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Legends of Star Trek: 10th Anniversary Expansion Set
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2013

Notes: Legends of Star Trek is a series of nine-card sets, sold in factory-sealed cello packs, individually 
numbered to 1701. The fourth and fifth releases in the sequence featured only three cards for each of 
three characters, and this expansion "fleshes out" the sequence by bringing the total for each actor to 
nine. (The original sequence for each actor was L1-L3, L4-L6, or L7-L9, and only the "missing" numbers 
were produced.) Cards do not bear individual titles, so I identify the basic scene or type of uniform below.

Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website. The lists for the original items 
(before expansion) are shown at Legends of ST 1-12.

No.   Description / Uniform

Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott

 L4   half-L profile, hair part his R
 L5   holding equipment, decorated cuff
 L6   engineering station on bridge
 L7   half-R profile, outdoors, strap
 L8   half-L profile, head cocked
 L9   L profile, engineering mesh


 L1   startled, aiming phaser
 L2   face forward, blue wall/red door
 L3   startled, face forward, purple back
 L7   half-R profile, at helm
 L8   half-L profile, looking up
 L9   eyes slight R, away team, strap


 L1   halr-R profile, lt. green hoop earrings
 L2   half-R profile, looking up
 L3   at comm station, bridge
 L4   grinning, guy behind
 L5   face forward, blue wall w/window
 L6   slight R profile, screen blue/red behind


 L4   half-R grin, yellow shirt
 L5   eyes R, head cocked
 L6   half-L profile
 L7   eyes foward, blue strap
 L8   half-L profile, stern
 L9   looking down, Beatle haircut


 L1   half-R profile, red shirt, hair up
 L2   slight R profile, hair down
 L3   slight L profile, hair down
 L7   slight L, questionning, hair down
 L8   R profile, bridge
 L9   head down, eyes R, red shirt


 L1   half-R profile, blue shirt, blonde
 L2   face forward, eyes R, brown
 L3   half-L profile, med bay, blonde
 L4   half-R profile, green back, blonde
 L5   half-R profile, glow behind, blonde
 L6   smiling, blue shirt, brown

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