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Legends of Star Trek
(Series 25-26-27-28-29-30-31-32-33-34)
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2010-2012

Notes:  This series of nine-card sets was sold in factory-sealed cello packs, individually numbered to 1701. 
A similarly numbered storage album was available for purchase with the first series and a second was provided 
free with the Chakotay-Reed-Paris-Mayweather distribution. Subscription arrangements allowed collectors to 
continue to acquire later sets with the same serial numbers that they started with. Cards do not bear individual 
titles, so I identify the basic scene or type of uniform below. Further information and scans are posted at the 
Rittenhouse website; links for each series are provided at the titles for each installment below. The previous 
two dozen sets in the series are listed at Legends of ST 1-12 and ST Legends 13-24.


No.   Uniform / Description

Series 25: Commander "Trip" Tucker (2010)

 L1   purple uniform, facing forward
 L2   blue uniform, facing forward
 L3   arms crossed
 L4   gazing upward
 L5   purple uniform, head cocked
 L6   battle damaged
 L7   in woodland
 L8   looking around corner
 L9   red bridge screen in background

Series 26: Ensign Harry Kim (2010)

 L1   blue matte background, slight right profile
 L2   pursed lips
 L3   shoulder massage
 L4   white ghi
 L5   arms crossed
 L6   pressure suit
 L7   outdoors in brown
 L8   gazing upward
 L9   portrait, facing forward

Series 27: Odo (2010)

 L1   brown matte background
 L2   gazing up at camera
 L3   partial left profile, frowning
 L4   face forward, smiling
 L5   gazing up to left
 L6   full left profile
 L7   green lights in background
 L8   leather jacket with pouches
 L9   examining glassware

Series 28: Kira Nerys (2011)

 L1   arms crossed
 L2   sitting portrait, hair up
 L3   looking right in surprise
 L4   medieval dress
 L5   white top
 L6   green top
 L7   right profile, stern
 L8   lip time with Sisko
 L9   sitting portrait, hair down

Series 29: Chief Miles O'Brien (2011)

 L1   profile half right
 L2   brown jacket, looking 1/4 right
 L3   left profile
 L4   sitting, leaning left
 L5   close-up, tan jacket
 L6   hand on shoulder, grinning
 L7   baseball uni
 L8   left profile, red shirt
 L9   right profile look of concern, Engineer uni

Series 30: Lt. Commander Tuvok (2011)

 L1   full bust portrait, DS9 uni
 L2   gray coat, white collar
 L3   looking painfully down
 L4   right profile, looking forward
 L5   full bust portrait, light behind head
 L6   portrait, gray shirt
 L7   sitting with railings behind, DS9 uni
 L8   right profile, unhappy looking down
 L9   red dress jacket

Series 31: Chakotay (2012)

 L1   face forward, command uni, violet background
 L2   slight smile, bridge rail behind
 L3   in woods, frond before face
 L4   slight R profile, looking up, chair behind
 L5   half L profile, duty uni, lt. blue background
 L6   young brave in trees and leather
 L7   over R shoulder in gray
 L8   R profile, chin up
 L9   slight L profile, peering around tree

32: Lieutenant Malcolm Reed (2012)

 L1   face forward, slight R shoulder, blue glow background
 L2   chin on hand
 L3   golden exosuit
 L4   red shirt, stooping over tricorder
 L5   arms crossed, dress uni
 L6   away team, gas mask off
 L7   jacket indoor, smile
 L8   head out of exosuit
 L9   face forward, sphere behind

Series 33: Tom Paris (2012)

 L1   face forward, blue background
 L2   L profile, gray shirt
 L3   patterned shirt
 L4   R profile, bridge, duty uni
 L5   half-L profile, duty uni, bridge
 L6   leather and bat'leth
 L7   half-R profile, duty ini, green behind
 L8   black-and-white from Chaotica
 L9   standing, dury uniform, engineering

Series 34: Ensign Travis Mayweather (2012)

 L1   face forward, L shoulder, agua glow behind
 L2   face forward, looking slightly up
 L3   with phaser, in green
 L4   suit and tie
 L5   half-L profile, head cocked
 L6   L profile, orange glow
 L7   half-R profile, collared shirt
 L8   NASA patch with rifle
 L9   face forward, blue uni, spaceport

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