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The 3 Stooges
   Fleer - 1959

Notes: Card fronts show colorized screen shots; card backs are descriptive text or dialog quotes. The three checklist cards are 
parallel to regular variants, and are thought to have been included only in a final print run. Cards are seen with either gray or 
white backs. American Card Catalog reference is R730-1. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards + gum.

No.   Caption                                                                   Card-Back Text

  1   Curly                                                                     Curly is the youngest of the
  2   Moe                                                                       Moe started his career as a S
  3   Larry                                                                     A native of Philadelphia, Lar
  4   You'll Sleep in the Room in the Basement and Like it.                     Moe forgot to tell them there
  5   They went Thatta-way!                                                     Larry: "You mean his name is
  6   Hey Moe, Don't you think there's room for yours on top?                   After toting the luggage it t
  7   Uh! Uh! I've got eyes in the back of my head.                             A few moments after this (see
  8   I told you wise guys you'd never get away with it!                        Larry and Curly were now conv
  9   You lied! You told me he couldn't punch his way out of a paper bag.       Curly's fighting name was "KO
 10   Come on, give back that baseball! We know you swallowed it.               After Curly had turned four d
 11   There's 4 needles in my pants and you better get them out!                When Larry was sewing Curly's
 12   Hold still - I'm a tailor!                                                Larry: "I'm a good tailor and
 13   C'mon Curly - The horse is the one in front of Larry!                     Here the Stooges work with a
 14   I tell you - Humans have 13 ribs - you've got 19 - you ain't Human!       It was quite a surprise to fi
 15   Don't worry - You can breathe through your mouth!                         Curly locked the wrench on hi
 16   You can't keep your money in your shoes and walk at the same time.        The boys decided to use their
 17   See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.                                 We saw nothing - heard nothin
 18   One more rehearsal and I think we'll be good enough to play at the Met.   The boys rehearsed, but it tu
 19   Hey fellows, I think I've got a bite.                                     Larry: This is a very unusual
 20   How do you like this for a fancy finish.                                  Moe: Larry, can you name 5 da
 21   Peek-a-Boo!                                                               Curly: Do you see anything? M
 22   What do you think I am, a pair of pants?                                  Curly said he had a good idea
 23   Not even George Washington would sleep here!                              Moe: Before we go to sleep, I
 24   Look out below.                                                           Larry: Help me Curly, help me
 25   Next time we'll take the elevator!                                        The boys took a job with the
 26   The "Tree" Stooges                                                        Larry: What kind of a tree is
 27   Somehow I have the feeling we're not wanted.                              The Stooges discovered that b
 28   What happened to our reservations!                                        Moe: Curly - are you a full b
 29   Your nose is too big and your brain is too small.                         Curly: What time is it now? M
 30   This one's in the bag.                                                    Larry: Your cough sounds much
 31   Bargain Hunters.                                                          Curly: Say here's a real barg
 32   Cleaning up the West.                                                     Moe: I don't like all these f
 33   Let me know when my number comes up.                                      Moe: Give me a buttered muffi
 34   Birds of a feather.                                                       When this squirrel saw the Th
 35   Who's that goodlooking guy behind us?                                     Larry: Do you think we ought
 36   Get your nose out of my business!                                         Larry: Why are you doing that
 37   I told you to turn off the fan!                                           Curly: I'm building a house w
 38   Contact!                                                                  Larry: Get me out of here! Ge
 39   If you don't stop my name will be Whirley instead of Curly.               Moe and Larry tested the stre
 40   I never miss - except with the first shot.                                Larry: Hold still Curly, so M
 41   About face!                                                               Moe: Listen you two. I'm wear
 42   A hair raising experience.                                                Curly: What makes you think t
 43   No down payment.                                                          Dummy: If you plan to stay al
 44   No use. That hat won't fit!                                               Larry: Can't you see your hea
 45   Dig that crazy chicken!                                                   Moe: That's not a chicken, th
 46   Singing in the shower.                                                    Curly: Do you think I put eno
 47   Just thought I'd drop by!                                                 Moe and Larry always said Cur
 48   Larry plays by ear!                                                       Curly: How do you like this s
 49   Always on the go.                                                         The Stooges are still playing
 50   Rome wasn't burned in a day.                                              Curly: And tell Nero when you
 51   Be careful, this is my only suit.                                         Larry: I don't think it's com
 52   It must have been something I ate!                                        Curly: What did you have for
 53   That's an order - a quart of milk and 3 doughnuts.                        Man: What made you decide to
 54   I could have sworn I just shaved him yesterday.                           Moe: What's wrong with you gu
 55   When you hear the tone, the time will be ---                              Curly: Larry, how can you sta
 56   Just a little off the top.                                                Larry: Either his head's too
 57   That oughta hold him!                                                     I'm going to open a pet shop.
 58   Curly always did want to be in pictures!                                  Curly: What do you two do for
 59   Did you have to sneeze?                                                   Curly: I wonder what happened
 60   Betcha 8 to 5 you miss me again.                                          When Moe decided to be a knif
 61   We never took a lesson in our lives!                                      Larry: What ever happened to
 62   Congratulations, Curly, you've just been elected treasurer.               Larry: How much is 5Q and 5Q?
 63   Curly, the first thing a fighter must learn is how to get into the ring.  Curly was sorry, later, that
 64   You won't fool anybody with that haircut!                                 Larry: What's so secret about
 65   Dinner music.                                                             Moe: This is a good restauran
 66   He has 40 teeth and 4 cavities!                                           Curly: I know all about anima
 67   Curly, I tell you it is not a dog!                                        Larry: This burro is just lik
 68   Quick - call the S.P.C.A.!                                                Larry: Let's go to the zoo to
 69   What are you planting - roses or noses?                                   Curly: I have a friend who ma
 70   C'mon you guys, quit horsin' around!                                      Larry: I owned a race horse o
 71   Getting even with Moe.                                                    Moe: Wait a minute, I think I
 72   Give me back my Hula Hoop.                                                Moe and Larry rolled Curly do
 73   Bang!                                                                     Curly wanted to find out if t
 74   Just don't break anything!                                                Curly: What do you take me fo
 75   Take me to your leader!                                                   Curly put on this glass shiel
 76   Now you know where we get all that corn!                                  Curly: I once met a man who w
 77   Where has that doggone dog gone?                                          Moe: Would you say this dog's
 78   Good health means good fun.                                               The busy schedule that the Th
 79   I hate to say this, but somebody's flat!                                  Curly: My girl thinks I shoul
 80   You say it was right here that you lost your mind?                        Moe: We're looking for a man.
 81   He must be around here somewhere.                                         Larry: I learned to shoot whe
 82   This looks like a bad case of "Permiss of the Fatastan."                  Moe: You're a very sick man.
 83   Is there a doctor in the house!                                           Curly: My neck's as stiff as
 84   Strong backs - weak minds.                                                Moe: How did you get so stron
 85   Give me a hand, I can't carry it all by myself!                           Moe: If you think I can carry
 86   Round and round she goes.                                                 Moe: I used to go to Sam, the
 87   Nobody leave the room!                                                    Curly: Why can't I do things
 88   At least, throw us a bone!                                                Curly: Did you know I was a s
 89   Why are Fire Engines Red?                                                 Fire Engines are red because:
 90   What's wrong - No more chairs in this room?                               Curly Joe: All right, Moe - t
 91   That's using your head, Curly!                                            Moe: This won't work. We'll n
 92   He's got a good head on him - for fishing!                                Curly's fishing trip was a su
 93   We didn't do anything and we'll never do it again.                        When Moe came into the bakery
 94   I tell you your nose is too long!                                         Curly kept butting into Moe's
 95   Sorry, this line is busy!                                                 Larry: I don't like to compla
 96   Trying the squeeze play.                                                  Moe: How can you do so many s

Checklist Cards (final print run only)

 16   You can't keep your money in your shoes and walk at the same time.
 63   Curly, the first thing a fighter must learn is how to get into the ring.
 64   You won't fool anybody with that haircut!

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