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New Crew
Personality Comics - 1992

Notes:  Cards were issued with comics. Issued separately was a numbered
factory set signed by the card artists, including a Colm Meaney card that was
not part of the regular set. Comics could include black-and-white 4-card panels,
color 4-card panels, yellow-back cards, or pink-back cards.

No.   Title

 --   New Crew Checklist

  1   Brent Spiner
  2   "Leave Me Alone"
  3   Beauty and the Hunk
  4   What Have You Done For Me Lately?
  5   Gates McFadden
  6   Wil Wheaton
  7   Monster of the Midway
  8   That's Dedication
  9   It Takes a Lot to Make a Klingon
 10   Good Company
 11   From Shakespeare to Star Trek
 12   He's No William Shatner
 13   Actor, Educator
 14   Whoopi
 15   One Big Happy
 16   Twin Towers
 17   Roots
 18   Levar Burton
 19   Eagle Nation
 20   Denise Crosby
 21   Michael Dorn
 22   Flyboy
 23   Marina Sirtis
 24   Night Court
 25   Brent Spiner
 26   Gates McFadden
 27   Gates McFadden
 28   Jonathan Frakes
 29   A Frakes Freak
 30   Frakes, Jonathan
 31   Soap Opera Stud
 32   Security Chief Deanna Troi?
 33   Serendipity!
 34   They Call Him...Enobarbus
 35   Gene Roddenberry
 36   The Great Bird of the Galaxy

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