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William Stout 3: Saurians and Sorcerers
Comic Images - 1996

Notes:  Also distributed as a factory set.  Thanks to Fred Leemhuis and Jim Goodwin 
for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.96 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                           Type

  1   Kong                            Movie Posters
  2   Mistress of the Dark            Movie Posters
  3   Cry of the Banshee              Movie Posters
  4   Hollywood Knights               Movie Posters
  5   Foolin' Around                  Movie Posters
  6   Up From the Depths              Movie Posters
  7   American Grafitti               Movie Posters
  8   Paandemonium                    Movie Posters
  9   Aftermath                       Arnold Movies
 10   Abduction of Jehnna             Arnold Movies
 11   Dagoth                          Arnold Movies
 12   Hunter                          Arnold Movies
 13   Valeria                         Arnold Movies
 14   Captain Blood                   Arnold Movies
 15   Temple Chamber                  Arnold Movies
 16   Predator                        Arnold Movies
 17   This Present Darkness           Film Design
 18   Angels                          Film Design
 19   Leviathan                       Film Design
 20   Duckbill Friends                Jim Henson "Natural History Project"
 21   Villainous Rex                  Jim Henson "Natural History Project"
 22   Woeful Ankylosaur               Jim Henson "Natural History Project"
 23   Haughty Styracosaur             Jim Henson "Natural History Project"
 24   Raptors                         Jim Henson "Natural History Project"
 25   Boneheads                       Jim Henson "Natural History Project"
 26   Rex - Theodore Rex!             Theodore Rex
 27   Styracosaurus Priest            Theodore Rex
 28   Coltrane Zarovich               Theodore Rex
 29   Edge                            Theodore Rex
 30   Steel Samurai                   Theodore Rex
 31   The Mandarin                    Theodore Rex
 32   Molly Rex                       Theodore Rex
 33   Friendly Banter with a Zaphead  Theodore Rex
 34   Tri-Lo-Bite Diner               Theodore Rex
 35   Dinosaurology Lab               Theodore Rex
 36   Life Support Chamber            Theodore Rex
 37   Jurassic                        Prehistoric Life
 38   Edge of Eternity                Prehistoric Life
 39   Little Blue's Rhamphorhynchus   Prehistoric Life
 40   Oligokyphus                     Prehistoric Life
 41   Brachiosaurus                   Prehistoric Life
 42   Triceratops                     Prehistoric Life
 43   Baby Ankylo                     Prehistoric Life
 44   Brothers & Sisters              Prehistoric Life
 45   Trinity (Adélie Penguins)       Wildlife of Antarctica
 46   Prosauropod Sunset              Wildlife of Antarctica
 47   Upper Cretaceous Antarctica     Wildlife of Antarctica
 48   Fish Lizard                     Wildlife of Antarctica
 49   Crucifix                        Wildlife of Antarctica
 50   Big, Bigger, Biggest            Wildlife of Antarctica
 51   Blue-Eyed Shag                  Wildlife of Antarctica
 52   Adélies & Ice Castle            Wildlife of Antarctica
 53   Southern Right Whales           Wildlife of Antarctica
 54   Calamari                        Wildlife of Antarctica
 55   Arnoux's Beaked Whale           Wildlife of Antarctica
 56   Goddess of Spring               Fantasy
 57   Witch's Sabbath                 Fantasy
 58   The Unexpected                  Fantasy
 59   The Princess and the Bear       Fantasy
 60   The Watcher (Guardian #2)       Fantasy
 61   Anubis                          Fantasy
 62   Night Dragon                    Dragons
 63   Dragon*Con                      Dragons
 64   Dragon's Treasure               Dragons
 65   Fire Dragon                     Dragons
 66   Dragon of Infinity              Dragons
 67   Dragon's Slumber                Dragons
 68   Rainier Barbeerian              Fantasy
 69   Forest Gnome                    Fantasy
 70   Goin' South                     Rock 'n' Roll
 71   Mammoth Tour                    Rock 'n' Roll
 72   TMQ Pig                         Rock 'n' Roll
 73   Cajun Gator                     Rock 'n' Roll
 74   Kiss                            Rock 'n' Roll
 75   20-20-20                        Comic Art
 76   Valkyrie                        Comic Art
 77   E.C. Comics Journal Cover       Comic Art
 78   Carnotaurus Cave                Comic Art
 79   Zodiac Surfing                  Comic Art
 80   Pterosuar Tumble                Comic Art
 81   Styracosaurus Rider             Comic Art
 82   King Richard                    Comic Art
 83   Samurai                         Comic Art
 84   Mayan Sacrifice                 Comic Art
 85   Oscar Week                      Comic Art
 86   MuuMuu in Miami                 Comic Art
 87   No-Show                         Comic Art
 88   Heeere's Johnny!                Comic Art
 89   Turnaround                      Comic Art
 90   William Stout - Saurians &      Checklist
      ... Sorcerers


Masters of the Universe MagnaChrome Cards (1:16 packs)

 M1   Soldier of the Universe
 M2   Sorceress of the Universe
 M3   Daughter of the Universe
 M4   Skeleton of the Universe
 M5   Evil Queen of the Universe
 M6   Fiend of the Universe

EC Subset (The Ghoulish Trio) (1:36 packs)

1 of 3 EC   The Crypt Keeper
2 of 3 EC   The Old Witch
3 of 3 EC   The Vault Keeper

Bonus Magnachrome (Boxtopper)

---   The Ghoulish Trio

Autograph card (500 signed)

---   Self Portrait

6-up Panel


---   (Unnumbered; dealer promo)
---   (dealer sell sheet)

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