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Julie Strain's Marilyn 2000
Comic Images - 1999

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.97 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text                                                          Subset

  1   She has a star on the walk of fame                            Homage to an Icon
  2   Forever immortal will be her name                             Homage to an Icon
  3   As blonde as they come even if from a box                     Homage to an Icon
  4   She was smarter than you think, don't judge by the locks      Homage to an Icon
  5   Not afraid to stand over a windy grate                        Homage to an Icon
  6   With white fabric swirling she made passerbys late            Homage to an Icon
  7   This homage is to the icon we love                            Homage to an Icon
  8   I'm sure she's smiling down on us from up above               Homage to an Icon
  9   Will there ever by another star of that magnitude?            Homage to an Icon
 10   A Queen who did pinup and gave us a nude                      Homage to an Icon
 11   Just one glance at her hot centerfold                         Homage to an Icon
 12   You know she'd look great young or old                        Homage to an Icon
 13   Some women just have it that style, grace and class           Homage to an Icon
 14   Not to mention great tits and a nice big round ass            Homage to an Icon
 15   How many shots of this star can we see?                       Homage to an Icon
 16   Well, there will never be enough to appease me                Homage to an Icon
 17   I want to know more, all about this girl                      Homage to an Icon
 18   In my brain all these fantasies swirl,                        Homage to an Icon
 19   Often in her closet readying for a date                       Homage to an Icon
 20   Deciding on shoes probably made her late                      Homage to an Icon
 21   Out she'd come lips shiny and red                             Homage to an Icon
 22   And a dress to kill for or maybe drop dead                    Homage to an Icon
 23   Gorgeous that is from head to toe                             Homage to an Icon
 24   She had six on each foot, didn't you know?                    Homage to an Icon
 25   Long gloves, earrings and a fox fur                           Homage to an Icon
 26   Then men in her life, like a kitten would purr                Homage to an Icon
 27   To touch their lips against hers so soft                      Homage to an Icon
 28   Home alone, I bet they'd dream of her often                   Homage to an Icon
 29   Creamy thighs and skin so smooth                              Homage to an Icon
 30   Sliding into those shoes, applying some rouge                 Homage to an Icon
 31   Naked in the mirror I can see her now                         Homage to an Icon
 32   Streatching and arching as she plucks her brow                Homage to an Icon
 33   Then with a generous purse of her lips                        Homage to an Icon
 34   She spins in the mirror to gaze at her hips                   Homage to an Icon
 35   Rubbing her fingers across the tight jeans                    Homage to an Icon
 36   The strappy white bra is as starched as it seems              Homage to an Icon
 37   Oh what a vision a joy to the eyes                            Homage to an Icon
 38   Many pleasure of flesh to help us fantasize                   Homage to an Icon
 39   Of a life style so lavish rich and decodant                   Homage to an Icon
 40   Really just a basic girl with a heart heaven sent             Homage to an Icon
 41   Norma Jean You are really keen                                Norma Jean
 42   Wish you were here to see the joy                             Norma Jean
 43   That you bring to the face of every boy                       Norma Jean
 44   You were loved so much and I hope you know                    Norma Jean
 45   Not a one of us wanted to see you go                          Norma Jean
 46   More photos, more film I want to see                          Norma Jean
 47   To never see another frame is purgatory                       Norma Jean
 48   To be a sex symbol how does it feel?                          Norma Jean
 49   I know at times it doesn't feel real                          Norma Jean
 50   You have good days and bad and days on a diet                 Norma Jean
 51   Sometimes a crowd is great but it's sublime when it's quiet   Norma Jean
 52   Who are your real friends do you really know?                 Norma Jean
 53   Who'll be by your side when your wearing depends              Norma Jean
 54   I know you loved Joe, Arthur, Bobby and John                  Norma Jean
 55   But did you really feel loved all alone in that bed           Norma Jean
 56   A bottle of pills a doctor close by                           Norma Jean
 57   Did they really think you were a White House spy              Norma Jean
 58   The love of your life may have been JFK                       Norma Jean
 59   But he too left this place the very same way                  Norma Jean
 60   On Hollywood Boulevard I walk by your star                    Norma Jean
 61   I can't help but wonder where you are                         Norma Jean
 62   The worlds most beautiful glamour girl                        Norma Jean
 63   A smile like diamonds and a torrid blonde curl                Norma Jean
 64   Lovely to look at lovely to touch                             Norma Jean
 65   I bet you had no idea you would be loved so much              Norma Jean
 66   But the weight of it all was too much to take                 Norma Jean
 67   Fame, love, fast cars and stars - all seems so fake           Norma Jean
 68   If you had the chance to do it all again                      Norma Jean
 69   Would you come back here to the Big Play pen                  Norma Jean
 70   Or would you nestle at home in some little town               Norma Jean
 71   Take your kid trick or treaten, this year he's a clown        Norma Jean
 72   Checklist                                                     Olivia and Julie


LustreChrome Cards (1:15 packs)

 L1   She's gonna be loved by us as long...
 L2   long as the sun does shine, oh yeah - poo poo pee doo
 L3   As soft and sweet as a dream and blond...
 L4   Blonde but not as dumb as you think, she's smaaart - poo poo pee doo
 L5   She shimmered her way to our hearts...
 L6   And it's there she'll stay, forever poo poo pee doo - we love you!

Card Album (sold separately)

--   (Binder)


---  All Omnichrome Collector Cards (Dealer Sell Sheet)

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