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RRParks Halloween Promo Cards
   RRParks Cards - 2015

Notes: This promo series covers a collection of card sets that were issued in the 
Halloween 2015 time frame, with the centerpiece series being Chronicles of the 
Three Stooges Series Four, and including Gary Saves the Graveyard; Halloween 
Trick or Treat Series 2 and 3; Monster Choke n Gag Series 2; and Japanese 
Horror: Yoshitoshi. They were available as part of a Kickstarter campaign 
and separately. Further information and scans for the related are posted at the 
RRParks website.

    No.      Title / Scene

Kickstarter July 2015: Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series Four

 Promo 1     (pumpkins)               [glossy]
 Promo 1     (pumpkins)               [matte]
 Promo 2     (graveyard)              [glossy]
 Promo 2     (graveyard)              [matte]
 Promo 3     (Zolta)                  [glossy]
 Promo 3     (Zolta)                  [matte]
 Promo 4     (knuckleheads together)  [glossy]
 Promo 4     (knuckleheads together)  [matte]
 Promo 5     (car wash)
 Promo 6     (motorcycles)

Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series Four

 Promo 7     (Moe-na Lisa)

Coming Soon Halloween 2015

 Promo 8     (Yoshitoshi Japanese Horror)
 Promo 9     Andrew Cambalik's Art Messterpieces
 Promo 10    Retro-Stalgic Old School Subset
 Promo 11    Full Color Foil Classsic Comic Book Cover
 Promo 12    (hammers and sickles)
 Promo 13    (sheiks)
 Promo 14    Special Artist Card
 Promo 15    Full Sets in Packs
 Promo 16    Gary Saves the Grave Yard (face)
 Promo 17    Gary Saves the Grave Yard (collar)
 Promo 18    Classic Halloween Cards
 Promo 19    Monster Choke n Gag
 Promo 20    Yoshitoshi
 Promo 21    (Yoshitoshi 3-D)

Kickstarter Reward Package

 Promo 22    (sketch card)
  Glow 3     Special Glow in the Dark Card [face]

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