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Star Trek (Playmates Space Caps)
   SkyBox/Playmates - 1993-1997

Notes: Many of the Playmates action figures playset series included collectible 
trading cards, but occasionally there were figures in one of those series without 
cards. So checklists of the figures are not always the same as those for the cards. 
Listed below are series that came with "Space Caps" die-cut into a normal-sized 
trading card, with brief descriptions so that a collector can distinguish between 
them. Thanks much to Lynne Stewart and the Card Collective and the Promo 
Card Encyclopedia and Price Guide for assistance!


Star Trek: The Next Generation Space Caps (1994)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Space Caps (1995)
Collector Series Federation Edition Space Caps (1995)
No.   Title

   Nebula background

  1   Locutus
  2   Dr. Beverly Crusher
  3   Cadet Wesley Crusher
  4   Guinan
  5   Sela
  6   Mordock the Benzite
  7   Dathon    [scarce; possibly in Australian figures only, or limited to 2000]
  8   Vorgon
  9   Q
 10   Lore
 11   Klingon Warrior Worf
 12   K'Ehleyr
 13   Ambassador Spock
 16   Captain Jean-Luc Picard
 17   Commander William Riker
 18   Lieutenant Commander Data
 20   Lieutenant (J.G.) Worf
 21   Counselor Deanna Troi
 22   Borg
 23   Lt. Geordi LaForge in Dress Uniform
 24   Captain Picard as a Romulan
 25   Lt. Commander Data as a Romulan
 26   Commander Riker as a Malcorian
 27   Lt. Commander LaForge as a Tarchannen 3 Alien
 28   Lt. Worf in Starfleet Rescue Uniform
 29   Lieutenant Barclay
 30   Lt. Commander Deanna Troi
 31   Hugh Borg
 32   Dr. Noonian Soong
 35   Ambassador Sarek    [scarce; Canadian release only, limited to about 1000]
 36   Ensign Ro
 37   Q in Judge's Robes
 38   Esoqq the Chalnoth
 40   Lwaxana Troi        [scarce; Canadian release only, limited to about 1000]
 41   Picard as Dixon Hill

 14   Admiral McCoy                [figure issued without Space Cap]
 15   Captain Montgomery Scott     [figure issued without Space Cap]
 19   Lt. (J.G.) Geordi LaForge    [figure issued without Space Cap]
 33   Natasha Yar                  [figure may not have been released]
 34   Dr. Katherine Pulaski        [figure may not have been released]
 39   Nausicaan                    [figure may not have been released]

   Wormhole background

  1   Captain Picard
  2   Lt. Thomas Riker
  3   Q
  4   Lt. Dax
  5   Dr. Bashir
  6   Chief O'Brien (duty uniform)
  7   Jake Sisko
  8   Vedek Bareil
  9   Hunter of the Tosk
 10   The Tosk
 11   Rom
 12   Grand Nagus Zek
 13   Commander Sisko from "Crossover"
 14   Commander Sisko (dress uniform)
 15   Chief O'Brien in Dress Uniform
 16   Lt. Dax from "Blood Oath"
 17   Odo from "Necessary Evil"

   Planets in upper left

  1   Captain James T. Kirk           Classic Star Trek
  2   Mr. Spock                       Classic Star Trek
  5   Lt. Uhura                       Classic Star Trek
  6   Picard in Dress Uniform         Star Trek The Next Generation
  7   Will Riker                      Star Trek The Next Generation
  8   Lt. Commander Data              Star Trek The Next Generation
  9   Lieutenant Geordi LaForge       Star Trek The Next Generation
 10   Dr. Beverly Crusher             Star Trek The Next Generation
 11   Worf in Ritual Klingon Attire   Star Trek The Next Generation
 12   Guinan                          Star Trek The Next Generation
 13   Commander Deanna Troi           Star Trek The Next Generation
 14   Borg                            Star Trek The Next Generation

  3   [no Space Cap identified]
  4   [no Space Cap identified]

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