock behind
 L6   grey and black uniform, lt. blue background
 L7   half-left profile, eyes to camera, blue back
 L8   sporting fedora
 L9   gold uniform shirt

Series 17: Captain Kathryn Janeway (2009)

 L1   portrait, gray background
 L2   potrait, face forward, blue background
 L3   portrait, light blue (and grey) background
 L4   face forward, white background
 L5   slight left profile, med. blue background
 L6   half-left profile, shuttlecraft bay
 L7   white suit
 L8   black and white queen (Chaotica)
 L9   face forward, sitting

Series 18: Captain Jonathan Archer (2009)

 L1   portrait, tan background
 L2   blended blue background
 L3   brown uniform
 L4   half-left profile
 L5   shirtless
 L6   half left profile, eyes at camera
 L7   fur coated
 L8   left profile, Enterprise behind
 L9   cap and jacket

Series 19: Hoshi Sato (2009)

 L1   blue background
 L2   grey wall background
 L3   monitors in background
 L4   right profile, looking left
 L5   gymnastics
 L6   looking right, screen behind
 L7   hair draped in front of shoulders
 L8   sitting, facing right
 L9   standing, orange background

Series 20: Quark (2009)

 L1   head shot
 L2   two girls
 L3   looking over R shoulder
 L4   gazing up and right
 L5   growling forward
 L6   left profile
 L7   portrait in jacket and scarf
 L8   blue dress
 L9   plaid with hands clasped

Series 21: Lt. B'Elanna Torres (2009)

 L1   blue backdrop
 L2   slight right profile
 L3   facing forward, eyes left
 L4   gazing upward to light
 L5   pressure suit
 L6   looking slightly right
 L7   right profile, grey outfit
 L8   curly hair
 L9   head shot face foward, eyes left

Series 22: Doctor Julian Bashir (2010)

 L1   looking up to camera
 L2   grey swats, city scene
 L3   tricorder readings
 L4   casino garb
 L5   head shot, tan background
 L6   grey uniform
 L7   right profile
 L8   examining downward
 L9   blue lights background

Series 23: The Doctor (2010)

 L1   violet background, smiling portrait
 L2   uneasy aiming weapon
 L3   song in his heart
 L4   right profile in lab
 L5   light/dark grey background
 L6   black-and-white
 L7   right profile
 L8   leaning forward with a smile
 L9   posing, right arm up

Series 24: Doctor Phlox (2010)

 L1   grey background with dots
 L2   brown scrubs, lt. blue background
 L3   green outfit
 L4   uneasily pointing weapon
 L5   grey and smiling, blue in back
 L6   battle leathers
 L7   right profile
 L8   facing half right, grey background
 L9   dark blue/light blue backgroung

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