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Star Trek Master Series
SkyBox - 1993

Notes:  Philip Brazina (thanks!) points out that twelve of the common cards
are "artist signature cards" with reproduced signatures printed on the card backs;
these cards are not more rare than other cards. A special retail "combo" box
contained 6 packs each from the 1993 and 1994 Master Series set, plus a mini-
press sheet advertising Voyager Season One Series One. Thanks also to Lynne 
Stewart and Joe LaRock for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.38 per box if collation were perfect.
Combo Box: approximately 0.40 common sets per box.

No.   Title                                           Artist


01    Captain James T. Kirk                           Keith Birdsong (Signature Card)
02    Commander Spock                                 Keith Birdsong
03    Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy                       Keith Birdsong
04    Lieutenant Uhura                                Keith Birdsong
05    Lieutenant Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott  Keith Birdsong
06    Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu                          Keith Birdsong
07    Ensign Pavel Andreivich Chekov                  Keith Birdsong
08    Yeoman Janice Rand                              Jason Palmer (Signature Card)
09    Captain Jean-Luc Picard                         Keith Birdsong
10    Commander William T. Riker                      Keith Birdsong
11    Lieutenant Worf                                 Keith Birdsong
12    Lt. Commander Data                              Keith Birdsong
13    Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge                   Keith Birdsong
14    Counselor Deanna Troi                           Keith Birdsong
15    Dr. Beverly Crusher                             Keith Birdsong
16    Ensign Wesley Crusher                           Keith Birdsong
17    Guinan                                          Keith Birdsong

Ships and Technology

18    The U.S.S. Enterprise                           Michael David Ward (Signature Card)
19    An Armada Destroyed                             Sonia R. Hillios
20    Through the Eyes of the Enemy                   Gerry Roundtree
21    U.S.S. Enterprise  NCC-1701-D                   Gerry Roundtree
22    Ferengi Marauder                                Gerry Roundtree
23    Docking at Deep Space Nine                      Gerry Roundtree
24    The Probe                                       Bob Eggleton
25    Excelsior  Leaves Spacedock                     Sonia R. Hillios
26    U.S.S. Reliant                                  Sonia R. Hillios
27    Ship's Phasers                                  Bob Eggleton (Signature Card)
28    July 4, 2276                                    Gerry Roundtree
29    Deep Space Station K7                           Gerry Roundtree
30    The Galileo II                                  Bob Eggleton
31    Romulan Bird of Prey                            Bob Eggleton
32    Warp Drive                                      Gerry Roundtree

Star Trek Spacescapes

33    The Wormhole                                    Sonia R. Hillios
34    Advanced Warp Drive                             Gerry Roundtree
35    Romulan Warbird                                 Gerry Roundtree
36    Among the Cliffs of Vulcan                      Gerry Roundtree (Signature Card)
37    Yridian Spacecraft                              Rick Sternbach (Signature Card
38    Navigating the Asteroid Field                   Bob Eggleton
39    Evolution                                       Bob Eggleton
40    Where No One Has Gone Before                    Bob Eggleton
41    Praxis Explodes                                 Gerry Roundtree
42    U.S.S. Enterprise  NCC-1701                     Keith Birdsong

Star Trek Experiences

43    Battle with the Borg                            Gerry Roundtree
44    Reaching Out to Picard                          Steve Gardner
45    The Traveler                                    Simon Galkin (Signature Card)
46    Reunion                                         Simon Galkin
47    The Nth Degree                                  Bill Schmidt
48    The Best of the Best                            Sonia R. Hillios
49    The Menace of Q                                 Sonia R. Hillios
50    Imzadi                                          Sonia R. Hillios
51    Once Upon a Time ...                            Sonia R. Hillios
52    The Case of the Errant Holodeck                 Sonia R. Hillios
53    Back from the Past                              Sonia R. Hillios
54    Enterprise  vs. Bird of Prey                    Gerry Roundtree
55    Fighting for Respect                            Steve Gardner (Signature Card)
56    Legacy of the Botany Bay                        Steve Gardner
57    In the Mind of V'ger                            Bob Eggleton
58    Defending the Whales                            Gerry Roundtree
59    The Doomsday Machine                            Gerry Roundtree
60    History is Made                                 Sonia R. Hillios (Signature Card)
61    The Guardian of Forever                         Steve Gardner
62    The Trouble with Tribbles                       Steve Gardner
63    Sulu and the Samurai                            Sonia R. Hillios
64    The Vulcan Mind Meld                            Jason Palmer
65    Unification                                     Sonia R. Hillios

Star Trek Aliens

66    The Gorn                                        David Cherry
67    Martia the Shapeshifter                         David Cherry
68    Space Anenome                                   David Cherry
69    The Ferengi                                     David Cherry
70    Orion Slave Girl                                David Cherry
71    The Talosians                                   David Cherry
72    The Cardassians                                 David Cherry
73    Captain Klaa                                    David Cherry (Signature Card)
74    The Bolians                                     David Cherry
75    The Borg                                        Bob Eggleton
76    Alien Ambassador                                Miro (Signature Card)
77    The Cat Woman                                   Miro
78    A Questionable Character                        Miro
79    Infinite Diversity                              Miro
80    Batwing                                         Miro
81    The M113 Lifeform                               Miro
82    Identity Crisis                                 Miro
83    Andorians                                       David Cherry

Theatrical Collection

84    Star Trek:  The Motion Picture                  Steve Gardner
85    Star TrekII:  The Wrath of Khan                 Sonia R. Hillios
86    Star Trek III:  The Search for Spock            Gerry Roundtree
87    Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home                  Miro
88    Star Trek V:  The Final Frontier                Bob Eggleton
89    Star Trek VI:  The Undiscovered Country         Bill Schmidt (Signature Card)



Spectra Cards (1:18 packs)

S1    Docking at Deep Space Nine                      Gerry Roundtree
S2    Romulan Warbird                                 Gerry Roundtree
S3    Navigating the Asteroid Field                   Bob Eggleton
S4    Enterprise  vs. Bird of Prey                    Gerry Roundtree
S5    The Doomsday Machine                            Gerry Roundtree


--    Lieutenant Uhuru (Unnumbered, "prototype"; art by Keith Birdsong; dealer promo)
--    Excelsior Leaves Spacedock (dealer promo)
--    Worf (Non-Sport Update)
--    (3-card cello packs with card from this set and 2 unrelated cards)
--    (6-up panel, 1993 Chicago National Sportscard show: Cards 04-08-11-27-36-36; limited to 7500)
--    (dealer sell sheet)

©1998-2001, 2002, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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