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The Three Stooges
    FTCC - 1985

Notes:  Card fronts feature black-and-white photos without captions (except for "name" 
cards) or card numbers. Each card back contains a trivia question and answer on a tan 
back A second series in two varieties (with red or blue puzzle backs and card numbers o
n fronts) was issued by FTCC in 1989.  Thanks much to Steve Lillard for the original 
list and to Bob McRoberts for an update!

Box: ? packs of 7 cards.

No.   Trivia Question

  1   What was Larry Fine's real name?
  2   What was Curly Howard's real name?
  3   What was Moe Howard's real name?
  4   What famous comedienne played a blonde in "Three Little Pigskins"
  5   What short was responsible for getting the Three Stooges nominate
  6   Which of the Stooges' children appeared in the short "Pop Goes th
  7   What song makes Curly fighting mad in "Punch Drunks"
  8   What was the  first short that used the name "The Three Stooges"
  9   What famous politician appeared with the Stooges in "Hollywood Ho
 10   What was the name of the labor union the Stooges belong to in "Ha
 11   What was the first short for Columbia?
 12   What was Curly's last short with The Three Stooges?
 13   How long did the  Stooges work for Columbia?
 14   Who is the president of The Three Stooges Fan Club?
 15   Who was the last surviving of the original Three Stooges?
 16   Which Stooge started in show business as a Shakespearean actor?
 17   What did Ted Healy offer Larry as enticement to join the Stooges?
 18   In the 1933 MGM production "Dancing Lady" the Stooges appeared wi
 19   How many shorts did the Three Stooges make for Columbia
 20   What famous dancer appeared with the Stooges in "Dancing Lady"
 21   In "We Want Our Mummy" what is King Rootentooten's wife's name?
 22   Out of the small handful of men who starred as Stooge, who were t
 23   What were the names of the six men who claimed fame by being a St
 24   What year were The New Three Stooges Cartoons released?
 25   Curly, Larry and Moe were big as comedians but short in stature. 
 26   What was The Three Stooges first film appearance?
 27   What was the Stooges most frequently used theme song?
 28   In "Horses Collars" the Stooges visit a bar called Double Deal's 
 29   In "Restless Knights" when Curly is given the choice of being bur
 30   What was the only short conceived by the Stooges?
 31   What was The Three Stooges last feature film 
 32   Which Stooge had his screen debut with Ted Healy and his Stooges 
 33   Which Stooges were brothers?
 34   What year did Curly replace Shemp as the third Stooge?
 35   Two of the Stooges shorts were in 3-D. What were their titles?
 36   What was unique about the short "Women Haters"
 37   In the episode "Women Haters" the Stooges didn't use their own na
 38   Why did Curly shave his long brown hair and his mustache?
 39   For a short time between being called "Ted Healy and His Stooges
 40   How much money did Curly's uncle leave him in "If A Body Meets A 
 41   Where was Larry Fine born?
 42   In how many Stooges shorts did Curly appear?
 43   Which Stooge never appeared on film without his two partners?
 44   What three Southern officers do the Stooges pose as in "Uncivil W
 45   What movies did The Three Stooges guest star in?
 46   Where were Shemp, Moe and Curly born?
 47   In Which Stooge short did The Stooges play themselves as well as 
 48   Moe's wife Helen wrote the outline for the classic Stooge comedy
 49   What year were The Three Stooges cartoons released?
 50   How many features did Ted Healy and His Stooges star in?
 51   What Three Stooges' short featured four Stooges?
 52   How long is the average Three Stooges short?
 53   Whose voices were used for the New Three Stooges cartoon series?
 54   Which Stooge was an accomplished ballroom dancer?
 55   In the short "Outer Space Jitters" who plays the goon?
 56   When did The Three Stooges appear in Las Vegas?
 57   In the movie "The Outlaws is Coming" what famous TV crimefighter
 58   What musical instrument did Larry play? Why?
 59   Which Stooge was known for his love of animals, especially dogs?
 60   On what date did The Three Stooges receive their star on the Holl

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