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Star Trek: Nemesis
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2002

Notes:  Production was limited to 10,000 boxes, which calculates to 833 12-box
cases. Because case-toppers are numbered to 999, a handful may have been retained
for replacements, promotions, or direct sale. Jim Bush reports a Technology insert
error card, where the presses seem to have missed printing the green border and
silver lettering and ship (thanks, Jim!). Autograph card NA11 was not received in
time for inclusion in this set, but shows up as a premium for the purchase of five
Nemesis Update Sets.  Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse
website. Thanks much to Johannes Ruthenberg, Mike Kloc, André Müller, and '
Glen Hedgepeth for updates!

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.69 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title / Card Text                                       Episode

  1    Star Trek Nemesis
  2    Two Worlds
  3    The Romulan Senate
  4    Alaskan Wedding
  5    Data's Wedding Gift
  6    Best Man's Toast
  7    The Positronic Signal
  8    The Argo
  9    Finding B-4
 10    Alien Pursuit
 11    Dr. Crusher, Meet B-4
 12    Orders from Janeway
 13    Data's Briefing
 14    Memory Download
 15    Shadowy Nemesis
 16    B-4's Betrayal
 17    Dinner with Shinzon
 18    The Boy Who Would Be Praetor
 19    Troubling Images
 20    Mental Assault
 21    The Viceroy's Touch
 22    The Violation
 23    Incarceration
 24    Noble Picard Blood
 25    Picard's Escape
 26    Scorpion
 27    Shinzon's Plight
 28    Battle Plans
 29    Torpedo Blast
 30    Direct Hit!
 31    Enterprise Attacks
 32    Confident Shinzon
 33    Romulans Join the Fight
 34    Troi's Plan
 35    Enterprise Gains an Edge
 36    Reman Invaders
 37    Sucked into Space
 38    Riker vs. Viceroy
 39    Shinzon's Weapon
 40    Picard's Mission
 41    One Giant Leap
 42    The End of Shinzon
 43    Data's Sacrifice
 44    Farewell to Data
 45    Conversation with B-4
 46    Base Checklist / Cast Montage
 47    Bonus Checklist / Cast Montage

Quotable Star Trek

 48    "In the best maritime tradition I wish you bot
 49    "I take it that there will be no speeches duri
 50    "Captain, I do not think it is appropriate for
 51    "You have the bridge, Mr. Troi" - Picard, to R
 52    "I will always be puzzled by the human predile
 53    "The Son'a, the Borg, the Romulans. You seem t
 54    "52 disruptor banks, 27 photon torpedo bays, p
 55    "Come to dinner tomorrow on Romulus. Just the
 56    "I want to know... what it means to be human."
 57    "If there is one ideal that the Federation hol
 58    "My life is still meaningless as long as you'r
 59    "I must deactivate you." - Data "For how long?
 60    "The B-4 is physically identical to me, althou
 61    "When this is over, I owe you a drink." - Pica
 62    "The Romulans fought with honor." - Worf
 63    "Some ideals are worth dying for, aren't they,

Behind the Scenes

 64    "In his quest to be more like us, he helped us
 65    Director Stuart Baird explains an upcoming sce
 66    Director Stuart Baird shares a light moment wi
 67    Director Stuart Baird explains a critical dese
 68    Producer Rick Berman and Patrick Stewart durin
 69    Director Stuart Baird and Michael Dorn filming
 70    Writer John Logan shares a light moment with P
 71    Makeup Artist Zoltan Elek offers a quick touch
 72    Producer Rick Berman discusses a bridge scene


Romulan History Cards (1:3 packs)

R1     Balance of Terror
R2     The Enterprise Incident
R3     The Neutral Zone
R4     Contagion
R5     The Enemy
R6     The Defector
R7     Future Imperfect
R8     Data's Day
R9     The Mind's Eye
R10    Redemption
R11    Unification
R12    The Next Phase
R13    Face of the Enemy
R14    Birthright
R15    The Chase
R16    Gambit
R17    The Pegasus
R18    The Search
R19    Visionary
R20    Improbable Cause
R21    The Die Is Cast
R22    In the Pale Moonlight
R23    Image in the Sand
R24    Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
R25    Eye of the Needle
R26    Message In a Bottle
R27    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek Technology Cards (1:8 packs)

 T1    U.S.S. Enterprise-E
 T2    The Argo
 T3    24th Century 4x4
 T4    B-4
 T5    Scimitar
 T6    Cloning
 T7    Romulan Warbird
 T8    Scorpion Attack Flier

Casting Call Cel Cards (1:40 packs)

CC1    Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard
CC2    Brent Spiner as Lt. Commander Data
CC3    Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi
CC4    Michael Dorn as Lt. Commander Worf
CC5    Jonathan Frakes as Commander William Riker
CC6    LeVar Burton as Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge
CC7    Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher

Autographed Cards (1:20 Packs; average of 1000 signed unless noted)

    Nemesis Autographs

NA1    Michael Dorn As Worf (500)
NA2    Ron Perlman As Viceroy
NA3    Tom Hardy As Shinzon
NA4    Dina Meyer As Commander Donatra
NA5    Kate Mulgrew As Admiral Kathryn Janeway
NA6    Brent Spiner As B-4 (250)
NA6    Brent Spiner As Data (250)
NA7    Shannon Cochran As Senator Tal'aura
NA8    Alan Dale As Praetor Hiren
NA9    Jude Ciccolella As Commander Suran
NA10   Marina Sirtis As Counselor Deanna Troi
--     [no NA11]
NA12   Patrick Stewart As Captain Jean-Luc Picard (500)

    Romulan History Autographs

RA1    Denise Crosby as Sela
RA2    Martha Hackett as T'Rul                                 The Search
RA3    Malachi Throne as Pardek                                Unification
RA4    Lawrence Montaigne (binder exclusive, listed below)     Balance of Terror
RA5    Alan Scarfe as Tokath                                   Birthright
RA6    Jack Donner as Subcommander Tal                         The Enterprise Incident
RA7    Carolyn Seymour as Commander Toreth                     Face of the Enemy
RA8    Scott MacDonald as N'Vek                                Face of the Enemy
RA9    Judson Scott as Rekar                                   Message in a Bottle
RA9    Judson Scott as Rekar ["Jolan Tru!" greeting]           Message in a Bottle
RA10   Vaughn Armstrong as Telek R'Mor                         Eye of the Needle
RA11   Robin Curtis as Tallera                                 Gambit
RA12   Andreas Katsulas as Tomalak (500)                       The Enemy
RA13   Marc Alaimo as Commander Tebok                          The Neutral Zone
RA14   Joanne Linville as Romulan Commander (500)              The Enterprise Incident

Case Toppers (numbered to 999)

RC1    ["From The Archives" Costume Card]                      Balance of Terror
MP1    A Generation's Final Journey Begins [Movie Poster Cel]

Card Album

 --    (Binder)
RA4    Lawrence Montaigne as Decius (binder exclusive)         Balance of Terror
P3     (Riker and Troi; Binder exclusive promo card)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (4x2 panel of 7 Casting Call cards + MP1)

Archive Box (35 total)

 --    (Complete Master Set except for Binder exclusives; marked on outside of box; 20 total)
 --    (Complete Master Set except for Binder exclusives; marked on inside of box; 15 total)


P1     (3 in Argo shuttle; General distribution)
P2     (Reman with knife; Non-Sport Update)

PT1    Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Wallace Theaters)
PT2    Lt. Commander Data (Wallace Theaters)
PT3    Counselor Deanna Troi (Wallace Theaters)
PT4    Lt. Commander Worf (Wallace Theaters)
PT5    Shinzon (Wallace Theaters)
PT6    Viceroy (Wallace Theaters)
 --    Star Trek Nemesis (envelope; Wallace Theaters)

--     (Dealer sell sheet)

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