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The Three Stooges
   Fleer - 1966

Note: Card fronts show black-and-white screen shots with captions; card backs form 
a 66-card color puzzle. American Card Catalog reference is R730-10. Scans are posted 
at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

  1   MAC: How's this for a "natural pose?" After all, I
  2   JOE: Do you know what they call bowling down in Te
  3   LARRY: You got it backwards, Moe! I'm betting Joe'
  4   Simple way to get around Landlady's rule prohibiti
  5   MOE: No wonder these two did't say anything ... I
  6   JOE: I realize you internes are new in the game. B
  7   LARRY: Lay off, Moe! We don't want to stamp that p
  8   "My latest invention - power rotor bla   2008
  9   JOE: This ain't a space gun, Moe ... it's a vegeta
 10   MOE: These Martians will have to call off their in
 11   MOE: If you think those Martians are scaring us, t
 12   JOE: The instrument panel sure tells everything! S
 13   LARRY: I'll hafta jump the hard way. My girl gave
 14   JOE: Underneath it all, we're just brothers ... br
 15   Wearing bunny suits doesn't always mean a return t
 16   MOE: Do it yourself, we always say! Why trust an e
 17   MOE: Singing's just another talent of us surprisin
 18   MOE: It's supposed to be "The Dying Swan," but wit
 19   MOE: But, Landlady, you can't throw us out! Think
 20   JOE: We would have made a perfect orbit, except go
 21   JOE: So we get life for trampling the King's flowe
 22   MOE: To heck with civilization, we're gonna live i
 23   MOE: Just our casual things for informal country w
 24   JOE: We better blow the scene right now. This Empe
 25   MOE: They said we'd make the crew if we stuck with
 26   Initiation Night - Not into the mysteries of a sec
 27   JOE: It's a wrist watch with a Swiss movement. San
 28   LARRY: So we're gonna be gladiators. At least it's
 29   MOE: Talk about luck. Our magic carpet started unr
 30   MOE: Grand Vizier, shmizier - I give the orders he
 31   MOE: If this doesn't give you a better shave than
 32   MOE: Thought I might raise golf balls on my new ru
 33   LARRY: These Chinese may be darn clever and all th
 34   LARRY: They say paintin' improves unsightly surfac
 35   JOE: We'd like a patent for glamorizing pickles. T
 36   MOE: The way Joe explains it, Larry, even a half-w
 37   MOE: A "pal" shipped him to us for a mascot ... bu
 38   JOE: Pioneerin' suits me better than workin' in th
 39   JOE: Mebbe we oughta locate on Boot Hill. Hear tel
 40   MOE: Thanks, Ma'am, for callin' us big, brave hand
 41   MOE: Calm down! That bullet didn't have your name
 42   MOE: Since we've been hired to clean up Cactus Cit
 43   MOE: Take that back or else, mister ... we'll give
 44   JOE: We'll be safe as long as we tote these shooti
 45   LARRY: These horse pistols will do anything we ask
 46   MOE: It's more comfortable than ridin' a real hors
 47   MOE: There's gonna be law and order in this town i
 48   JOE: Larry, here was a three-letter man on his ran
 49   You can lead a Stooge to water, but it takes an ac
 50   JOE: We want a raise or else I'll wrinkle my foreh
 51   JOE: You only get out of a thing what you put into
 52   MOE: Joe, you're gettin' closer to a nitwit every
 53   JOE: You're just the type to be an editor - in fac
 54   BARTENDER: Drink up, boys - we call it Custer's La
 55   JOE: I thought these redskins understood sign lang
 56   JOE: Moe, I wish I knew the disposition of our Cav
 57   MOE: Begin Operation Meat-Grinder. If bullets don'
 58   JOE: The redskins are running, Moe ...   2009
 59   JOE: Him called Chief Mangy Bear because him born
 60   MOE: We're new Sioux. Wanted to join the Apache tr
 61   MOE: I was lookin' for work all day. Found a job,
 62   JOE: Dinner wouldn't have given me that nightmare.
 63   MOE: Think I'll spring something new tonight ... t
 64   JOE: When the Human Bulldozer leaves his corner, I
 65   JOE: I know my own truck when I see it ... What ma
 66   MOE: Only one reason I don't brain Joe and Larry -

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